Confinement 280

Chapter 280 Dense

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 After that, Shima-san came to pick Tashiro up and took her out of the room.

 Tashiro-san, who was being driven away by Shima-san, seemed quite unhappy, but I could only hope that Shima-san would be able to do the rest.

 After the girls left, I continued to study diligently, with Masaki-chan teaching me by hand and sometimes by “breast”.

 Masaki-chan also left before dark, and after dinner, I was relaxing in the living room with my parents watching TV.

 My Mom wanted to know more about Masaki-chan and Tashiro-san, but I told her that they were just classmates. And so, I’ve pushed the issue.

 Tomorrow is the last day of the summer vacation, and I feel that it has been a reasonably busy summer vacation.

 I don’t have any plans for today. I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take it easy for a while.

 But while I was watching a special program in which celebrities were challenging various sports…

 ”Fumi Fumi, come here for a minute, Devi. Ringlet is doing something interesting, Devi”

 Lili whispered in my ear.

 Of course, my parents can’t see her. “What’s interesting?” I was about to ask her that, but then I decided not to, because if I suddenly started talking to myself in the question form, my parent would think I was crazy.

 So, I told my parents, “I’m tired from studying too much… I’m going to bed now…” and left the living room.

 Then I went back to my room, opened “the door” and visited “the Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 ”So, what’s this interesting thing?”

 I ask Lili as I throw myself on the bed. She responded with a smile and a twisted mouth.

 ”Just now, Ringlet sneaked Amamiya into “her room”, Devi. Here, here, interested, Devi?”

 ”Peeping Tom, huh… you have good taste”

 I smiled and gave her a thumbs up, even though she looked at me like I was crazy.

 (Good job!)

 Lili then snapped her fingers with a chuckle, and an image appeared in the air.

 The projected image seemed to be the room I had given to Kayama-san.

 In the image, Kayama-san is dressed like a queen of a SM club.

 A leather corset with her breasts exposed, and a garter belt. Her knee-length boots were pointed at the toes, and her heels were about ten centimeters high. She also wore elbow-length leather gloves and holding a twig-like whip, like those held by teachers in the past.

 As Kayama-san is a petite woman with a rather infantile figure, this s*xy, useless queen-like fashion was very strange to her.

 Amemiya-san, on the other hand, looked like a slave, completely naked and wearing only a red collar. She is lying on the floor with her hands tied behind her back.

 They were like a queen and her slave in a textbook.

 (How do I put this? It’s so goofy…)

 After a few moments, a sound of heels clacked menacingly on the marble floor.

 Kayama-san walked around Amemiya-san and waved the whip, which snapped sharply and made Amemiya-san shudder.

 ”Really, what a dirty body. Amemiya… with your breast sticking out like this… even in here, you’ve already got the shape of a woman who knows the gentleman”

 ”Oh… Yui-sama, please forgive me, please forgive me”

 Kayama-san poked Amemiya-san’s crotch with the tip of the whip, and Amemiya-san turned her face away in shame, her cheeks turning bright red.

 ”Didn’t you seduce the Confinement King-sama and take a full load of that muscular cock? It’s so disgusting that you ignored His favorite princesses…”

 ”N-No, I have been forced…”

 ”Don’t talk back to me!”


 Kayama-san stomped on Amemiya-san’s back with the heels of her stiletto heels, and Amemiya-san let out a moan.

 It seems Kayama-san doesn’t want Amemiya-san’s answer from the start. Kayama-san’s face was that of a complete sadist.

 ”Ugh… P-Please forgive me, Yui-sama, please stop, ugh, ugh… Hii!”

 As the whip whipped, Amemiya-san began to plead, and the end of her plea turned into a scream.

 ”You cheeky bitch! I’m not even that much in Confinement King-sama’s favor yet!”

 Kayama-san swung the whip one after the other, indiscriminately beating Amemiya-san’s entire body, not just her waist or her legs.

 ”Aah! It, It hursts, Yu, Yui-sama, p, please forgive me, please forgive me…”

 Kayama-san swung the whip madly, and Amemiya-san’s beautiful breasts, white belly, and hips were all whipped over and over again.

