Confinement 265

Chapter 265 Expulsion from Paradise

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My eyelids are heavy.

 Huh… did I fall asleep?

 I think absentmindedly with my eyes closed.

 Let’s see, what was I doing?

 Huh? Did I come home from the bar, sleep, and eat lunch?

 No, no, no… I’m pretty sure I’m doing pako-pako with Fumio-chi…

 That’s right!!

 I was pounded from behind… and my head went bang…

 As soon as I opened my eyes, I sat up and shouted in protest.

* * *

 ”Hey! Fumio-chi, isn’t that too much? I’m going to die! It’s shocking me to the max!”

 But the next moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

 What I saw was a room for two people with a single bed on either side of the room.

 There was a stuffed bear belonging to the girl who shared the room with me, looking at me with its inorganic eyes.

 ”Shocking… me… eh!? Haaaaaa!”

 An old frosted glass window, completely dark outside, lit by an old-fashioned tulip-shaped fluorescent light.

 A bookshelf lined with problem books that can’t be misplaced, and tacky marguerite curtains.

 In this silent room, AashiI look around.

 (W-Wait? What’s going on?)

 It’s not Fumio-chi’s room, it’s not my room, it’s not the waiting room of a girl’s bar.

 But It’s the second floor of the girls’ dormitory. It’s Takaka Takata’s room on the second floor of the girls’ dormitory.

 (…Umm, well, if I think about it, pako-pako with Fumio-chi saved up enough money to repay, right?)

 Then as I got off the bed and looked into the mirror, what I saw was a plain pigtailed woman in a school uniform wearing dorky glasses.

 (МJD (Seriously)? )

 I can’t keep up with my thoughts. What kind of trick is it to restore the color of my deeply roasted skin, let alone my hair color?

 (…But still, it’s lame, huh, my appearance)

 At any rate, I unfasten my kimono and take off my glasses.

 My eyesight seems to have recovered, and I can see more clearly when I take off my glasses.

 At least, my mind has sorted out the situation, but inside my heart, I’m so confused that I can’t believe it.

 (No… it’s too sudden, isn’t it? I think he might be on crack)

 I wish he’d at least let me prepare myself.

 (I mean… next week’s shift, if I leave, they’ll never make it. Wow, it’s worrying me, I wonder if the newcomers will be okay… I know it’s nothing for me to worry about, but…)

 When I think about it, there are Rena-chi, Mako, Fumi-san and the others. Still, I can’t help but think of Gen-san, Tanaka-san, and other customers.

 (If I don’t show up anymore, everyone will be worried about me…)

 The summer vacation is almost over and a new semester is starting. I’ll be able to see Kobayashi-sensei, and the regular meetings of the Public Morals Committee will resume.

 Everything is back to normal. I should be happy that I’ve been released safely, but…

 (Why am I like this… I’m really depressed)

 I don’t have to deal with drunks, and I can wear clothes other than bikinis. I don’t have to flirt with old men, and they don’t have to hold my hand or stare at my breasts.

 (It’s weird, it’s absolutely crazy… it’s supposed to make me feel better)

 And yet, all I can see in my mind is a colorful scene of us laughing together in a bar.

 (I wonder if GokiburiCockroach maid is lonely… or maybe she’ll come take care of me…)

 I realize how useful it is to have a maid who does everything for me before I even know it’s there.

 I was fed up with the thought of having to do everything by myself tomorrow.

 The more I thought about it, the more I felt as if I had been expelled from paradise, no matter how much I tried to deny it.

 I look at myself in the mirror again and sigh.

* * *

 ”…I don’t remember it being like this…”

 It feels uncomfortable, as if my soul has entered a different body.

 No, I know that. I know this is who I really am.

 (As a member of the public morals committee, this is the right way to go… but this is just too much… but maybe Kobayashi-sensei likes this way)

 Will I be able to endure being dressed in a way that I think is lame? Will I be able to live with such an uncomfortable feeling?

 Thinking of this, I felt hopeless.

