Confinement 270

Chapter 270 Saint collapse, Part One

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 (…Fumio is coming)

 Because Centipede had forewarned me, I felt very restless.

 I was sitting in the corner of the room, my heart rumbling along with my knees.

 Confinement King, the man who stole my purity. A pawn of the filthy devil.

 Fumio had said that angels give abilities to humans just to pass the time, but does he really think I’d believe such a ridiculous story?

 In fact, the angel encouraged me through my dreams and delivered my sister’s voice to me.

 My sister told me “I’m almost here”.

 So, the most important thing right now is to survive. Endure any humiliation and wait for the time of salvation.

 (That’s right! I have an angel on my side!)

 Almost at the same time I clenched my fists, the door creaked open.

 (It’s here…)

 I put all my strength into my eyes and stare at it menacingly.

 What comes through the door is Centipede.

 Behind her, beyond the white brim swaying above her short cut, I could see Fumio’s face.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Claudia-sama”

 ”I’m not waiting”

 I spit bitterly. But Centipede doesn’t seem to mind and continues talking.

 ”Today, I, Centipede, have been asked to help train Claudia-sama”

 The word “training” almost frightened me. I felt an unspeakable discomfort rising in me, and I furrowed my brows.

 (No… no… calm down, calm down)

 The more my emotions are exposed, the more the devils take advantage of them. The less I react, the less interesting it will be to them.

 ”Sorry, Claudia-san, for making you wait so long. I have many other girls to train and care for”

 ”It’d be better if you’d leave me alone”

 I say in a low voice, and Fumio shrugs lightly.

 ”Oh my… Kishijo-san, Claudia-san seems to have sulked”

 ”She’s just embarrassed. What woman wouldn’t be happy to be held by Confinement King-sama?”

 ”…Are you stupid?”

 But the color surrounding Centipede’s words was blue.

 She seemed to be serious about it.

 (I wonder if Kishijo is Centipede’s real name…)

 It’s a rather rare surname, but I think I’ve heard it somewhere.

 As I traced my memory, I came to realize that one of the four members of the track and field club who had not yet been found in the kidnapping case was named Kishijo.

 (…So she’s been brainwashed, too)

 ”Then, I’ll prepare it”

 With that, Centipede kneels down in front of Fumio and pulls down his sweatpants and his underwear.

 Then, a slovenly, withered mass of black dossed meat came to my view. When the thick manhood is revealed, Centipede’s eyes are enraptured, and her breath puffs out.

 ”T-then… E-excuse me”

 With that said, the maid, who had been looking down at me with cold eyes, was shaking her fingertips nervously.

 ”Ah… Confinement King-sama…”

 She carefully rubbed up the rod as if she was handling a broken object, and rubbed her cheek against the flesh trunk as if she was loving it.

 The meat pole gradually grew hard and taut.

 As the wickedly colored glans began to bleed upward, Centipede looked more and more enraptured and kissed the urethra repeatedly.

 She crawled her tongue along the trunk of the flesh, pressing the male flesh against her own face, and extended her tongue to the testicles, saying, “Nah…”.

 Like a kitten licking milk, the sound of chubby water echoed through the room.

 Eventually, Fumio crawled his fingers through her hair and opened his mouth to praise her.

 ”Yes, Kishijo-san… that’s enough, thank you”


 She stands up with an expression of reluctance on her face and bowed politely.

 And then…

 ”Well, then…”

 Fumio turns his head towards me, and starts looking at my body as if he’s licking it.


 *Shuddering*, a chill runs up my spine.

 Lewd underwear, bare breasts and crotch. Remembering my lewd outfit, I hurriedly covered my private parts with my hands.

 As if he enjoyed my panic, Fumio twisted his lips into a smirk.

 Then he walked towards me, showing off his huge, hard, taut p*nis.

 The more I look at it, the uglier and more horrible it looks.

 I instinctively backed away.

 But at that moment, *thud* my back hit something.

 ”I’ll help”


 I hear Centipede’s voice in my ear.

 Before I knew it, Centipede had moved behind me and put her hands on my shoulders.

