Confinement 271

Chapter 271 Saint collapse, Part Two

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 I wonder how long I’ve been licking Fumio’s thing.

 My arms hurt to support myself. My back also hurts.

 As my hair is pulled, my scalp also hurts like hell.

 Fumio’s thing is already wet with my saliva and swollen even harder.

 Probably not for very long.

 But just as the base of my tongue starts to go slack――


 I suddenly opened my eyes and stopped moving my tongue.

 The Centipede maid, while holding my hair with her hand, grabbed my exposed buttocks with her other hand.

 ”Who told you it was okay to stop?”

 ”Guah… *lick* *lick* *lick* nnh *lick…*”

 She pulled hard on my hair, and the pain was so great that I started moving my tongue again.

 Meanwhile, Centipede’s fingers crept unreservedly between the twin mounds of my ass and down to my crotch.

 Her fingers pass through my asshole, push open my vagina, and enter my vagina.


 The finger that forced its way into my not-so-well-watered mucous membrane brought a pain that made me stop breathing.

 As if to reproach me for moaning, Centipede pulled my hair violently.

 ”you’ve got a habit of slacking off, huh? Look, you have to work harder”

 ”Ugh… Uuu, uuuuu…”

 With tears streaming down my face, I desperately lick over Fumio’s thing.

 I was desperate… so desperate.

 But Centipede’s fingers are unconcerned about my pain, and she begins to pump it without hesitation.

 ”Uah… guuh, uu, uuuu…”

 I raise my eyebrows in pain, letting out a moan, but I still have no choice but to keep moving my tongue.

 ”Heh… Kishijo-san, you’re good at this”

 ”Thank you very much for the compliment. We maids sometimes comfort each other…”

 ”S-So you do comfort each other…”

 Fumio’s p*nis twitched. He didn’t care about me, but was apparently aroused by the maid’s words.

 Perhaps because of his excitement, Fumio pushed his hips forward even further, so that he was straddling my face.

 Now my face is being crushed by Fumio’s p*nis and bag.

 ”Your tongue has stopped. Please savor the honor of licking His sack”

 Centipede tells me as she pushes her fingers into my crevice.

 (What honor?)

 It was miserable. The humiliation of having my face violated by a grotesque mass of flesh.

 The steamy groin emitted a particularly strong odor.

 Fumio’s sack, hanging behind his p*nis, was as stiff as an elephant’s skin.

 But there was nothing I could do to resist. I lick over the sack that lewdly snuggles against my nose and mouth.

 ”You’re getting very wet, huh? Is it making you feel good already?”

 ”Uhh, uhh…”

 It was frustrating, but true.

 Before I knew it, my crotch had begun to respond to Centipede’s fingers.

 It’s been a few days since I lost my virginity, and I’ve never comforted myself before, but my pussy is fully moistened and happily accepting Centipede’s fingers.

 ”Haan, ah, *lick*, ah, *lick*, aaah, *lick…*”

 I couldn’t stop my voice from leaking out every time her fingers rubbed up against the walls of my vagina, even as I ran my tongue over Fumio’s p*nis and sack.

 In fact, Centipede’s fingering was very skillful.

 While stimulating my clitoris with her thumb, Centipede was trying to find the right place to make me feel good.

 At first it was just one finger, but before I knew it, two or three fingers had entered, each wriggling like a different creature.

 ”Uah, ah, ah… ahh!? Ah, ah…”

 As I couldn’t stand it any longer, I raised my voice and Fumio took a step back and stared at me intently.

 ”Heh, I guess a saint is just a female when she gets her skin off. You have a very lustful look on your face”

 ”Ah, th, that’s, uah!? Ah, there’s no way, ah, ahhhh, hnn!?”

 ”Ahaha, you’re not very convincing when you’re talking like that. Oh, well, you seem to have gotten used to licking me. Now I’m going to use your throat”

 ”T-Throat? Ahn, wha, ahn, no!”

 I feigned confusion, but Centipede crushed my clit with her thumb.


 ”Confinement King-sama wants your throat. Please open your mouth quickly”

 Unable to disobey Centipede’s order who was violently tormenting my clitoris, I opened my mouth obediently.

