Confinement 274

Chapter 274 Saint collapse, Part Five

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 ”Jolanda, it felt good”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* *Pant* Thank you very much…”

 After saying that, my sister falls to the floor, smiling with a debauched look on her face.


 ”As I said before, depending on the service you provide… okay, I’ll let her go”

 As soon as Fumio said that, my sister froze with her mouth forming a “へ” .

 ”I’m going to love your sister from now… and if she doesn’t fall, I’ll release both of you from here”

 ”Eh… B-Both of us? Um… Isn’t it just C-Claudia…?”

 ”Don’t worry, it’s both of you”

 ”Eh, ah…”

 Fumio turns his back on my sister and looks at me as if to say something.

 ”So here’s the deal. If you don’t submit before I cum once, I’ll let both of you go and I’ll never touch any of you again”

 While resisting the pleasure of the pink-haired maid licking up my crotch, I struggle to think.

 It’s hard to believe, but the color that surrounds Fumio’s words is blue.

 Does that mean he’s confident that he can make me fall?

 But I think this is my last chance.

 From my sister looks… I can’t rely on her anymore.

 Seeking to be violated is nothing but a betrayal of the angels. So, she is someone I can’t trust anymore.

 (…Angel, bless me!)

 Leaving my sister there, looking somewhat flustered, Fumio walked towards me.

 ”Inui-san, thank you for your hard work, that’s enough”


 When he smiled, the pink-haired maid stood up hurriedly and bowed respectfully.

 ”By the way, Inui-san, it had gotten quite dirty from the female dog’s juices. Can you clean it up a bit?”

 ”Y-Yes! I’d love to!”

 The pink-haired maid, apparently happy to be ordered to do so, knelt down between Fumio’s legs and grabbed the shriveled meat stick with her fingertips.

 ”It’s an honor. To be allowed to clean Confinement King-sama’s magnificent cock…”

 She seemed to be overwhelmed with emotion as she lovingly rubbed her cheeks on Fumio’s object, then carefully licked it and took it completely in her red lips.

 ”Oh… how strong. I’m so happy”

 She happily sucked the rod covered with my sister’s body fluids and semen, and sucked and licked it with her mouth.

 ”Oh… delicious…”

 The maid swayed her pink hair as she sucked on the fully recovered and towering rod, making a slurping sound as she did so.

 Her eyes, which had a cold impression, now opened in a s*xy way, and the density of the white part of her pupils increased.

 She looked like she was completely in lust.

 ”…I’m envious”

 Centipede’s maid, who’s holding me, lets out a lustful sound.

 The other two maids’ eyes were also glued to Fumio’s towering cock.

 ”Thank you, that’s enough”


 Fumio pulled his rod out of the pink-haired maid’s mouth, and she let out a sigh of reluctance.

 And then–

 ”…sorry to keep you waiting”

 Fumio stands in front of me and smiles.

 ”I-I’m not waiting for you. No matter what you do, it’s useless, so don’t do anything unnecessary and let us go… ahn, h-hey!”

 Without caring what I have to say, Fumio slides his finger between my legs.

 My panties are open at the crotch, not really underwear at all. And through the opening, he plays with my vagina.

 ”You look like you’re really excited”

 ”Die, you idiot”

 I glared at him with all my might, but he just smirked.

 ”Then there’s no need for foreplay, is there?”

 ”Hey, wait, wait!”

 Not caring about my panic, Fumio lifted my left thigh, placed the tip of his cock on it, and penetrated me at once.

 ”Nnah!? Aaaaaaaahhhh!”

 I felt as if my body was being torn apart at once.

 It was as if a burning iron rod was piercing me.

 Then, inside my body, I felt a foreign body pulsating at a rhythm different from my own, which gave me goosebumps.

 It’s not something that I can get used to just because I’ve experienced it once.

 No, I must not get used to this kind of thing.

 ”It’s all the way in, right down to the base. How’s that? Aren’t you happy, Claudia?”

 ”Guh, ah uh, how can I be happy!”

 ”Then I’ll make you feel happy”

 As he said this, Fumio grabbed my breasts with one hand, squeezed them, and began to pump me hard.

 ”Ah, ah, nn, ah, ah, ahn, aaah, ahn!”

 (Don’t make a sound. It’ll only make Fumio happy)

 I can’t hold back even though I think that.

 Why is my body, a woman’s body, so sensitive? I’m so frustrated that tears are slowly seeping down my face.