 Instantly, red lines appeared all over her body. Amemiya-san was crying out. The tears were flowing incessantly, and she was unable to stop them.

 ”Oh, hey… is she going to be okay? Maybe I should stop…”

 I asked, and Lili moved her fingers from side to side, tsk tsk ing.

 ”Take a closer look at Amamiya’s mouth, Devi”

 I looked closely at her mouth and saw that the corners of her mouth were turned up.

 ”Amamiya is a real M, Devi”

 ”Ah, haha…”

 Almost at the same time I let out a thirsty laugh, Kayama-san twisted Amamiya-san’s breasts roughly in the video.

 ”What’s with that nipples? You made them so hard without permission. How perverted do you have to be to make your nipples stand up just because you got whipped? You are!”

 ”Oh… don’t say that…”

 And then, as if to lick her nipples with the whip’s tongue, Kayama-san plays with Amemiya-san’s nipples which have unintentionally stood up.

 ”Ouch, that hurts!”

 Amemiya-san let out a sorrowful voice as her nipples were held between Kayama-san’s fingers and the whip was applied to her nipples, which were being squeezed out.

 ”Aa, aa! Please forgive me, Yui-sama…!”


 As if she didn’t hear Amemiya-san’s pleas, Kayama-san applied the whip again and again, and finally crushed her nipples between her fingers.


 Amemiya-san’s scream echoed through the room.

 I frowned, but the corners of Amemiya-san’s mouth remained happily raised.

 ”With this dirty body, you seduced Confinement King-sama…”

 With that said, Kayama-san’s hand moved away from her nipple and now reached for Amemiya-san’s lower abdomen.

 Amemiya-san cried out and twisted around, making a show of escaping.

 But there was no escaping her bound body, and the sight of her naked body twisting and struggling seemed to add more oil to Kayama-san’s torment.

 Then, Kayama-san’s hand randomly grabbed Amemiya-san’s pubic hair. Then, she tugs at it as if to pull it out.

 ”T-That hurtssss!”

 ”This much has come out. You really don’t know how to take care of yourself.”

 Then she picked at her pubic hair two or three times, letting it fall to the floor in her hands.

 ”Come on, make a sound! Make a better noise! Make me happy!”

 ”Gyahn!? No, no! Hiin!?”

 Once again, Kayama-san takes the whip, and the sound of the whip hitting her body is accompanied by Amemiya-san’s screams.

 I stare in amazement at the sight of Kayama-san, out of breath and drenched in sweat, using the whip.

 It was a severe beating.

 Then, when Amemiya-san’s whole body was dyed red and she was finally quiet, Kayama-san finally dropped the whip under her ragged breath.

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* How about it, do you learn your place, bitch?”

 ”*Pant Pant…* P-Please forgive me, I-I’m dying… I’m dying”

 But Kayama-san, with a triumphant look on her face, crouched down beside Amemiya-san, who was breathlessly pleading, and suddenly thrust a finger between her legs.


 Kayama-san laughs at Amemiya-san, who widens her eyes.

 ”Hmph! I thought you were feeling a little remorseful, but you’ve wet yourself all over the place! You’re such a pervert, getting wet after being whipped!”

 ”No… don’t say that… ah, ahn, no! Hyann!”

 Kayama-san roughly thrusts her fingers in and out. The number of fingers soon increased to two, and it began to make lewd sounds, gurgling and slurping.

 ”So this is where you swallowed the Confinement King-sama’s thing. It’s dirty, wretched! You’re so disgusting! I’ll do it to you!”

 ”Ahh! Yui-sama! Yui-sama!”

 Kayama-san continued to thrust her fingers faster and faster into Amemiya-san’s honey pot. Amemiya-san’s expression, on the other hand, became more and more debauched, and her panting voice already had a sweet nuance to it.

 Two females in a frenzy behind the screen.

 As we watched, Lili and I glanced at each other.

 ”…That’s dense”

 ”Yeah, it’s dense, Devi”

 ”But… I think I’d like to see Kayama-san with another girl”

 ”It’s fine… but it’s for M only, Devi”

 I was starting to wonder who was M.

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