 In front of me, Fumio is walking towards me with his vicious meat stick raised.

 In the eerie silence, I can hear Fumio’s horrible breathing as he steps toward me.

 I don’t resist. I’m not a virgin anymore anyway. It would be quicker to just let him do what he wanted.

 Any thoughts I had beforehand were erased by the physiological disgust I felt.


 I tried to escape by throwing an elbow at Centipede.

 But she didn’t budge.

 As I tried to run away, Centipede took my arm, twisted it, and swept my legs away. I was pushed to the ground and my chest hit the ground, choking me.

 ”Ugh!? *Cough! Cough!*”

 Centipede mounted me on my waist, wrapped my hair around my arm, and pulled me up.

 ”Ow, ow, ow! It hurts!! No, no…”

 Unable to stand the pain of having my hair pulled, I bent my upper body backward.

 ”Stop it! It hurts, it hurts!”

 ”It’s so shameful. Claudia-sama”

 ”Let me go!”

 I put my hands behind my back and hit the centipede desperately.

 But I couldn’t muster any strength in that position, so I just stroked the centipede weakly.

 Besides, if I didn’t support my body with my arms, all the weight of my upper body would be placed on my hair which the centipede was holding.

 It almost felt like my hair would fall out. I desperately support my body with my arms. My back hurts from being forced to bend over, and my arms tremble.

 ”K-Kuh! L-Let me go, let me go!”

 But Centipede only sniffs lightly. Instead of letting go, she put even more strength into the arm that pulled her hair.


 Tears are slowly welling up in the corners of my eyes from the pain.

 (This is crazy!)

 In the meantime, Fumio came close to my eyes, and his ugly p*nis was standing right in front of my nose.

 ”I don’t think you should resist, it’s too bad if you’re going bald”

 Fumio’s voice is mocking, but it doesn’t enter my ears.

 I couldn’t even look away from the fearsome object in front of me, even though I didn’t want to.

 His swollen meat-pole was glistening with a dark luster, and his veins were ominously pulsating repeatedly.

 And it smelled like a male.

 The stench made me want to vomit, and I tried to turn my head away.

 But I can’t do that because Centipede is grabbing my hair.

 I can’t even close my half-opened lips as I’m forced to look up.

 ”It’s the perfect posture for serving, isn’t it?”

 ”uh, uuuuuu…”

 I’m in so much pain, all I can do is moan. But Centipede whispers to me as if to say.

 ”Now, lick it. Serve Confinement King-sama with all your heart, tongue, lips and mouth”

 And Fumio thrusts out his ugly meat.

 ”Lick it”

 Fumio’s mouth twisted in triumph as he rubbed the large, shiny glans against my lips.

 It’s moist, wet, and branding hot, and it’s teasing my lips.

 I desperately try to pull my face away from the glans, feeling the unbearable odor and disgust of the meat stick.

 But Centipede’s arms kept my head still, and every time I tried to resist, Centipede strangled my hair, increasing the pain.

 ”That’s bad… stick out your tongue”

 Centipede, who mounted me, pulls my hair as if she were pulling on the leash.

 ”Uh, uwaaaaaaaaa!!”

 I scream out in intense pain.

 ”You don’t understand human language, huh? Are you a monkey? Now, lick it quickly!”

 As Centipede tightened her grip, I reached out my tongue to Fumio’s pole, just to escape the hair-tearing pain.

 ”You can do it if you try. Please lick it carefully. Every inch, politely”

 I had no choice but to obey Centipede’s words like a slave.

 The pain of being grabbed by my hair and forced into an arched posture made me lose the will to resist.

 ”Nnah… *lick* *lick lick* Nnn *lick…*”

 My tongue licked up Fumio’s bizarrely knotted, slimy p*nis.

 It tastes awful, and nausea rises up from the back of my throat.

 ”*lick…* *lick lick* Nnn *lick…*”

 Still, I move my tongue.

 The saliva that had built up in my mouth dripped from the edges of my mouth, and soon my senses became numb, making me feel no nausea from the smell nor disgust from the p*nis.

 As Fumio moved his hips, I licked up from the glans to the base of the p*nis again and again.

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