Confinement 273

Chapter 273 Saint collapse, Part Four

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 As my cock thrusting heavenward and presented it to her, Jolanda-san’s tongue crawled over it without saying a word.

 The cool, challenging look she had when I first brought her here is gone, replaced by a weak look that only begs for my mercy.


 She is a mature woman with tears streaming down her face and a pink tongue stretched out with sobs.

 She was a beautiful foreign woman who could have been on the cover of a foreign magazine.

 She carefully crawls her tongue from the crevice of the tip to the nape of the p*nis, and licks up the clear liquid that oozes out.

 Her sadness is not an act. But despite that, the way she licks my cock with pleasure is also not a lie.

 I trained her that way.

 She is now a cock junkie, eager to suck my cock in both her upper and lower mouths.

 ”Bitch, does my cock taste good?”

 ”Yes, Confinement King-sama’s cock… is delicious”

 Jolanda-san answers immediately.

 Absolute obedience to me. I don’t know how many times I’ve been tortured because she refused to do so.

 There must not be a shred of rebellion left in her.

 But at most, she cares for her sister.

 Perhaps that is the key to her becoming [Enslaved].

 The sight of her on all fours, stretching her neck and tearfully licking my meat stick, can only be described as pitiful.

 The sculpted beauty of her appearance only added to the sadness.

 But she looked up at me with eyes that seemed to cling to me.

 ”Confinement King-sama… have mercy. Forgive my sister… Claudia. I’ll do anything… please”

 Then, *Slap* one of the maids slapped her bare ass! .


 ”You’re too bold to ask for Confinement King-sama, bitch!”

 Jolanda-san screamed like a dog and cowered weakly when the maid glared at her.

 ”If the Confinement King-sama wishes, I could mince your sister and serve her to you for breakfast tomorrow, you know?”

 The maid – I don’t really know who she is, but I think it’s Saito-san – says something threatening, and I involuntarily look at her twice.

 (I don’t wish it, I don’t wish it!)

 When I glanced at Claudia-san, I saw that her complexion had become even worse.

 Perhaps she could see that the Maid’s statement was not a lie.

 Concealing my inner turmoil, I cocked my head at Jolanda-san in an emotionless voice.

 ”You can suck it on your mouth”

 ”Th-Thank you very much!”

 Immediately, she got down on her knees, swallowed my cock, and started squeezing hard.

 There was no hesitation in her behavior. If she’s allowed to suck on it, she’ll suck on it. That’s what I trained her to do.

 With tears streaming down her cheeks, the beautiful silver blonde began to suck on my cock without a care in the world.

 Her jawline is sharp.

 She stretches the bridge of her nose, ruining her good looks as she shallowly squeezes my cock with her lips.

 Slurp! Squelch! Claudia-san, who was being choked by Kishijo-san, let out a deep scream of despair as the sound of water echoed through the room.

 ”F, Fumio, we, we, we, we’re friends, right? P-Please, no more, please, please… Please forgive me, just let Onee-chan go”

 ”Don’t worry, your sister’s happy, right?”

 ”*Slurp…* Hes, H’m ho hahhy… *Squelch*”

 In Claudia-san’s eyes, I guess she saw Jolanda-san who had her eyebrows furrowed in agony, her cheeks squeezed together as she sucked on the meat stick, look pitiful.

 But she’s very happy to have my cock in her mouth. That in itself.

 ”*Squelch* Puha… Confinement King-sama, please. I don’t care what happens to me, but p-please forgive Claudia… please”

 ”You… you’re still saying that!”


 Controlling the maid from raising her hand again, I lift Jolanda-san’s chin with my fingertips.

 ”Jolanda… I’ll think about it, depending on your service”

 ”T-thank you very much!”

 In the depths of her eyes, I saw a weak glimmer of hope light up.

 (…it’s thrilling)

 The thought of being able to enjoy the tears and humiliation of these sisters as they cared for each other made me want to cum.

 I reached down to her kneeling crotch, who was already overflowing with nectar, and twisted it around my finger.

 ”Nn… ah, ahh…”

 ”You’re such a bitch. You’re already soaking it up”

 I thrust my finger into her crevice, and as I slowly stirred her flesh, mucus dripped down onto the floor.

 ”You say you’re doing this for your sister, but you really want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

 ”I-I don’t…”

 ”If that’s not true, I’m not gonna fuck you. Should we return you to the barn?”

 Immediately she panicked and clutched my leg.

 ”P-Please forgive me. In front of C-Claudia, I’m ashamed… but, Confinement King-sama, I really can’t take it anymore. Hurry up and fuck me. Please fuck my pussy like crazy… I want to, I want to”

 I glance over at Claudia-san and she’s wide-eyed in shock.

 She must have known exactly what Jolanda-san meant when she said it, whether it was an act or not.

 A miserable loser. The words of a woman who is now a total dick junkie.

 Of course, it wasn’t because she was forced to.

 It’s all about carnal desires and honest feelings.

 Then, I walked behind Jolanda-san and gave her a high-handed order.

 ”Get your ass up, Jolanda, and get on all fours”


 Jolanda-san hurriedly got down on her elbows and knees and lifted her hips high.

 Then, I placed my glans against her pussy lips, which were now oozing with nectar from all the screwing I’d been doing to her for the last while.

