Confinement 281

Chapter 281 Majin attack

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 ”It’s already been reported, so I don’t think the culprit will be able to get close to them anymore…”

 ”Well, don’t say that. A detective should always be on the scene, no matter how far the culprit goes”

 It was around midnight. At this point I had no way of knowing that Confinement King-sama was watching the third round of SMM lesbian play.

 And now, Inomoto-senpai and I, with handheld lights in hand, are patrolling the area around the scene of the cop’s murder.

 When we arrived in front of the Kobayashi house, the scene of the cop’s murder, it still had yellow tape stuck to the gate.

 Not even a single light is lit on the house, and the area around the modern white-walled Kobayashi residence is silent.

 To begin with, this area is normally a quiet residential area.

* * *

 In the daytime, there were some onlookers who came to see the scene of the murder, but late at night, there are no such idiots to be seen.

 ”Where are Kobayashi-san and his wife?”

 ”They’ve moved to his wife’s family’s house. And after all that’s happened. They’ll probably have to move out here too”

 ”Well… normally, yes”

 Unless the culprit is caught, it is impossible to sleep peacefully with the pillow high, and this splendid house has now become an accidental property.

 Suddenly, Inomoto-senpai stopped and began to look around, illuminating his feet with a handheld light, as if searching for something.

 ”What’s the matter?”

 ”No, I just wanted to see if I could find anything. The murder scene is probably outside the hedge. It’s right here where we are. But so far we haven’t found any signs of a struggle”

 ”Does that mean his neck was broken before he could resist?”

 ”Probably. Thanks to that, even the forensics guys are starting to think it’s the work of the devil”

 Inomoto-senpai’s cheek twitched in amusement.

 But in fact, the hedges surrounding the Kobayashi house were as tall as Inomoto-senpai.

 Even an Olympic weightlifter or a professional martial artist would not be able to break victim’s neck so fast that he could not even resist, let alone carry a person and throw him over this height… I can understand why people want to conclude that this is the work of the devil.

 ”Oh, by the way, Senpai, there was a report that someone witnessed a young woman running away, wasn’t there?”

 ”Hmm? Yeah, that was before the cop killed. It was a young woman in a black hoodie with a hood up”


 ”So what? It doesn’t apply to a dead cat, but it’s not like a woman’s arms can do it”

 ”Uh, no… According to the investigation report of the receptionist’s murder, a woman with similar features was caught on camera at a convenience store across the street”


 ”She was seen browsing in the magazine section, occasionally looking at something outside the store… but she left without buying anything”

 ”Wearing a hoodie hood in a convenience store… that’s a pretty suspicious behavior”

 ”Not so much for kids these days. Besides, if it was a man wearing the hood, the clerk would be wary, but it’s a girl”

 ”Is her face visible?”

 ”Unfortunately, the camera didn’t show it, and the clerk only remembered that there was a customer who looked like that”

 Inomoto-senpai raised his eyebrows a little, then cowered a little.

 ”Well, I guess… it was a coincidence. No matter which way you look at it, there’s too little connection between the receptionist’s case and this one”

 ”That’s true”

 At about the same time I nodded, I heard footsteps like leather shoes coming from the end of the street.

 Because it was quiet at night, and there was no sign of a car passing, the mere sound of leather shoes resonates so loudly.

 Of course, this is not a deserted wilderness. Even late at night, there is nothing wrong with an exhausted office worker passing by.


 ”I knew I’d find you here… Inomoto used to say you had to be there every day”

 ”…Terashima, prepare yourself”


 Senpai Inomoto and I looked at each other and braced ourselves when we heard a familiar voice coming from behind the darkness.

* * *

 ”Ryoko-san, I’ve been waiting for you at the apartment for a long time, but you haven’t come back at all”

 The sound of footsteps slowly approaching, and the figure of the person is illuminated in the shadows of the streetlight.


 Senpai Inomoto pointed his handheld light at the figure, and we all gasped.

 ”Nakamura… just when I thought I’d lost sight of you, you seem to be in a very strange situation”

 Inomoto-senpai said in a voice that sounded as if his voice was being squeezed out of the back of his throat, and Nakamura mouth twisted slightly.

 Needless to say, that’s my ex-fiancé, Takehiko Nakamura.

 –However, his appearance is not normal.

 ”…You look younger”

 He was supposed to be in his forties, but his appearance had transformed into something that could only be described as late teens.

 But there was no way I could mistake him.

 In spite of all odds, he was the man I had once vowed to marry.

 Silver-rimmed glasses and a good-looking face.

 His hair is no longer in the usual seven-three style, but is dishevelled and unkempt, as if he has not even combed it, but the brown suit he is wearing is familiar.

 It is a one-of-a-kind suit with a traditional silhouette, tailored by a Ginza tailor. It’s the one he liked to wear.

 ”I, I don’t understand…”

 Senpai Inomoto, perhaps thirsty with nervousness, let out a choked voice.

 (Looks like Lili-sama’s warning was right…)

 She had said that there was a high possibility that Nakamura would target me, and it was right.

 On the contrary, from what he said earlier, it seems that Nakamura was hiding in the apartment, waiting for me.

 I recalled what Lili-sama had told me beforehand.

 She said that a Majin is a human who has turned into a Devil.

 Depending on how they turn into Majin, some of them still have their memories and reasoning from when they were human, while others do not.

 And judging from Nakamura’s remark earlier, I can conclude that he had at least some memories.

 I asked Senpai Inomoto about this.

 ”Inomoto-senpai, I think you should step aside for now. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but the devil… may have done something to Nakamura”

 ”This is ridiculous… I want to say, but he’s definitely not normal”

 I looked at Nakamura, looking for the right moment to run away. But when our eyes unexpectedly met, Nakamura shrugged his shoulders and spoke.

 ”Don’t be so frightened. My Hahaoyamother disappeared right after I was born. To be honest, I don’t really understand the situation either”


 Inomoto-senpai raised an eyebrow.

 However, knowing the general situation, it was easy to imagine who he was referring to. It was…

 (…Anna Teruya…)

 Then, with a big smile on his face, Nakamura continue to spoke.

 ”But… well, now that I’ve acquired such wonderful power, I thought I’d try to get back what I’ve lost before someone from the demon world comes for me”

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