Confinement 283

Chapter 283 A battle that would probably be edited out in a manga

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 When I saw Ryoko lose consciousness, I was panicked.

 I try to remain calm, but I hadn’t heard that her arm was going to be severed.

 (Hey, hey, she’s not dead, right…?)

 In the past, she was stabbed with a stake, and now, her arm is cut off.

 Even after being [Enslaved], Ryoko is still treated like this, which made me think that she was born under the sign of misfortune.

 ”…Why didn’t you order the maid to cut off the handsome uncle’s arm instead of Ryoko’s?”

 ”That arm is already eroded and useless anyway, Devi. And a maid’s strength can’t even cut off a Majin’s arm in one shot, so I just chose the sure thing, Devi”

 Lili said so, and then gave instructions to the maids.

* * *

 ”MukadeCentipede! Take Ryoko and return to “The Room”, Devi. Have Torture heal her, Devi. Then, MimizuEarthworm restrain the Majin, Devi!”


 Anyway, I’m glad we made it, even if it was just in time.

 It was happened when Kayama-san and Amemiya-san’s doing dense lesbian SM live.

 And it was in the middle of the fourth round, the “Double-ended Dildo Climax Arc”, which I was watching with some disgust, thinking “Are they really doing this?”.

 When all of sudden I heard Ryoko’s voice in my head calling out to me for help.

 Her voice can be heard because the activation of the <Emergency Call> function I had acquired when Jolanda state become [Subjugated].

 It’s a function that notifies me when someone in [Enslaved] state strongly needs help.

 As I heard her voice, I immediately activated <SightVisual HackPossession>, and linked to Ryoko’s vision to grasp the general situation.

 Then, I tried to summon Ryoko with <Summon Slave>, but Lili stopped me.

 She said, “That Majin is an erosion type, Devi”.

 When I asked her about it in detail, she told me that he has the ability to take the other person’s body into his own, or to invade the other person’s body.

 In other words, she feared that if I summon Ryoko, there was a possibility that he has enter her body and invade her.

 If I can’t summon her, then I have to go.

 So, I took what I could and activated <Revisit> with the two maids who were waiting outside the room.

 I myself had never been to Kobayashi-sensei’s house, so I couldn’t open the door directly to his place. Fortunately, I had been to a convenience store about 200 meters away.

 With quick thinking, I opened the door to the parking lot of the convenience store and ran as fast as I could, with the maid and Lili ahead of me.

 I’m trying to look cool, but I’m actually exhausted, and I’m resisting the temptation to place my hands on my knees.

 ”Hey, Lili, do you think the maids can defeat the handsome uncle?”

 ”…Probably not, Devi. If we’re going to deal with an erosion species, the maids who are all about brute force will be no match, Devi”

 ”Then what do we do?”

 ”I’ve already taken care of that, Devi. Just wait a little longer, Devi”

 While Lili and I were having this exchange. Kishijo-san returns to “the room” with Ryoko in her arms.

 At the same time, the handsome uncle wobbles up from the wall he’s been slammed against.

 ”Did you just say… my woman!? I see… It’s you! You are the one who took my Ryoko-sannnnnnn!”

 As soon as he said that, the handsome uncle rushed toward me.

 He screamed high-pitchedly, at a frightening speed and looked at me like he was completely pissed off.

 Because of his sudden behavior, Inui-san is also caught off guard and fails to stop him.

 Moreover, he’s an erosion type, so if he grabs me, it’s over. It’s a dangerous hand reaching out to grab me.

 But I dodge it with the minimum of movement.

 Even though his hand was reaching out at me as fast as a bullet.


 I guess he didn’t expect me to dodge at all. And the handsome uncle fell to his knees, his eyes wide with astonishment.

 And then–

* * *

 ”Get away from Confinement King-sama!”

 Inui-san, who had caught off, swung his huge war hammer sideways.

 After that, there is a wet, crunching sound in front of me and the handsome uncle is slammed back into the outer wall of the house.

 (That’s dangerous…)

 I tried my best not to show my face, but inside, I was in a cold sweat.

 (If it weren’t for Jolanda’s grace, I’d be dead)

 This is her Grace that I got when I made Jolanda [Enslaved]. The grace name is <Frame by Frame>.

 It’s an ability that allows me to see through attacks aimed at me by frame-by-frame.

 Lili had told me to activate it beforehand, and it paid off.

 But it was also luck.

 I was able to dodge the uncle’s attack because it was straight.

 Jolanda and I are too different in physical ability.

 It’s very possible that Jolanda can dodge, but I can’t.

 ”Did she defeat him?”

 I said, and Lili gave a small shake of her head.

 ”The maid’s attack didn’t work at all, Devi”

 ”You mean he’s immune to physical attacks? Isn’t that a bad thing?”

 ”Don’t worry, Devi, just wait a little longer, Devi”

 The handsome uncle wobbles up again.

 Then he glared at me with a devilish expression.

 ”Kijiimaa… how dare youuuuu!!”

 ”Give up, Ryoko is too good for you”

 ”What’s wrong with Maotoko[1], Devi” a man who is having an affair with married woman

 ”Don’t call it ‘Maotoko’!”

 As soon as I was annoyed by Lili’s unnecessary teasing, the handsome uncle suddenly shouted out.

 ”Guh, guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

 And his upper body made a loud noise as it swelled up, and then suddenly started to melt, leaving only his head.

 ”Yikes, that’s gross!”

 I saw a lump of pink meat that reminded me of internal organs.

 And a human head on top of a pile of that.

 I couldn’t help but scowl at such a gruesome sight.

 Then, Lili shouted to Inui-san.

 ”The demonization process has begun, Devi. You don’t stand a chance, Devi! Get out of here before it erodes you, Devi!”


 At the same time, a tentacle-like thing ripped out of the mass of flesh and attacked her.

 ”Aah! Kuh!!”

 She desperately swung her war hammer, knocking away the approaching tentacles as she repeatedly back-stepped away from them.

 Then, as he pushed Inui-san aside from his path, the handsome uncle aka lump of flesh was coming towards me on the asphalt with the force of a tsunami.


 On top of the wave of flesh, the face of the handsome uncle was coming towards me as if he was surfing. It’s gross. It’s too gross. I can’t describe it, it’s too disgusting.

 Almost at the same time as my face tense, Lili nodded and spoke.

* * *

 ”Let’s go, Devi!”

 At that moment, someone jumps out from “the door” that opens behind me.

 It’s a small girl.

 It’s a little scruffy girl who runs past me.

 She jumps in between me and the handsome uncle and suddenly changes her body into a liquid state and spreads her body like an umbrella.

 She then enveloped the approaching liquid uncle.


 ”*Giggle!* As soon as I realized that he was erosion type, I sent Freesia to get her, Devi”

 I watched in amazement as the scene unfolded before my eyes.

 (I mean, it’s so plain…)

 The two colors of mucus were colliding and twisting around each other, trying to swallow each other up.

 I don’t even know which one is dominant.

 If I had to say, the occasional glimpse of the handsome uncle’s anguished expression was like a battle, well, a battle.

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