Confinement 278

Chapter 278 Premium milk

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 ”Hah… Mmm, if your breasts rubbing against me… it makes me want to do it again”

 I said that as I felt Jolanda’s huge breasts rubbing against my back.

 ”Fumio… does this feel good?”

 ”Yeah, it feels good”

 As soon as I wake up, I take both Claudia and Jolanda into the shower room and make them wash me.

 Of course, I’m sandwiched between them, covered in foam from the front and back.

 In a way, they were fully following through on their post-Enslaved state.

 There’s no doubt that they’re in the [Enslaved] state, but aside from Jolanda, Claudia seems to have a very complicated look on her face.

 Well, maybe she’s still not comfortable with s*xual intercourse because she was corrupted by exploiting the gap between her mental and physical bodies.

* * *

 Now it is ten o’clock in the morning.

 I would have liked to have a rematch in bed after this, but unfortunately I have an appointment today.

 When I came out of the bathroom, the maids were waiting for me with a change of clothes.

 My clothes were a T-shirt and jeans.

 But the two detective JKs were dressed in cupless bustiers, high-leg shorts at a lewd angle, and a short see-through skirt that hid nothing.

 It’s more erotic than nudity.

 But when Claudia pinched the high-legged panties with her fingertips, her face twitched.

 ”Wh-What’s the point of wearing these?”

 To which Saito-san replies, “It’s Lili-sama’s orders”

 Lili and I had already decided how to deal with the two of them.

 Just as we treated the four girls who messed with Fujiwara-san as maids, we were going to treat the two girls who messed with Saori-chan in the same way as maids for the time being.

 However, it was not a good idea to keep them confined here, since they were highly valuable as detective JKs.

 Therefore, I decided to let them go to school as usual, but make them wear this outfit whenever they are in here.

 ――In other words, this is their uniform.

 Jolanda is my bodyguard and milk supply, and Claudia is just my pet for now. I may give her some kind of role in the future.

 After they have changed into their indecent outfits, I hold their waist and move to the dining room.

 Since it’s the time of day, I’m having a quick breakfast and lunch.

 I asked the maids for eggs Benedict and English muffins, and when I sat down, the pink-haired Inui-san gave Jolanda and Claudia some instructions on how to behave during my meal.

 ”Thank you very much for waiting”

 The food that arrived on the table looked very delicious, as always.

 Being from a countryside myself, this was the first time I had tried such a fancy dish as Eggs Benedict, but I was completely hooked.

 As I was about to pick up a knife and fork, Claudia stopped me and said, “Wait a minute!”.

 ”…I’ll feed you”

 With that said, she pulls out a chair and sits down next to me. Then she takes a knife and fork.

 ”…Then, Fumio, ahh”

 With a somewhat reluctant look on her face, she begins to serve the meal as the maids tell her to.

 This reluctance, or conflict, may be the first time I’ve ever seen such a pattern emerging from an [Enslaved] state.

 This is because all the girl who have fallen into the [Enslaved] state up to now have been happy to take care of me.

 (Is it possible that she hasn’t fallen completely? No… that can’t be…)

 Jolanda, on the other hand, remained standing by my side.

 ”Confinement King-sama, would you like a drink?”

 I nod, and she lifts her breast up from underneath her and holds them out to me with her cheeks flushed.

 ”Here you go, Jolanda’s milk… enjoy it to your heart’s content”

 No way. It’s a direct drink.

 (Oh, a milk supply… So this is what it means…)

 As I sucked on her nipple, Claudia let out a small “ah” next to me.

 Claudia looks away in embarrassment. On the other hand, Jolanda is embarrassed, but her expression is debauched.

 ”Ah… I’m being swallowed. Jolanda’s breasts are being swallowed…”

 She lets out a lusty murmur, as if she’s having a fever.

 Mother’s milk itself is not very tasty, in my opinion.

 But I remembered the challenging look in her eyes before she fell, and the fact that I had reduced her to a lowly milk supply sent shivers down my spine.

 Apparently, I’m quite a sadistic person.

 Even though I’m in the middle of eating, my crotch felt tense.

 My s*xual desire is almost overpowering my appetite.

 (I’d better taste it while I can…)

 This is the only time I can taste the milk from these super breasts.

 After all, her body will be back to normal at the start of the new school year.

 So, I thought it would be even more of a premium now.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 After the meal, I had the maids show them to the room I had prepared for them.

 However, compared to the other girls, it’s a much lower grade room for two.

 For the time being, I’m putting them on the same level as the maids.

 Then, I myself left the door and went back to my room in my home.

 Looking at the clock, I saw that it was almost twelve o’clock.

 When I went downstairs, Okaa-sanMom asked me, “Have you eaten?” I replied in an appropriate manner, “I ate with my friends in the morning while I was walking”.

 ”Fumio, you, lately…”

 Just as Mom was about to say something like that, the doorbell suddenly rang.

 ”Oh, who is it?”

 ”Probably a friend of mine”

 I hurried to the door and opened it, and saw two girls standing outside the gate.

 ”Hello, Fumio-kun”

 ”Umu, we’re here. Confi… Kijima-kun!”

 And there they are, Masaki-chan and Tashiro-san.

 When I turned around, Mom is standing behind the door, with her eyes open wide.

 Well, I suppose it’s natural. They’re both beautiful girls that I would normally have a hard time getting close to.

 ”Fu-Fumio, who are these girls?”

 ”My classmates. They’re both doing really well, so I begged them to come and teach me”

 ”Oh, so that’s why…”

 Masaki-chan smiles at Mom, who looks convinced.

 ”Please take care of me. Ogibokaa-sama”

 ”Oh, yes, nice to meet you”

 Fortunately, Mom did not seem to notice the subtle nuance in Masaki-chan’s greeting.

 It is true that they came to teach me how to study.

 In fact, Tashiro-san and Masaki-chan are ranked third and fifth, respectively, in the class.

 With Lili’s help, I can cheat as much as I want, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to take the entrance exam without studying anything.

 So, I decided to ask them to tutor me.

 The reason why I’m asking them to tutor me at home may sound strange, but it’s because I want to study properly.

 I’m not proud of it, but if I were to be with them in “my bedroom”, I’m pretty sure that I would end up doing it without studying.

 That’s for sure.

 That’s why I chose to do it at home with my Mom still there…

 ”Excuse me for bothering”

 ”Excuse me”

 When I brought them up to the house, Mom whispered to me.

 ”Fumio, you mustn’t cheat on your wife. You’ve got Mai! I mean, have you told Mai about this?”

 That’s a lot of unnecessary attention.

 Or rather, I was reminded of the extent to which Fujiwara-san has influenced into my family.

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