 ”Don’t put your teeth in it. If you make even a scratch, I’ll rip all your hair off”

 The color of Fumio’s words is red.

 I guess he doesn’t intend to go that far out of his way.

 But that’s not enough to reassure me.

 Immediately, Fumio’s ruggedly thick p*nis pushed its way into my mouth.

 (W-Wait!?! You can’t go in there!!)

 My mouth splits open. My jaw comes off. It’s smelly. It’s disgusting. It’s painful. Stop it. I’m gonna die. Better kill me. Help me. Don’t do this to me. Forgive me.

 Many negative words swirled around in my chaotic head.

 I cried and cried and opened my mouth fully to welcome the p*nis.

 Before the p*nis is even halfway in, the tip reaches my throat.

 ”Go, goboa, gu, gu, u, uee…”

 I felt a painful sensation in my stomach. My body jumped and jerked in response to the vomiting.

 (I-It’s so painful, I-I’m going to die…)

 However, that was not enough for Fumio.

 He thrust his p*nis deeper and deeper into me.

 ”Gubo, ueh, gobo, gobo, ueh…”

 Tears welled up in my eyes as my mouth was filled with the suffering of the p*nis relentlessly poking into the back of my throat.

 It was as if it were digging into the ground, invading the back of my throat, and the hairs pressing against me prickled my nose and cheeks.

 ”I think it can go in yet”

 With his said, Centipede pulled my hair.

 (I-I can’t! I-I’ll suffocating!)

 But I can’t even make a sound.

 Fumio, probably noticing my eyes were black and white, began to slowly pull out his p*nis.

 I’m saved. However, just as I was thinking that, Fumio thrusts his hips forward again.

 Fumio thrusts his hips again, even harder than before.

 Then, Fumio began to pump his cock with tremendous force.

 ”Jubo, goeh! Jubobo! Goboh… boah, gugueh, jubuh!”

 Between the muddled sounds of water, I heard Fumio let out an amused laugh, “Haha”.

 My lips feel like it’s going to split open.

 My jaw, which had been opened so wide that it almost fell off, has become numb.

 And every time he pokes my throat, I feel like I’m going to gag.

 But there was nothing I could do about it.

 All I could do was wait for this torture to end.

 ”Go, gobo! Jubu! *Cough!* Fuu, fuho, jubo”

 As his p*nis pumped harder and harder, Centipede began to play with my crotch more and more.

 She pulls her finger in and out even more vigorously, rubbing it up and down, and rubs my clitoris with her thumb.

 Still, I didn’t want to think I was feeling it.

 I tried to think that I was just enduring the agony of being bent over, and the pain of having my mouth stretched to the limit to receive the huge p*nis.

 But my lower body betrayed me.

 Against my will, in response to the movements of Centipede’s fingers, my slit opened up lewdly and began to secrete a steady stream of love juice.

 ”You seem to be feeling it a lot. You seem to like it here”

 Centipede was right.

 Every time Centipede bent her finger inside my vagina, it would hit the spot. Then, a wave of pleasure spread through my body from there.

 ”Jubo, fugu?! Ihi!? Gah, gahboah!”

 I tried to scream, but my mouth was filled with Fumio’s p*nis.

 Gradually, the mucous membranes of my mouth were being rubbed, and even being raped in the back of my throat was beginning to feel like a pleasurable illusion.

 ”Jubo! Fuah, gobuh! Ah, ah, jubu! Oh, oh!”

 A p*nis in my mouth and three fingers in my vagina.

 It’s pulled out violently and inserted again.

 I can’t move, but I can feel the strange pleasure swelling in my body.

 I’m afraid that it’s becoming less and less painful.

 The more physical pain I felt, the more pleasure I felt, which was absurdly scary.

 (I-If I don’t do something… I’ll be corrupted!)

 Fumio and Centipede worked together, each speeding up their pumping.

 They continue to pound my mouth and vagina as hard as they can.

 It seems, I had a very low tolerance for pleasure.

 As a saint, I was inexperienced, and I was afraid of the pleasure that came from inside my body.

 If I was taken captive by the pleasure, my saintly life would end.

 I couldn’t tell if the trembling of my body was due to fear or pleasure.

