Confinement 272

Chapter 272 Saint collapse, Part Three

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 ”I don’t care what happens to the devil. If you’re going to break her, why not break her? As long as it gives me a break”

 I spat as I wiped my semen-stained mouth with the back of my hand.

 I know what Fumio is up to.

 I’m the one who’s going to demonstrate my self-sacrifice and let myself be embraced by Fumio in order to save the little girl.

 And then, by combining the satisfaction of self-sacrifice with the pleasure of s*x, he’ll make me a prisoner of pleasure.

 That’s the plot.

 But I’m not going to take that chance.

 It’s true that I’m easily swayed by looks.

 But no matter how young she looks, that dog devil is still a devil. To me, she’s just an enemy to be exterminated.

 If I can take a break, and if the devils can destroy each other, I can only say that it would be a blessing in disguise.

* * *

 ”Go ahead and make a ruckus out of it. If you want, I can help you”

 I said, trying to make fun of him.

 I know it’s a bluff, but it’s worth it to make people understand that I know what they’re up to.

 I thought he would be very disappointed, but somehow Fumio’s eyes went down slightly and he looked at me as if he pitied me.

 (What? What’s with that look?)

 Despite my confusion, Fumio gives instructions to MukadeCentipede.

 ”Kishijo-san, please hold Claudia-san”


 Centipede grabbed my arm, forced me to stand up with tremendous force, and choked me from behind.

 ”Ow, Fumio, w-what do you plan to do…”

 It didn’t sound like he was angry because I hit his plan perfectly, but whatever it was, it was harsh to be pinned down by force.

 I’m exhausted because I’ve been in this position for so long. I know that it’s pointless to resist.

 So I couldn’t even bring myself to say, “Let me go”.

 As I was being choked by Centipede, Fumio still looked at me with pitying eyes, and quietly opened his mouth.

 ”Don’t look away from your choices… and your consequences, Saint”

 Then he looks up toward the gap near the ceiling that leads to the next room and speaks up.

 ”Bring me the female dog”

 As he said that, several female voices answered from the next room.

 ”””As you wish”””

 I hear a door open and slam shut in the next room.

 Then the door of this room creaked open and three maids entered the room.

 Like Centipede, they have short-cut hair and short maid uniforms.

 They are the maids who captured me, led by Shiratori.

 If Centipede is one of the four still-undiscovered members of the track and field club, then they must be, too.

 Their numbers are also perfect. Including Centipede, there are four of them.

 But that was as far as I could go with such optimism.

 ”Hurry up and come in, you filthy dog!”

 As one of them pulled on the rope in her hand, a mournful “Kuun…” came from behind them.

 Then, from behind the maids, a figure appeared on all fours.

 As soon as I saw her――


 I was speechless.

 I can feel the blood drain from my face.

 My head refused to comprehend the meaning of the scene before me.

 It’s a platinum blonde short cut with droopy dog ears.

 On her high, foreign-looking nose hangs a metal ring rounded like a cow.

 [Loser”Couldn’t come back from defeatNympho slutimpregnatedConfinement King onlyPlease bully meBreeding livestockLeftover girl]

 On her nude white skin, there are obscene words scrawled in magic ink and countless red welts.

 Especially, her thighs were filled with countless “+” letters.

 But what caught my eye more than anything else were her large, enlarged breasts.

 Rather than a female dog, her huge breasts were swollen like those of a cow.

 Her breasts had grown so large that they dragged even when she was on all fours, and at the tip of them was a gold earring with a milky white liquid dripping from it.

 ”No, way… O-Onee-chan…”


 She let out a sorrowful voice, and Fumio clapped his hands.

 ”Oh, by the way. I forgot. I need to get her talking. <Ban> Released”

 The next moment, my sister lets out a hoarse voice.

 ”I… I’m sorry, Claudia, Onee-chan… Nnn, is lost. *Sniff Sniff*, ugh…”

 I saw her face crumpled up, tears streaming down her face…


 I screamed.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 Claudia-san screamed with her eyes wide open, as if her eyeballs were about to fall out.

 I was struck with unspeakable emotions when I saw her face colored with despair.

 It’s too horrible. A despicable act of playing the bond between the two sisters and pushing them to the bottom. It’s the work of the devil.

 I feel sorry for Claudia-san.

 I feel the same way.

 But at the same time, “I-was-so-aroused-that-I-could-pull-it-off-on-my-own”.

 I feel as if the substances in my brain are being secreted rapidly and steadily.

 Even though I had just ejaculated, my crotch was painfully tense.

 Claudia-san’s expression of despair, Jolanda-san’s crying face of humiliation and resignation.

 It was all too beautiful.

 My heart is in pain. It was too much to bear.

 But if I’m not careful, the corners of my mouth will rise.

 The girl’s piercing screams were comforting, making me want to make things worse.

 I can’t go back…I’ve come to a point where there’s no turning back.

 I’m aware of that.

 It was Lili’s idea, but it was me who approved it.

 This is just the beginning.

 From here on, I’ll torture these sisters to the bone.

 I will end them not as saints but as people.

 I’ve already prepared for that.

 I never heard how Lili caught Jolanda-san.

 That doesn’t matter.

 What’s important is the fact that we’re putting these sisters on the brink.

 Jolanda-san, after Torture’s physical transformation and after I’ve taken good care of her, is already [Subjugated] and only needs to be finished.

 In addition, I implanted in Claudia-san a false memory that she had heard Jolanda-san’s voice by using “FakeForged MemoryMemory”.

 This worked, and she betrayed her own sister for her own sake.

 From this point on, the dream of the angel that I showed Claudia-san using “DreamMysterious WonderDream” comes into play.

 She believes in angels, but the angels don’t care about her.

 The angel she believes in is only her own ideal image of an angel.

 She has to betray the angel, but what constitutes betrayal in front of a non-existent person is a problem.

 That’s why I let her define, in the angel’s own words, the state of things that would end like this.

 So that she herself would be clearly aware that she had betrayed.

 And the deeper her faith in the angels, the heavier the chains that will drag her down to the bottom of the swamp.

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