Confinement 263

Chapter 263 Taka-chi’s Last Days, Part One

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 ”It’s good to see you’re doing well”

 ”Ah, well…”

 At noontime.

 I woke up, rubbed my heavy eyelids on the bed, and gave a half-hearted reply to GokiburiCockroach maid who was talking to me while she prepared the meal.

 Actually, I’ve been in first place in the popularity contest since then.

 I don’t feel scared of Mako and Rena-chi anymore.

 I’m doing great.

 I’m having so much fun at the bar that the grass is growing all over the place.

 But well, that’s to be expected.

 (To put it bluntly, I’m the cutest girl in the cast…)

 ”At this pace, it looks like the repayment will be almost complete”


 In fact, customers like Gen-san and Tanaka-san spend a lot of money trying to get me to like them, so my repayment on drinks has increased a lot, and I get a lot of gifts every time.

 The gifts that I received, if given to Cockroach maid, she will exchange them for cash and use them to repayment.

 Well, there was one time when the president of the real estate agency handed me a certificate of ownership for a condo, and I thought I could repay the money in one go, but I turned him down because I was afraid.

 But sometimes popularity is good or bad, and sometimes it’s just comatose.

 The most important thing is that the customers of other cast members try to switch to me.

 I really don’t like it when people start showing jealousy.

 It’s a pain in the ass. I don’t want to be bothered by it.

 That’s why, in such situations, I always push firmly on the other girl’s customer’s back, and the girls sometimes praise me for it.

 After all, I don’t have to take away other girls’ customers to become the best.

 All the customers are really in love with me, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some “Troublesome people” around.

 Speaking of customers, there is Gorioka.

 He’s a big fan of Fumi-san’s, but when Fumi-san is not on duty, he always picks her.

 In the beginning, I was worried that he might find out about me, but this stupid gorilla doesn’t seem to notice that I’m Takaka Takata.

 On the contrary, he grabbed my hand when I offered him a drink and kept staring at my breasts.

 I feel like I should stop talking about my breasts. He’s super annoying.

 He kept asking me for out-of-bar dates, and even said, “Fumi-chan is my wife and Taka-chi is the type I wanted as my mistress” so I can only describe him as a super idiot.

 But he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a gym teacher, and says passionately, “I became a gym teacher because I can look at girls in bloomers without fear, but why do girls have to wear shorts too?” or something like that.

 The funny thing is, when I asked him, “Are there any students you are interested in?”, he says, “A teacher who touches a student is unqualified”, which is a serious white kick.

 If I told him that Kobayashi-sensei, who he often drinks with, has already made a move on me, he would probably grow a big beard.

 And further on, Gorioka says, “But well, if it’s just to look at them… who can’t get enough of how plump they are?” then gives the names of two students.

 Minami Shibata, the vice chairwoman of the public morals committee, and Masaki Haneda from the next class.

 (This, Gorioka, could I blackmail him when the new semester starts? )

 Thinking about this again, I reached for the French toast that Cockroach maid had prepared for me.

 (But, I guess… I’ll be going home soon…)

 If I’m lucky, I might be able to stay a little longer. The bar is fun, the junior cast members are super cute, and the job is super easy.

 (Come to think of it, how much do I have left to repay?)

 Just as I was about to open my mouth to ask how much was left to pay, Cockroach maid poured tea into my cup and asked me.

 ”By the way, Takata-sama, Master can spare some time this evening, how about it?”

 ”MJD (seriously)?”

 I couldn’t help but exclaim.

 The thought of a big, fat cock flashed through my mind.

 I’ve never seen a cock like that before.

 I’ve been waiting so long!

 No, I’ve really been waiting!

 But then, I realized something bad.


 ”Yes, you will be absent for the night”

 ”Ehh… Night, huh?”

 I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, but I’m not sure if the new cast members will be able to run the bar. Would they be okay?

 Then, as if anticipating my thoughts, the GokiburiCockroach Maid said.

 ”Today’s shift includes Rena-san and Mako-san”

 ”Oh, well, that’s totally fine”

 ”Then, are you ready to serve Master tonight?”

