Confinement 269

Chapter 269 Neon Electric

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 Even though we are on the same track and field club, to be honest, I hadn’t really talked to Sato-san. I have to admit that I was quite bewildered when she contacted me, “Let me copy your homework!”, so straightforwardly.

 Still, I went to a family restaurant in front of the station as promised, and found that Sato-san had arrived first, and Tachioka-san came a little later.

 I knew Tachioka-san’s face, but we had never talked before. So, it’s like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

 She is about the same height as me, and had twin-tails.

 She is not flashy, but she gives off an air of a strong person.

 Sato-san said “Kizuna is a hard-core pervert who is madly in love with her own brother, so I’m sure she and Moribe would get along”, which was rather rude to me.

 When she talked about her favorite actors, she got excited, and when she talked about fashion, she was rather enthusiastic.

* * *

 However, what got her most excited was when she talked about how Tachioka-san was doing all the housework.

 The conversation turned to the supermarket’s special sales, and Sato-san was made to promise to accompany each of us to buy a pack of eggs at the next special sale.

 After we had gotten to know each other quite well, I asked Tachioka-san something that had been bothering me.

 ”Um… What do you mean, you like your Onii-san…?”

 ”Yes, I like him. Isn’t that what family love is supposed to be about?”

 ”Oh, I see, that’s what you mean”

 It’s good. Sato-san was just exaggerating. Seeing me breathe a sigh of relief, Sato-san asked Tachioka-san.

 ”Kizuna, what’s your happiest moment?”

 ”Huh? When I’m washing Onii-chan’s pants”

 Satou-san turned to me with a frown on her face.

 ”Wasn’t it when you kissed him?”

 ”Huh? Isn’t kissing normal? It’s not like that’s going to make my heart pound now”

 ”Eh, aha-ahaha…”

 I couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh, and Sato-san looked at me like, “See?” .

 ”Tachioka-san, so you like your Onii-san, don’t you?”

 ”Ah, that face, you’re misunderstanding me, aren’t you? It’s a family affair. Onii-chan has a girlfriend, after all. And I’m good friends with Minami-onee-chan”

 ”Ah, I see”

 I’m a little relieved.

 (They just have too much skinship… well, some families do)

 As I was saying this to myself, Tachioka-san said with a slightly enchanted look on her face.

 ”In the future, if Onii-chan and Minami-onee-chan get married, I dream of the three of us sleeping together in a big bed in the form of a river (川)”


 Sato-san looked at me like, “See?”.

 But then Tachioka-san’s voice suddenly dropped.

 ”It’s just, thing haven’t been going so well between Onii-chan and Minami-onee-chan lately…”

 ”Probably because of Kizuna, right?”

 When Sato-san said that, Tachioka-san’s lips puckered up and she let out a frustrated sound.

 ”Derau ~ea…”

 Apparently, she was trying to make it popular.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Tattakata… well, since she didn’t want me calling her that, so unwillingly, I’ll call Takaka, Onee-chan. Then now, she and I went shopping in the afternoon.

 We visited a commercial building in a neighboring city, and she bought a lot of clothes and underwear, and let me carry half of the large shopping bags she brought with her as a matter of course.

 (Oh, so I’m a baggage handler, am I?)

 Well, I think this is the reason why she took me out for shopping.

 (But still, it’s rather… unexpected)

 The lineup of the clothes she bought was very gal-like. Did she get inspired by being with gyaru at the camp?

 By the way, the physical touches are intense, she uses gyaru-speak in some places, and she seems to say “Yabai!” .

 After spending the whole day with her, I was getting less and less tense, but the more I talked to her, the more I couldn’t believe that she was the same person as the chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee, even though they looked the same.

 (Maybe she’s possessed by the spirit of a gal…?)

 And now, we’ve come back to the nearest station and are having dinner at a fast food restaurant in front of the station.

 She seemed to have spent a lot of money today, but when I asked her about it, she laughed and said, “My hobby before was saving money”.

 (…What kind of change of heart is that?)

 As I’m thinking about that while biting at the teriyaki burger, Onee-chan suddenly pouts her lips while looking at her phone.

* * *

 ”I’ve been sending messages to my boyfriend, but he hasn’t read any of them”

 ”KareppiBoyfriend… Ehhhh!?”

 ”Why are you acting like that? It’s funny…”

 She says it’s funny, but she looks at her phone like it’s not even funny.

 A boyfriend for that walking, right-angled, steel-headed public moral, that’s usually a big scoop. If I had any friends, I’d send a group message right now to spread the word. If I had any friends!

 Anyway, while I was in the bathroom, I sent a smug message to Kijima-senpai.

 He read it right away, but didn’t reply.

 When we left the fast food restaurant, it was already dark and past seven o’clock in the evening.

 ”Well, it’s just the two of us, so curfew doesn’t matter, right?”


 I didn’t know what to do with Takaka, who was saying things that were unbecoming of the chairwoman of the public morals committee, so I just smiled fondly at her.

 ”Hey, there’s a place I want to stop at…”

 With that said, Onee-chan took me to a street lined with small buildings behind the station. It’s a night town with twinkling neon signs.

 ”Oh, um… it’s probably not a good idea to go to a place like this”

 ”Ahaha, Fukuda-chi’s so serious~”

 (No, you can’t say that!)

 While I was making a complaint in my heart, she walked up to a bar.

 (A girl’s bar…?)

 A flashy neon signs.

 The inside of the bar is seen through a glass window with colored stickers.

 Behind the counter, I see a line of girls in bikinis.

 She is standing in front of the door, staring at the knob.

 (No, no! We’re not supposed to be in there!)

 Almost as soon as I was about to run to her, the door swung open with a shout of “You can’t come in here!”.

 And then, an old man jumped out and crashed into Onee-chan.


 ”Don’t just wander around here! You bitch!”

 The man shouted at Onee-chan, who had fallen on her buttocks, and walked away indignantly.

 ”What the hell is that? Are you all right?”

 I ran over to her and helped her up, and she laughed while rubbing her butt.

 ”Ahaha, Gen–… maybe he’s always like that. Then, tomorrow, he’ll just show up at the bar again”

 ”I knew it, the men who come to this kind of place are bad people!”

 When I said so angrily, she looked sad for some reason and spoke.

 ”Yes, they’re bad people. Well, yes, it is, but sometimes it’s not”

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