Confinement 264

Chapter 264 Taka-chi’s Last Days, Part Two

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 Thanks to the rather early start, the date hasn’t changed yet, even though it’s already the fourth round.

 ”Fumio-chi… hey, take a break…”

 ”Uh, no pro”

 ”I’m not a pro!”

 After getting the breathless Taka-chi down on all fours, I grab her waist from behind and resume the pumping.

 ”Hiin, ah, ahn, ahn! T, take it easy! Nn, no, no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!”

 Even in this desperate state, she’s still speaking in gal. It seems to have become a part of her completely.

 ”There’s still more to come”

 ”Pien, I’m gonna dieee!”

 While squeezing her coffee-black hips, I pull my hips back until I’m just about to pull out, and then I torture Taka-chi’s hole in one go.


 I felt my frenulumgoose neck rubbing against her hole.

 And the shriek that spilled from her lips was so loud that it could almost be called a scream, and I giggled, “I’m sure even the next room could hear it”.

 Then as I slammed my hips again, Taka-chi disheveled her ash-gray hair and collapsed head first on the bed.

 ”It, it’s too much! Please, I can’t go again! Fu, Fumio-chi, it, it’s not good, I’m telling you, it’s not good, ah, aahn!”

 But still, I’m not going to loosen my grip.

 With each forceful thrust of my hips, the obscene sound of her ass slapping again my hips echoed, and Taka-chi let out a desperate moan as if she were being pushed to the limit.

 ”Aaah, nnh, ah, ah, ah, ah, Fumio-chi, this is yabaainot-good, I said this is yabaainot-good, I can’t take it!”

 The versatility of “yabaai” in gal-speak is astonishing. As long as she says “yabaai”, she can communicate with others.

 By the way, Taka-chi is apparently producing more honey than most people.

 Her lewd juices that have been secreted by her carnal desires overflow incessantly, mixing with the semen that I have already produced three times and splashing all over the place.

 The mixture of our fluids seeped out from the joint area and dripped onto the sheets in silvery threads, creating an embarrassing stain.

 ”Ahn, moo~, forgive me, ahii!? It’s sick, It’s crazy, it’s too much, it’s too much for me, I can’t take it anymore!”

 With that said, she dug her nails into the sheets desperately, as if seeking help. And she turns around with her ass raised high in the air, her face in anguish and debauchery.

 Even though it was the fourth round, there was hardly any rest until this point.

 So, with extension after extension, her pleasure remains in the red zone.

 She’s probably cumming all the time.

 After all, she was grasping the sheets, desperately trying to endure the hellish torment of pleasure.

 ”Please forgive me, I know Fumio-chi is amazing, so please forgive me…”

 ”No, I’m going to push you to the very edge of death today”

 ”Fueh? D, Die…?”

 While she was confused, I began to pound my hips with all my might again.

 ”Haaaaaa! Ahh, aaaaaah! You’re going to break my uterus! Seriously!? I’m going to die! It’s not good! No, no, hiin! A, awesome…!”

 She’s plunging head first into the bed.

 Then, I slammed my hips into her raised ass again like a driller.

 ”Gyaaaa, it’s deep, it’s so deep, it’s hitting me so hard, ah, aah, anh, hiiiinn, gyan, gyaaah!”

 As if in a zoo cage, the animal-like screams resounded, and the deafening high-pitched sound of the screams hurt my ears.

 ”Gyan, gyaaaa! You’ve gone too far! This is made me stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 But the noise didn’t last long.

 As I relentlessly pounded on her already-softened cervix, Taka-chi’s body relaxed like a jellyfish and became squishy.

 However, even though she was weak, it didn’t mean that the pleasure had ceased.

 ”Aaah, I-I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again, MH again..”

 ”Then cum!”

 I gave her a thrust with all my strength, and the pleasure broke through the red zone at once, pushing her to climax again.


 She let out a scream of desperation and struggled to push me off her.

 But, on the contrary, her vaginal flesh contracted as if to say that it would never let go, and tightened around my object.

 Her body throbbed and twitched, exposing her unbelievably disheveled face.

