Confinement 276

Chapter 276 Maid’s Tense Bath Time

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 After cleaning the foreign sister’s body and room, we came back to the maid’s room.

 This is the end of our work for tonight.

 Well, if the Confinement King-sama calls us, that won’t be the case.

 Since dinner was already served before the Confinement King-sama took care of the foreign sisters, all that was left was to take a bath and go to bed.

 After taking off the maid’s uniform, we prepared for the bath.

 While still in our underwear, we pull out a change of underwear and pajamas from the lockers provided for each of us.

 ”Oh, by the way. SanadamushiTapeworm, you’ve been so quiet, what’s wrong?”

 MimizuEarthworm, who was the first to finish preparing for the bath, said, and MukadeCentipede shrugged his shoulders.

* * *

 ”Leave her alone. It must be complicated. The person who defeated her was showing such a disgraceful appearance”

 ”That’s not what I meant”

 Tapeworm grumbled, and Centipede asked, “Then what is it?” .

 ”You know, after so much practice and so much effort, I finally defeated that blonde bitch, but in the end, it was Saki-sama and Natsumi-sama, with the wolf girl in tow, who finally caught her”

 ”Ah… it’s like they just took the best part”

 Earthworm chuckles, and Tapeworm clenches her fist.

 ”No, well… that wasn’t a problem”

 ”You don’t mind?”

 Centipede looked flustered.

 ”Yes, but, well, after her defeat, she was humiliated and treated like cattle, right? I mean, she’s going to be fucked so hard that she’s going to produce milk! And I envy her so much!”


 I tilt my head.

 (What the hell is she talking about?)

 ”I’m so envious that while Confinement King-sama was dealing them, I couldn’t help but overlap my image with that blonde bitch and came twice…”

 Apparently, during the play with the foreign sisters. She didn’t interrupt the play at all because she was getting excited.

 Tapeworm was stoic even before she came here, but that is another way of saying that she has M tendency.

 And because of the act, her s*xuality had been greatly inflamed.

 ”I, too, want to be ravaged by Confinement King-sama…”

 ”It’s okay. But wash your crotch before you get in the bathtub, definitely, you must wash it definitely”

 Centipede said, looking down at Tapeworm’s soaking wet underwear with a disgusted look on her face.

 ”But today was great…”

 When Earthworm smiled softly, centipede replied, “That’s right”.

 I wondered what she was talking about, but Eartworm let out a feverish sigh, “Confinement King-sama was… awesome”.

 ”Tapeworm have tasted before, and now we have all tasted Confinement King-sama’s splendor… wait a minute… There is one person who hasn’t been sucked yet…”

 With a grin, Centipede turns her head toward me.

 ”You’re… really, really mean”

 That’s right.

 Today, Centipede and Earthworm have taken the chance to serve the Confinement King-sama, and I am the only one who has yet to taste the Confinement King-sama.

 ”Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Don’t get mad”

 ”You’re hurting me”

 Centipede’s hand banged on my shoulder, but I brushed it away.

 Then Earthworm put a finger to her chin and asked Centipede.

 ”By the way, I was just thinking how great Confinement King-sama is, but is it really different from other boys’?”

 ”Levechi. It’s totally different. I only know the other ones from my boyfriend. Hardness, thickness, color, taste, everything. I mean, I’d go crazy for sure if He put that in me” It’s not the same level

 ”Oh, what does it taste like?”

 I thought I’d stay out of this conversation, but my interest got the better of me and I asked.

 ”Um… Compota?”


 ”Yes, in a way. It’s a tasty stick”

 ”You’ll get in trouble someday, you know”

 Then Tapeworm, standing with her arms folded, somehow interrupts the conversation.

* * *

 ”If you ask me, it tastes like mentaiko”

 ”It’s spicy?”

 ”No, when semen mixes with saliva, it has a mucousy texture on my tongue, and I was surprised”

 ”Isn’t that a little too graphic?”

 While talking like this, we moved to the large bathroom wearing our underwear.

 The large bathroom is next to the maid’s room.

 It is a wonderland of hot water, with many bathtubs of various sizes, bubble baths, and mist saunas.

 The fact that we could use it every day, and that the food was so luxurious, could only be described as a perk of being a maid.

 At the changing room, we threw off our underwear and rushed into the bathing room.

 Then, behind the steamy atmosphere, we saw someone’s figure.

 ”Someone else? At this hour?”

 Of course, this bathhouse is also used by the Princesses and Confinement King-sama.

 That’s why we’re here late at night, when no one is likely to be using it…

 As we looked beyond the steam, we realized who it was, and all of us stiffened at once.

 ”Eeek!? Li-Lili-sama! Head Maid!”

 ”P-Pardon us!”

 As we hurriedly tried to leave the bathhouse, the Head Maid called us.

 ”It’s fine, you guys can come here too”

 We looked at each other unconsciously.

 I don’t know what it is. But I’m grateful, but not grateful.

 In all likelihood, this was the start of a bath time that was not supposed to be relaxing.

 As we walked up to them, feeling tense and nervous, we found that they were, of course, naked.

 They were always dressed in the same outfit, so it felt very fresh.

 (Head Maid… Isn’t her skin too beautiful? It’s amazing…)

 After that, we took a bath in the bathtub.

 Centipede, who has been punished the most so far, freaks out in an unusual way.

 She was shaking so much that the water around her was like an ultrasonic bath. The minute vibrations seemed to be good for the skin.

 As I thinking so, Lili-sama, wearing a shampoo hat, sat down at the edge of the tub and smiled at me.

 ”Thanks for your help today, Devi”

 ”It’s an honor to be of service”

 I replied nervously, and the Head Maid nodded.

 ”Since you are now Senpai maids, please continue to behave as an example”

 We looked at each other involuntarily.



 Then the Head Maid smiled and spoke.

* * *

 ”Ulrich, the werewolf we just captured will be assigned as a maid, just like you. Currently, I’m teaching her the basics of being a maid, but after she’s assigned, I’ll leave it up to you to teach her”

 ”At first I was thinking of assigning her as Fumi Fumi’s bodyguard, Devi, but she’s a little underpowered, Devi. So I’ve decided to train her as a maid, Devi”

 I glanced over at Tapeworm, who was smiling wickedly with her canines bared.

 The warmonger seemed to have already started a battle with the wolf girl in her mind.

 On the other hand, Centipede is still staring at the hot water and is stuck in place.

 And when Earthworm turned her attention to her, she was staring at a point with a puzzled look on her face.

 (Hmm? What is she looking at?)

 I followed her gaze, and at the moment when my eyes reached a certain point, I almost shouted out.

 ”It’s called Daphnia Pulex (ミジンコMijinko “water flea”), if she makes any mistake, you will be jointly and severally responsible for it”

 The Head Maid’s words also slipped my mind. I couldn’t help but be curious about what I was seeing.

 ”Well, I’ll go up first, Devi. Come on, Freesia”

 ”Yes, Ohime-sama”

 As the two of them walked off towards the changing room, Earthworm and I looked at each other again.

 ”…it’s taken off, huh?”

 ”Uh… yeah”

 Lili-sama didn’t have her horn.

 Or rather, she had taken it off and was holding it in her hand.

 Perhaps it was in the way and she couldn’t put her shampoo hat in.

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