Confinement 277

Chapter 277 Model Meeting

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 At ten in the morning.

 People tend to think of an entertainment agency as a job that lasts neither morning nor night, but that’s not the case for managers and internal workers.

 Like most companies, they are up and working in the morning.

 As I passed by the hurrying employees, I visited the President’s office.

 ”Good morning!”

 When I stepped into the President’s office, I found Lolisla and Akira sitting on the sofa in addition to President Chihiro.

 ”Oh, good morning, Misuzu”

 ”Good morning”


 President Chihiro is dressed in a business suit, looking like a president.

 Akira is dressed in a sleeveless orange cut and skinny white pants. With green mules, she’s dressed in a minimalist yet stylish way.

* * *

 And yet…

 (Why is Lolisla wearing a school swimsuit and white knee-highs?)

 Honestly, I don’t want to be shown such immoral things in the morning. It gives me heartburn.

 As I frown at her, Chihiro points to the sofa with a wry smile.

 ”Well, sit down”

 I did as I was told, and sat down next to Akira at the end of the four-seater sofa.

 From the outside, Lolisla seems quite unique. Of course, we have no contact in our work.

 However, since the three of us are directly managed by President Chihiro, we are supposed to have a meeting like this once a week.

 President Chihiro explains that the reason why she is directly managing us is because she has high expectations of us, but as I know, this is not the case.

 Then, President Chihiro opened her speech by saying.

 ”First of all, two people will be joining our meetings next week”


 ”The two Detective JKs. Lili contacted me this morning and I’m going to manage them as well”

 Fumi-kun had told me that he had confined them and was training them, but it seems that he had successfully corrupted them.

 ”As a model?”

 I asked, and President Chihiro shook her head slowly.

 ”As a detective JK, just for management when appearing in the media. It’s a shame, but they don’t want to show their faces because it would interfere with their detective work…”

 To be honest, I was relieved.

 I’ve never seen their faces, but Mai says both of them quite beautiful.

 As a girl in Fumi-kun’s harem, beautiful women are always welcome, but the fewer rivals there are as models, the better.

 ”So, about your schedules, Misuzu begins a new semester the day after tomorrow, right? Then, Akira will be scheduling more solo activities for a while, so please keep that in mind”

 President Chihiro said, and Akira gave a thumbs-up.

 ”OK, OK! I’ll do it. I need to work hard and make a difference during this time”

 I was a little annoyed by her words.

 ”Difference? You say as if you’re better than me. Shouldn’t it be “I have to catch up”?”

 ”Huh? But I’m better than you”

 Akira and I stare at each other, forehead to forehead.

 Although, the two of us are working together as a unit, but we’re not exactly close.

 Then Lolisla interrupts us from the side.

 ”Don’t fight for nothing, girls. No matter how hard you two work, it’s useless. Lolisla is the one making all the money”


 Akira and I stared at Lolisla at the same time.

 But she didn’t seem to be frightened and swing her short legs under the table.

 ”Isn’t it true? Who do you think is the most profitable person in this office right now?”

 The fact is, the person making the most money in this office right now is this perverted loli hag. There’s no denying that.

 She’s a cute little girl, but her s*x appeal is that of an old woman. She is a cheat character with a touch of naughtiness and is very popular with big friends.

 Seeing this, President Chihiro decided to target the otaku market and started to sell her as an anime-cosplaying lolita character, and her popularity skyrocketed.

* * *

 The sales of the recently released Anikos ROM, which was just short of being legal, broke all previous records (even though it was a small market to begin with), and when Lolisla’s huge billboard appeared in Akihabara, the foreign media began to call it “Japanese, crazy! Japanese, crazy! Japanese, hentai!”, and she became the focus of more and more attention despite her reputation.

 Her character is too dangerous to be shown on TV.

 No way.

 I wonder how many TV viewers would be frozen in their seats.

 But she’s getting offers for photo shoots all the time.

 Her schedule is full for the next year, and there is a waiting list.

 Naturally, Lolisla is getting carried away.

 She had the newcomers call her “Lolisla-neesan” while she called them “Onee-chan” and “Onii-chan”, causing a meaningless sister flirtation.

 (But it’s easy to make her calm down)


 With that one sentence…


 Lolisla suddenly burst into tears, deflated and slumped on the floor.

 Then, she slipped into a gap under the sofa.


 Seeing that, President Chihiro let out an exasperated sigh and smiled bitterly.

 ”So, back to the topic at hand, how much work can you put in? Misuzu”

 ”For evening and night shoots, I’m fine with as much work as you want. I can work on weekends, too. Though, I’m only in Tokyo for a short time. But please don’t schedule me to work on the days I spend with Fumi-kun”

 ”Don’t worry about that, I’ll remove it from the beginning”

 Since the summer vacation, I’ve been able to spend every Tuesday night with Fumi-kun.

 It’s not so easy for us to be alone, though, since the harem has grown.

 ”Hmm… but you should make sure to take some time off, just because you’re spending time with Confinement King-sama doesn’t mean you can rest”

 ”Ahaha… I’m rather battered. But now that the drama is set, I’m ready to take the first step towards my dream. I’ll even push myself”

 The drama I’ll be starring in will start next April, after graduation.

 I want to get as much media coverage as possible before then.

 As I clenched my fists tightly, Akira asked President Chihiro.

 ”Oh, that’s right. What’s the latest, newbie? Lili-chan told you, didn’t she? If you find a good girl, they should be considered for Confinement King-sama’s harem”

 Then, Chihiro-san made a difficult face.

 ”That’s not so easy. There was a great talent at last week’s audition, but she was taken by another agency…”


 ”Yeah, I think Confinement King-sama would like her”

 ”Heh… What’s she like?”

 ”Well, she’s an aspiring model…”


 ”To put it crudely, she’s got a second favorite princess figure, first favorite princess breasts, a fourth favorite princess personality, and Misuzu good looks”

 ”What? Is she a mutant!?”

 Lolisla suddenly interrupted from under the couch as she let out an involuntary cry.

* * *

 ”Are you talking about the combined monster, Tyrant?”

 While Akira and I were puzzled, President Chihiro made a comment.

 ”…It’ll give away your age”

 ”Why do you know that, too?”

 ”Kirihito liked it, you know”

 ”Lo-Lolisla didn’t see it in real time either! Lolisla saw it on a rerun on cable TV! That’s not true!”

 Apparently, they were talking about an old TV show.

 Lolisla jumps around under the couch.

 Ignoring her, President Chihiro turned to me.

 ”That girl is okay, but there’s one more girl I’m not sure I want to hire… I was going to talk to Misuzu about it”

 ”Talking to me? Why?”

 ”Misuzu is the model she’s aiming for”

 ”It’s good, hire her!”

 ”She’s not bad-looking, she has a good personality, she’s on the basketball team and she’s tall enough, but there’s one thing that bothers me. The only thing I don’t like about her is that she’s a second-year student at the same school as you”

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