 It seems she was in the midst of a spectacular climax.

 But I’m going to push her to the limit. That’s what I’ve decided.

 This is only a passing phase.

 So, I thrust upward with even more vigor at Taka-chi, who is in the midst of a jerking climax spasm.

 *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*!

 The obscene sound of water echoes through the room.

 The pressure on her vagina increased inexorably, and the love juices that were being pumped out became muddy and stringy.

 ”Gyan! I’m cumming! I’m cumming again! Anh, ahi, ah, aaaaah, hiin, Fumio-chi, ahii, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, It’s too muchhhhhhhh!”

 The heat from intense frictional sets her vagina on fire.

 The sharp pleasure of the goose nipple rubbing up against the mucous membrane caused Taka-chi to shake her ash-gray hair madly.

 ”Hii, higiiiiiii! I-I’m, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again, noooo, I don’t want to cum anymore, I don’t wanna cuuuummmmmmmmmmmm!”

 Taka-chi’s face was tense with fear as she turned around.

 Even now, she’s probably experiencing a violent climax.

 As proof, her vaginal cavity continued to shudder and throb.

 (But… I can still go!)

 ”I told you to stop! Please stop! Are you mad at me? I’m sorry, I’m sorry if I make you mad! But please forgive me, I can’t take it anymore!”

 Taka-chi desperately begs for forgiveness.

 But I’m not mad at her.

 I just want to push Taka-chi to the limit, that’s all.

 I bare my male instincts and thrust my hips up quickly in short swings.

 ”Forgive me, ah, ahi, hya, forgive me, hyan, hyan, ueeeeee..”

 Has she finally lost control of hir emotions? Taka-chi began to cry like a child.

 ”No, not yet, no pro, no pro”

 ”I’m not a prooooooo! Ueeee… higiii? Uuuuu… forgive me, forgive me, nooooo! No moreeeee!”

 Her vaginal cavity is being ripped open, and her love juices are gushing.

 ”Look! It feels good, doesn’t it? Right!?”

 ”It feels good, it feels gooodd, noooooo, I’m gonna die, hiiiinnnnn”

 Sweat, tears, drool, and snot mixed together, and Taka-chi’s face was covered with slug-like mucus.

 And the next moment…

 ”Ah, aga..”

 The moment she let out a murky voice, Taka-chi’s body shuddered and trembled without any connection.

 At the same time, the meat rod gouged into her deepest part burst with a violent spasm.

 And her vagina wriggling my thing. As if squeezed by it, I unleash my semen deep inside her at once.

 *Splurtt!* *Splurttt!* *Splurtttttt!*


 But with only a slight moan, she collapses helplessly onto the bed, barely moving.

 She’s like a marionette with a broken string. Even when the muddy stream of semen hits her cervix, she just shakes and shivers.

 Even after I’d finished pumping her womb full of cum, and pulled out my meat rod, Taka-chi just slumped over as if she’d run out of steam, barely responding.

 I strain my ears.

 But I don’t hear that electronic sound.

 ”No good, huh…?”

 I wondered if it would be possible to get her into [Enslaved] state, ignoring various conditions, with s*x that would completely blow away her reason, but the result was as I can see.

 It seems that it will be difficult to corrupt Takaka Takata without taking care of Kobayashi-sensei.

 ”I told you, Devi. There are no shortcuts to training, Devi”

 Lili appeared out of thin air and pinned her soul to the ground with a look of dismay on her face.

 No matter how broken she was, as long as she wasn’t dead, she could be recovered.

 ”…Well, it’s an experiment. I don’t feel comfortable doing this level of devilish s*x to Misuzu or Masaki-chan. Unless they’re willing to break”

 ”So, what do we do, Devi? She has cleared the prearranged repayment amount, Devi”

 ”Yeah, I’ll keep my word. But it’s not like I’m going to lose her or anything. I only locked her up out of necessity in the first place”

 ”Then let her go, Devi”

 ”Yes, I’ll be watching with a grin to see what happens to the uptight Public Morals Commissioner who has discovered pleasure”

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