 ”*Pant…* Nn…”

 That’s all it took for her to let out a gasp of pleasure.

 And then, I pulled her hips in and thrust my cock all the way in.

 ”Ah, aaahhh!!”

 Jolanda-san arched her back like a panther and screamed uncontrollably.

 She moans and begins to shake her hips.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s gooooddd! C-Confinement King-samaa, i-it feels so good! Ah, hii, ah, ah, ah…”

 As she began to move her hips vigorously, she made a lewd, gooey sound as a flood of nectar clung to my cock.

 ”Hey, Jolanda, how does that feel?”

 I shouted, as I roughly pumped up and down the folds of her flesh, burying it deep to the base and stirring it as if I were gouging her private part.

 ”I-It feels good, ah, aah, it feels so goooooood!”

 Jolanda-san wiggled her hips lasciviously, her platinum blonde hair shaking, her voice shrill.

 ”Hey, you lousy cock bitch! Why don’t you show your sister how you feel!”

 I slammed my lower belly into her ass, and began to piston even harder.

 ”Ahhhh, I’m so glad become your cock girl! Your cock filling up my cunt! My head is tingling when you’re rubbing it in all the right places… Oh, I love your cock… I want to keep it in… I don’t want to let go…”

 Jolanda-san mumbled, shaking her hips wildly.

 Moreover, her honey was flowing more and more.

 ”Don’t you think it’s pathetic to be raped by a younger man?”

 ”B-But, ahh! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t live without this cockkk… aah, aah, aah…”

 Claudia-san stares in disbelief as Jolanda-san screams out in a frenzy.

 She watches helplessly as her sister is engulfed in a wave of lewd pleasure.

 She, too, is no stranger to pleasure.

 To my eyes, it seemed as if the writhing of her sister’s pleasure was about to ignite the flames of sensuality in her.

 ”O-Onee-chan… Nnn *Pant…*”

 With that, I glanced at the pink-haired maid. As if she sensed my intentions, she walked over to Claudia-san, knelt down at her feet and started to run her tongue between her legs.

 ”Oh… wha, what, s, stop…”

 She writhed desperately. But she can’t even close her legs if the maid is holding her down.

 ”Nnah! Ah, ah, ah, ah, no, no, stop, aah…”

 Claudia-san immediately wiggled her hips and began to moan sweetly.

 ”It looks like your sister wants me to fuck her too, Jolanda, what do you say? Do you want me to pull my cock out and let Claudia take over?”

 Pulling halfway out of her hole, I look into Jolanda-san’s face.

 ”Nooooo! Don’t pull it out! Please thrust me harder! I want to cum! I want to cum!”

 All Jolanda-san can think about is cumming.

 She is now a prisoner of pleasure. She’s not shy about saying humiliating things.

 ”Are you doing this to protect your sister from me? If so, you’d better make sure Claudia gets some love!”

 When I was about to pull out my meat stick, Jolanda-san shouted in desperation.

 ”No, I don’t care about my sister! Don’t pull it out, please don’t pull it out! Don’t pull out your cockkkkkk!”

 To protect her sister, I had no choice but to say that. I didn’t mean it. I could’ve just said that later.

 Unless the sister was Claudia-san, who could tell if she was lying or not.

 ”I can’t help it, bitch”

 I thrust deep into her again and shook the rod, and a lewd gooey sound hit my ears.

 ”Nnaaaaah! Yes, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Jolanda-san’s secret flesh was violently kneaded and wrapped in a beautiful undulation, and it was drenched with honey juice.

 Althought, that word was just a spur of the moment thing.

 I guess it really was.

 But, for that one moment, lust took over, and all reason, sisterhood, and morality disappeared.

 And there’s no getting back from that.

 Jolanda-san, drooling sloppily, continued to shake her hips as I thrust in and out of her.

 ”It’s about time I put an end to this”

 ”Nnaan, Confinement King-samaaaaaaa!”

 I put my hands around Jolanda-san’s slender waist and slamming her lower belly against my hips with a bang.

 A particularly fast pistoning motion. I thrust hard into her deepest, tightest cervix.

 ”How is it, does it feel good?”

 ”Yes, yes, ahn, it, it feels too good, uu, kuh…”

 Jolanda-san’s face was twisted in delight, and she was beginning to moan, almost sobbing.

 ”Haah, aaah, anh, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 ”I’m cumming, Jolanda!”

 I clung to her from behind and grabbed her twin breasts with both hands in front of me.

 As I squeezed her breasts, which had grown too large to fit in my palm, I buried my cock to the base and gave a small burst.

 ”Uh, there! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

 At the same time Jolanda-san raised her voice, the desire swirling in the base of my body broke down.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!* *Spurtttttttt!*

 ”Ah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmmming!”

 Jolanda-san threw back her head and cried out in delight, and at the same time, *Spurt Spurt* milk spurted from both of her nipples. .

 Every time my cock pulsates, Jolanda-san’s body twitched, her voice tremb, and her blue eyes sobbing back upward.

 ”Aah, aah, aah… a-amazing…”

 And then, as if she had lost the strength to support herself, she plopped down on the floor with her lewd face shown(Ahegao), as if she were crushed flat.

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