 (Oh, God, forgive me! Hurry, hurry up and finish!)

 And then, as if my wish had been answered, the p*nis that had been thrust deep into my throat swelled to its full size.


 Fumio frowned, and at that moment…

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttt!* *Spurttt!*

 Hot liquid spurted out of the tip of his p*nis.

 And then, a hot stream hit the back of my throat. It made me feel nauseous constantly.

 I writhe and squirm from the suffocation, and gag again from the fishy smell coming through my nose.

 As the semen stops flowing, Fumio’s ragged breaths come rushing down from above me.

 Still he didn’t pull his p*nis out of my mouth.

 So, Fumio’s semen is pooling in my mouth and down my throat.

 I wanted to spit it out, but Fumio and Centipede wouldn’t let me.

 ”Please drink it. If you waste even a single drop of Confinement King-sama’s seed, I’ll pull out all your teeth”

 The color that surrounded Centipede’s words was blue.

 I really think this maid is insane.

 I didn’t want to drink.

 Now that the strange pleasure that had been building up earlier had subsided, Fumio’s p*nis was nothing but a horror.

 Not to mention, the semen has a stench that makes my hair stand on end. I’d rather die than swallow it… or so I thought.

 But the impatient Centipede pinched my nose.

 ”Would you like to drown in Confinement King-sama’s semen?”

 (No, I don’t want that!)

 With his p*nis in my mouth and semen in my mouth, I couldn’t even breathe with my nose pinched.

 So, I had no choice but to gulp down Fumio’s semen with my throat.

 As soon as I’ve swallowed it all and my throat has stopped gulping, Fumio finally pulls his p*nis out of my mouth, and Centipede lets go of my hair and stands up.

 All at once, oxygen flows into my lungs, and I fall to the floor, coughing violently.

 While I’m coughing, I try to spit out Fumio’s semen that I’ve swallowed, but all I get is an empty cough, and I slump to the ground and moan.

 ”Uee… Uee…”

 ”If this is how you feel when it’s warm-up time, I don’t know what the future holds”

 At Fumio’s words, my eyes widen involuntarily.

 (Warming up!? There’s more?)

 I feel like I’m going to faint.

 The lower half of my body, which had been tortured by Centipede for so long, began to shake.

 I can’t even feel the area around my mouth.

 I even feel like my mouth is still wide open.

 As I shuddered in despair, Fumio shrugged his shoulders, as if in disgust.

 ”How dare you call yourself a saint? You’re just a small fish. Well, it wouldn’t be much fun if you fell too easily. That said, it’s not fun…”

 Fumio makes a face as if he’s thinking.

 ”I can’t stop myself like this, and even if I did, the bitch I’m training is too reckless and might break. Yeah, maybe if I fuck her today, she’ll break for sure, that one”

 ”What, what are you talking about…”

 ”I’m just saying I’m a little lost. If I cut off Claudia-san’s training here, I’ll end up with a female dog…”

 I’m reminded of the doggy panting I used to hear in the next room every day.

 If she’d been raped for that long, she’d break.

 ”Well, I don’t mind if she breaks. But for a saint to sacrifice others for her own sake? I think that saint, with her self-sacrificing spirit, will be tormented by guilt…”

 For a moment, the image of that dog-like devil flashed through my mind.

 She did look like a little girl. It was indeed heartbreaking to imagine a little girl being tortured like that.

 But at that moment, my sister’s voice came back to my ear.

 [Don’t show mercy to the devil!]

 (Ah!! So that’s what she meant!)

 It’s true that we saints feel happy to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of good people.

 Because we believe that this is in line with the will of the angels.

 Fumio is trying to take advantage of that.

 He must be trying to combine the satisfaction and joy of having saved someone with the pleasure of s*x.

 But we are only saving good people.

 (I’m not going to eat your hand. Even without your advice, the conclusion would have been the same. Even if I feel a little sorry for the devil little girl, there’s no way I’m going to show mercy to the devil. I have to endure every minute and every second. Until my sister come to save me!)

 I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and spit at Fumio.

 ”I don’t care what happens to the devil. If you’re going to break her, why not break her? As long as it gives me a break”

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