 ”Yes, that’s a deal!”

 ”Okay, I have accepted the word. Then I’ll tell Master about it”

 ”Well, after I eat, I’m going to bed. Wake me up when the time comes. If I don’t use my full strength, I’ll get beaten up by Fumio-chi’s big MH (Miracle Hyper) thing in no time”

 ”I understand”

◇ ◇ ◇

 At night, Cockroach maid came to pick me up and took me to a different room than before.

 It was a smaller one, but still a luxurious room.

 ”Master! Thank you for waiting. I’ve brought your milking girl”

 ”Yes, thank you, Saito-san”


 At that moment, Cockroach maid straightened her back, her face turning red.

 As before, she seemed to have a serious crush on Fumio-chi.

 (Next time… I should tease her, I wonder how she’ll react)

 ”Well, I’ll be on my way”

 ”Good night, Ossan! Thanks for your help, Ossan!”

 When I said that, the cockroach maid walks out of the door with a look on her face like, “What’s with this girl?”.

 On the bed was Fumio-chi, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.

 He was in his underwear, and his crotch was already Chomolungma[1]. Goddess Mother of Mountains

 I knew it, his cock potential was unbelievable.

 Just looking at him reminds me of the feeling I get when I get fucked, and I get super excited.

 ”Kyahaa☆ Taka-chi’s here! Geez, you never call me! So, hurry, give me your hot thing! Hurry! Hurry! I won’t let you sleep tonight☆!”

 With a giggle, I pulled down Fumi-chio’s underwear and squeezed his cock.

 The mere act of holding it is enough to move me. The quivering mass of flesh really gets me excited.

 ”Hahn… I knew it, Fumio-chi’s cock is the best. Monde Selection, gold medal for cock. I’m really in love with it”

 When I was enraptured, Fumio-chi smiled gently at me.

 It seems, if his cock is handsome, his face will look handsome toooo.

 ”Ahaha, I’m glad you complimented me. Taka-chi is cute too, and you look great in your swimsuit today”

 Today I’ve decided to go around the corner and choose a standard star-spangled design. The customers like it too.

 The last time I wore it to the bar, some guys were talking about “テ〇ーマンTe*man”, but I have no idea what they meant.

 ”I’m ready for having s*xpako-pako, but what about you, Fumio-chi?”

 ”Yeah, me too. I can’t forget Taka-chi’s rodeo play that you did for me before”

 ”Ahaha, I’m so happy! I’m going to squeeze you out with a B-dash”

 If someone says they can’t forget the way I use my hips, I get super excited.

 I’m so excited that I’m shocked myself, and my heart is in trouble.

 I’m seriously in love. I’m in love.

 ”Heehee, then, I’m going to make love to you”

 I straddle his hips, shift my bikini to the side, and lower my hips onto his cock.

 ”Nnah… Oh no, ahn, God… Oh no… ah, ah…”

 *Slip Slip* an erotic sound comes from his dick coming in.

 And since I’ve been playing alone for a while now, I’m feeling it really hard. It’s very hard.

 It forced me to spread my legs apart, and my cunt made a squelching sound.

 If it was really deep, I wouldn’t be able to resist. I don’t think I could last a minute.

 So, with a shallow penetration, I pushed my hips in and out.

 This is as safe as it gets, and it’s no pro.

 It’s a winning formula for me. I’ll let him feel good like this for a while, and when he’s about to cum, I’ll go for the stab.

 However, as if he knew that I was thinking like that, Fumio-chi said, “No need for tricks, right?”

 ”Nnah!? I-it’s all the way innnn! Beet-chin, this is badddd! Oh crap, nnh, ah, ah, it’s too muchhhh!”

 The big cock was thrusting up inside of me, and with just one thrust, stars were scattered in front of my eyes.

 I didn’t mean to lick it, but I knew that Fumio-chi’s cock potential was unbelievable.

 To put it bluntly, it was over with just one thrust. I got dizzy after that, and was left at Fumio-chi’s mercy.

 (I wonder what’s going to happen to me until morning…)

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