 ”Ah, aah, nku, no, stop, hiin! Ah, ah, ah!”

 I try to shake him off, but the Centipede maid doesn’t budge a muscle.

 At the same time I doing so, Fumio plays with the slit in my bra with his lips and finds my nipple.

 When he put my nipple between his lips and rolled it around with the tip of his tongue, sparks of pleasure flew around it.

 ”Nnah, ah, ah, no, no, nnahhh!”

 As one of my legs was lifted up and pushed up, my other legs was shaking.

 I can’t escape, and it’s like he’s exposing my weakness.

 With each thrust, a flash of light flashed in the back of my head, and my involuntary muscles twitched.

 ”Feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”It-It feels… nnah, it’s not good, ah, ah, aaaah!”

 ”How about this?”

 Fumio pulled his hips back and thrust all the way in.

 ”Nnngh! Nnaaaaaaaaaaa!”

 I feel as if I’m about to be struck by the New Year’s bell, the long strokes and the thrusts. I could feel my womb being crushed and squeezed.

 Every time I was thrust wildly by Fumio’s strong and rigid body, I felt an overwhelming pleasure run down my spine.

 ”Kishijo-san, you can let her go”


 With that word, Centipede that had been choking me released my body.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh!”

 I was already on one leg, and I was already weak.

 So, as I suddenly lost my support, I panicked and clung to Fumio’s neck in front of me.

 ”Nn!? Hhhh!?”

 Fumio immediately presses his lips to mine.

 As if we were collapsing from the waist down, we fell to the floor, and Fumio put his weight on top of me, parting our lips and inserting his tongue.

 Reluctantly, as if we were making love, I wrapped my arms and legs around Fumio’s body.

 ”Hhhhhh!? Uuuuuuuu!”

 But even if I tried to resist, Fumio wouldn’t stop his assault.

 He holds my head in his arms and kisses me repeatedly, rubbing his tongue against my mouth.

 Moreover, the speed of his hip movement increased as he thrust deep inside me.

 ”Nnah, nnnnn, uhuh uuuuuuuuu!!”

 I couldn’t believe how excited I was, and my blood started to rush.

 The pleasure increased with each thrust, and my nectar flowed incessantly from my pussy.

 (I won’t cum! I-I won’t cum!)

 I desperately try to hold back the feeling of climax that rises from deep within my body.

 While I’m struggling to hold it in, Fumio’s breathing becomes rapid and ragged, and when he lets go of my lips, his face turns into a scowl and he clenches his teeth.

 (He’s about to cum! Fumio is at his limit!)

 ”Kuh, Claudia, don’t hold back and cum!”

 ”Nn, ah, you, too, I know, ahn, you’re already at your limit, aren’t you!”

 (I can do it! I can still endure it!)

 Just as I thought that, Fumio’s weight suddenly doubled.


 I screamed as Fumio’s cock plunged deeper into me than ever before, crushing my uterus with its impact.

 I don’t know what’s happening, but as I’m shaking my head, my sister’s voice comes down from above me.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Onee-chan can’t live without Confinement King-sama’s cock anymore, so fall! Let’s fall! Let’s fall together, okay, okay?”

 When I opened my eyes in desperation, I saw my sister with vacant eyes hugging Fumio from behind, shallowly slamming her own hips against his waist.

 ”Y-You traitorrrrrrrr! You’ll be punished by the angels! Burn in the fires of hell and die!”

 When I screamed out, Fumio’s mouth twisted and he stopped moving his hips.

 ”If she’s going to be punished, you’re going to be punished too. Claudia”


 ”You’ve already betrayed the angels, Claudia. Didn’t you notice that the cream stew you ate was made with Jolanda’s breast milk? Did you know that the main ingredient in breast milk is blood, without the red blood cells?”

 At that moment, the angel’s words flashed through my mind.

 [Once you’ve sipped your Anesister’s blood, you’ll fall under the devil’s control. Then there’s no way to save you]

 (I see. That’s why Fumio is so confident…)

 I can’t doubt the angel’s words.

 I see, so I’ve already fallen into the devil’s control.

 Then… there’s no point in enduring any more.

 As I sank into a deep reverie, Fumio told me.

 ”I wanted to say that instead of this kind of trickery, you fell for me straight on”

 Fumio pulled his hips back.

 And then–

 ”Be mine! Claudia!”

 He thrusts up into my womb with great force.

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