 (Should I change the whole fashion? No, no, the chairwoman of the public morals committee can’t violate the school rules… but it’s lame. In fact, how strong my mental, who was so confident in this outfit?)

 While I was scratching my head, I noticed the door gently open a few centimeters.


 Someone is peeping at me through the door.

 Then, I jumped on the door and opened it at once.



 As I called out, someone fell on her buttocks in the corridor in front of the room.

 ”Ah, ah… S, Sorry! I’m sorry!”

 A student in a pastel-colored loungewear was sitting there with her cheeks tensed up.

 ”I thought it was a thief, but I didn’t mean to peek!”

 The junior student looked frightened as if she had encountered a fierce animal. That’s a bit of an exaggeration.

 ”It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Ah, you might have been loud”


 She looks at me blankly

 (Huh? What? What’s with that reaction?)

 Upon reflection, I realized that I had spoken to her in gyaru-speak.

 On second thought, I’m sure it must have been very uncomfortable for her when I’m dressed like this but speaking in gyaru.

 (But… do I really have to keep up appearances? Am I going to have to act the whole time? That’s pretty hard… Then, what kind of speech did I have before?)

 I somehow recall my original tone of voice, and clears my throat to cover it up.

 ”Ahem, excuse me. I apologize for shouting. But there was a spider in the room”

 ”Oh, no problem… Oh, uh, by the way, Senpai, when did you come back to the dorm? I’m the only one in the dorm now… Senpai, I heard you were at a prep school camp…”

 (Prep school camp? What’s that? Oh well, I’ll take it)

 ”Yes, I came home early this morning, but I was up all night at the camp, so I slept all night”

 ”Oh… I see. I’m sorry to have disturbed you. Well, I’ll go back to my room…”

 I’m having trouble remembering.

 I wasn’t a social person, but I remembered this junior’s name. Rin Fukuda, I think.

 I’m pretty sure she did some terrible things and was ostracized by everyone.

 But, something’s bugging me.

 (I feel like there’s something I should have told her…)

 At the moment I thought about it, a scene flashed through my mind.

 (That’s right! She’s the girl who was doing pako-pako with Fumio-chi on the rooftop just before summer vacation!)

 That’s right. I was confined when I was about to tell the teacher that.


 I stopped her as she hurriedly tried to leave.

 Fukuda immediately twitched… Oh, just call her Fukuda-chi.

* * *

 ”You! You were the one who was on the roof before summer vacation…”

 As soon as I said that much, she started to get down on her knees, rubbing her head against the hallway as if she was scared.

 ”Eek! I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

 This really scared me. That’s just too much.

 ”Wait a minute! I’m not accusing you or anything!”


 Fukuda’s face was puzzled, and she tilted her head.

 (Well, it’s Fumio-chi after all… of course she’s to love to such a big dick. If I have a chance. Of course I want him to do me, I’m sure. I see… so the relationship between her and me is that we’re rod sisters… ahaha, that’s super funny)

 But this is pretty good.

 (Isn’t this a good time to ask about Fumio-chi and what happened to him while I was confined? Fukuda-chi)

 And so, I changed my tone of voice and spoke to her.

 ”Hey, Fukuda-san. I’m feeling a little light-headed, so I’d like you to talk to me”

 ”T-talk!? With m-m-me?!”

 ”Don’t you want to?”

 ”No, no, no… it’s not that”

 (She said that but her face is really freaked out. She looks really uncomfortable)

 I thought so, but I understand.

 One on one with the head of the public moral’s chairwoman is not a good idea. She might say something annoying, and I definitely wouldn’t like it.

 So I decided to approach Fukuda-chi slowly, so as not to scare her.

 ”Don’t worry, I just want to talk about love and stuff. Are you in a relationship with Kijima-kun? How many times a week do you have intercourse? How does he feel about you? Oh, yeah, you can call me Onee-chan”

 ”Eh!? Eh!? Eh, eh, eh, eh…”

 I took her confused hand and pulled her into the room.

 At this time, I was hoping that I could maintain the connection with Fumio-chi through her.

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