Confinement 275

Chapter 275 Saint collapse, Part Six

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 The feeling of thrusting up to the very back.

 The moment I penetrated hard…

 ”Nnah, aaaaaaaaaah! I, I’m cummiiiiiiing”

 Claudia’s bent backwards like a bow, her body convulsing violently, as if she were bridging


 At that moment, a strong tightening, as if her palm squeezed my cock with all its might, hit me.

 There’s no way I could stand this.

 I couldn’t help but groan out, “Ugh!” and let out my semen helplessly.

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttt!*

 But still, she was so tight.

 I’ve never experienced a sensation like being squeezed like that before.

 ”Guh, gh…!!”

 I writhed pathetically like I was being pierced by a needle in my urethra.

 ”Nnah, ah, ah, aaaaaaah… ah, ah…”

 Claudia was panting, her hair disheveled, and her eyes turned upward.

 Her beautiful face turned into a sweaty, drooling mess.

 Still, the ejaculation did not end.

 My cock pulsated again and again.

 I poured a surprisingly large amount of semen into her vagina, and I fell down on top of her.

 (D-Damn… is she a succubus or something, this girl… she took it all…)

 While I’m still on top of her, trying to catch my breath, I hear the usual electronic sound.

 Then, the narration by a voice that I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman echoes out.


 ”Claudia Camilia’s state has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Stage Equipment Level 6, Pyro”

 ”You can make a flashy but not hot pillar of fire erupt anywhere in the room”

 ”● ReinstallationReestablishment

 ”You can re-install a back door in another location”


 Then, an electronic sound echoed again.


 ”Claudia Camilia’s state has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room that can’t be exited without doing **”

 ”You can set up a room with a door that will not open until a set condition is met”


 ”What’s with that eroge-like function!?”

 As soon as I made my comment, the third electronic sound echoed.


 ”Claudia Camilia’s state has changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the Grace can be shared”

 ”● Eyes of Truth”

 ”Allows you to ascertain the truth of the other person’s statement”


 I clench my fists.

 Just as I’d planned.

 Lili was right, I’d successfully corrupted him in one fell swoop.

 It’s almost scary how well things went.

 Actually, Jolanda is already [Enslaved].

 I heard her fall in the middle of s*x with Claudia, when she was on top of me.

 I think Jolanda wanted to be mine from the bottom of her heart at that moment.

 And it’s worth noting that, as was the case with Jolanda, the announcement when she reached [Enslaved] was different from the usual one.


 Perhaps Claudia’s Grace can now be used by me. I guess that’s what it means.

 I can’t say for sure until I try it, but if it’s a power that can be used outside the room, its value is immeasurable.

 (If such power can be obtained each time a saint is corrupted, then… hunting saints may as well be a goal for the time being)

 Though I don’t know if there are any saints, or where they are if they exist at all…

 Anyway, I can’t stop getting excited at the thought that I’ve been able to make these exceptionally beautiful two sisters mine.

 And it made my cock, which had shriveled up after being drained, feel as if it were filling with blood again.

 Then I pulled my rod out of the unconscious Claudia, stood up and turned to face Jolanda, who was still sitting behind me.

 ”Jolanda, your sister has made a mess, clean it up”

 ”Yes, Confinement King-sama”

 When I exposed my meat stick in front of her, she immediately became enraptured with the sight.

 These sisters are my bitches now. There’s no way they can resist me.

 Although, my half-standing rod was glistening wet with semen and Claudia’s love juice.

 She took my cock in her mouth and squeezed it with her whole mouth, looking at Claudia without hesitation.

 In the sight of her sister lying there breathlessly, she may have been thinking of herself at that time when she was crawled on like a dog and her virginity was forcibly taken from her.

 Somehow I thought so.

 As Jolanda licked and sucked on my cock tasting her Master’s semen and her sister’s love juices, my cock was stimulated by her tongue and swelled up with a new lust.

 Although I had ejaculated on her sister, the rod quickly regained its hardness, and she let out a hot breath.

 ”So strong… this is Master’s thing… so happy… ah, please, please, please take care of me next time”

 Thinking back to the way she looked at me as if she was looking at something filthy right after I captured her, and the way she is now, flirting with me in a lascivious way, stimulates my lust even more.


 ”This place is bleak. Let’s move to another room…”

 I like to take care of my possessions.

 They belong to me now.

 If I’m going to hold them, I want to do it in a soft bed.

 I instructed the maids to clean up the room and carry Claudia, then I held Jolanda’s waist and we walked to “the bedroom” together.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After regaining my strength with a lick of the demon world’s energy drink, I looked over to the bed.

 There, two naked sisters, Jolanda and Claudia, were lying in a lustful pose.

 As I don’t have to treat them like livestock anymore.

 Jolanda’s nose ring and nipple piercings have been removed, and her lettered body has already been washed and cleaned by the maids.

 And now, there was a gorgeous scene of two beautiful platinum blonde sisters lying on the bed, like the front page of a Western gravure magazine.

 As I walked over to the bed, Claudia opened her mouth shyly with her white cheeks dyed bright red.

 ”Fumio… I’ve been corrupted, haven’t I?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Claudia, you belong to me now. From here on out, your life is only about satisfying me. And from here on out, I’m going to fuck you as hard as I want”

 When I said that, she jolted up and down.

 Apparently, just thinking about it made her feel it.

 ”Claudia, it’s not Fumio, it’s Confinement King-sama”

 I chuckled at Jolanda’s rebuke.

 ”It’s okay, call me whatever you want Claudia. And don’t worry about it, Jolanda”

 I turn to Jolanda, and she nods with a delighted expression.

 ”How generous and lovely. Confinement King-sama… just looking at your face makes Jolanda want to cum. Ah… I love you. I love you. Please keep me forever”

 She made a heart symbol with her fingers around her left areola.

 She had a cool impression, but her cuteness after her fall reminded me of the time Ryoko fell.

 ”Then, I’ll take care of you both together, all night long”

 When I said that, they looked at each other and nodded, and at the same time, they made an embarrassing pose with their beautiful legs open in the shape of М.

 ”Please, please take care of us, our Master ❤”

 The girls smiled bewitchingly.

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