Confinement 282

Chapter 282 Majin VS Ryoko

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 At the same time the shadows of moths swarming around the streetlights are moving eerily.

 Inomoto-senpai and I backed away from the creepy power of my former fiancé, Takehiko Nakamura.

 He used to be fifteen years older than me, but now he looks like he’s in his late teens.

 No matter how I look at him, he is not normal. But I don’t know what he become is.

 Despite the fact that I had been told beforehand that he had turned into a Majin, I still felt as if I was seeing something unbelievable.

 So, I wonder what Senpai Inomoto is going through in his heart.

 Regardless of our fears, Nakamura looked at us with a calm face and narrowed his eyes.

* * *

 ”Inomoto, I’m not interested about you. So, If you want to run away, that’s fine. I’m only interested in Ryoko-san”

 ”I see. But it can’t be like that, can it, Nakamura?”

 ”Well, I suppose you could say that”

 Inomoto-senpai responds with a cold sweat, and Nakamura shrugs.

 At the same time, I reached for my holster and quietly removed the gun’s safety.

 ”I think it’s a bit silly… but I don’t really know how to control my strength yet”

 Immediately, a deadly atmosphere suddenly swells around Nakamura. It is so dense that it tingles my skin.

 Inomoto-senpai respond it by putting his hands in his pockets and hiding me behind his back.

 ”I won’t accept any complaints even if you die, okay?”

 Regardless what he said, Nakamura walks up to me calmly. He is also a former detective. He must know what Inomoto-senpai has in his hand.

 But he’s confident that Inomoto-senpai can’t shoot him.

 And he’s right.

 The psychological barrier to the act of shooting a gun is very high for police officers in this country.

 Of course, Inomoto-senpai is no exception.

 ”Then I’ll do it!”


 At the same time I jumped out from behind Inomoto-senpai, I took out my gun from my side holster and pulled the trigger twice in succession.

 With a metallic reverberation in the silence of the night, the two bullets were sucked into Nakamura’s chest and stomach respectively.

 *Twitch Twitch* His body trembled.

 The sound of the bullets was drowned out by the sound of the gunfire, but under the light of the street lamp, I could see a large hole in the chest of his suit and a hole in the abdomen of his shirt.

 ”Wh-What are you doing! It’s not self-defense in this situation! Terashima!”

 Inomoto-senpai shouted at me.

 ”Just run, Senpai!”


 Senpai looks back at Nakamura with a look of astonishment on his face.

 And Nakamura remained standing.

 Senpai looked as if he had been pranked by a child, and was worrying about the hole in his suit.

 As I ran, Inomoto-senpai, who followed behind me, called out.

 ”What? Did you miss?”

 ”At that distance, I wouldn’t miss! And it seems not a joke that the devil did something to that guy!”

 But by the time I turned around, Inomoto-senpai, who was supposed to be right behind me, was gone.

 And there is a delayed sound of wind, scraping my eardrums, and I see Senpai’s figure slammed against the wall of a house as if he had been blown sideways.

 Then with a dull crack, Inomoto-senpai crumples to the asphalt.


 As I was about to walk toward him, my cheeks involuntarily convulsed.


 I feel that Nakamura was close by.

 And for a moment, the image of Master flashed through my mind.

 I wondered if there is any way he could summon me at this time.

 Of course, such a thing would never happen.

 Master doesn’t know that I’m visiting the crime scene. I didn’t even tell him, but before that, I was just following Inomoto-senpai’s idea.

 (Anyway, I have to do something on my own!)

 The pistol in my hand, the М360J, is a customized S&W model that had been deployed to replace the New Nambu. It has a total of five bullets.

* * *

 From right behind me, I can hear Nakamura’s breathing. I can only describe it as unpleasant.

 Immediately, I turn around and pull the trigger.

 From the sound of his breathing, I knew where his head was.

 At point-blank range, I press the muzzle of the gun to Nakamura’s face and fire two shots.

 Nakamura’s eyeglasses blow off, and he falls back like an Ina Bauer with the impact. But he doesn’t fall.

 And when he next raises himself up, Nakamura’s face, from the chin up, is blown off and gone.

 However, the reddish-black flesh in the middle of the face is growing, and is being repaired.

 The scene reminded me of the liquid metal androids I had seen in Western movies.

 ”Tch… what a pain”

 The fact that I was not so surprised was probably because I was used to it.

 I know firsthand that in the hands of a devil, repairing the body is no big deal.

 I could probably challenge the Guinness Book of Records for the number of times I’ve been torn apart.

 ”I thought you were more ladylike, Ryoko-san, but… what are you going to do when I die?”

 ”I’d really like you to die”

 Almost as soon as I snort, Nakamura steps closer and grabs my arm.


 In my panic, I pressed the gun to Nakamura’s chest and pulled the trigger.

 It was the last shot and I fired at his heart.

 The deafening sound of steel bullets eating through flesh echoed at close range.

 But Nakamura only shuddered in shock.

 His grip on his arm did not slacken.

 The next moment, a chill runs up my spine, a chill I have never felt before.

 My eyes widen involuntarily. I looked and saw my arm turning black from where Nakamura had grabbed me.

 ”Let me go!”

 ”I’m afraid I can’t do it anymore”

 Slowly, all the strength drained from my body. I felt the desperate sensation of being preyed upon by a predator. And it felt overwhelmingly disgusting to be consumed by another.

 ”Ugh, s-stop…”

 My voice chokes in the back of my throat. But when I look at his face, Nakamura whispered to me with an enraptured look on his face.

 ”Let’s become one so that we can never be separated again. You know, Ryoko-san. Now, you and I will be together forever”

 Apparently, this man was trying to win me over to himself. And it made my face twitched.

 (I’d rather die rather than become the property of a man other than Master…)

 Just as I made up my mind and was about to bite my tongue with my teeth, a tremendous shock hit my shoulder.

* * *


 I felt as if I had stuck my hand into the flames, and the pain was so fierce that I screamed with all my might.

 I was blown away and rolled over and I saw my torn arm spinning like a windmill, spraying blood.

 ”Forgive me, Ryoko-sama. It was Lili-sama’s order”

 There was a maid standing in front of me, holding a great sword that had severed my arm from my shoulder, as if to protect me.

 As I looked up with a pain face, I saw another maid with a huge war hammer raised, blowing Nakamura’s body sideways.

 ”Don’t mess with my girl, ikemenhandsome!”

 I heard a voice came from behind me, and I weakly turned my head.

 There is a man in a gray sweatshirt that looked like a sleepwear.

 There he is, my beloved Master.

 (M-Master… Why is he here…?)

 I try to speak but I can’t because I’m weakened from the pain.

 Master glanced at me, looked at Nakamura who was raised himself from the wall where he had been knocked down, and let out a disgusted voice.

 ”Wooing a woman who was dumped you… How shameful”

 Then, from right beside Master, I heard Lili-sama’s voice. I couldn’t see her, but she seemed to be there.

 ”Coming from the man who confined the woman who dumped him, that’s quite telling, Devi”

 ”…Shut up”

 Master’s lips pucker as if he’s sulking.

 (………At a time like this, Master. His sulky face is also great. It’s quite moe to see him like that)

 I let go of my consciousness, thinking such things.

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