Confinement 284

Chapter 284 Captain Busaiku

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 I watched the scene in front of me with an indescribable feeling.

 I wanted to join them in their fierce battle to eat or be eaten, but it was quite difficult for me, a non-liquid life form, to do so.

 Therefore, Lili and I stared at them with dead fish-like eyes for about three minutes.

 Finally, a change began to appear in the scene, which looked like a piece of fouche just before it was completed.

 The waves of black Lolisla completely cover the waves of wriggling flesh-colored liquid, and they gather together as if folding a furoshiki (a Japanese wrapping cloth), and begin to form Lolisla in her school swimsuit again.

 There are a lot of things to complain about, such as whether that school swimsuit is part of her body, but anyway, it seems that the game has been decided.

* * *


 As in the manga, Lolisla’s belly swelled up like a pregnant woman, and she burped like an old man.

 (Let’s see, when I think about it calmly, it means that Lolisla ate the handsome uncle…)

 That sounds like cannibalism to me, but let’s just say it’s between a demon beast and a Majin so I won’t think too much about it.

 By the way, Lolisla no longer reminds me of her past as the black-hearted beauty manager Kiyoka Yamauchi.

 Chihiro said that Lolisla is enjoying herself being Lolisla, though it may be due to her innate boldness.

 Well, if she’s enjoying it, that’s all that matters.

 ”It’s settled, right?”

 ”For now, Devi”

 ”For now?”

 I tilted my head, and Lili pointed to the road just beside Lolisla. When I looked there, I saw a manhole cover had moved.

 ”Maybe some of him escaped into the sewers from there, Devi”


 ”Judging by his regenerative power, it’s possible for him to regenerate if any part of him remains, Devi. Having said that, I don’t think he can regenerate completely in a day or two, Devi…”

 Maybe, Lolisla heard what we said, she screamed.

 ”Eeeeeekk!? P-Please don’t punish me, please, please, please, please…”

 When saying that, Lolisla deflated and starts to get down on her knees.

 I wonder how much of a tyrant she thinks I am.

 ”I’m not going to punish you, okay? Well done. Thanks to Lolisla, I’m saved”

 ”Huh…? R-Really?”

 ”Yes. However, you’re scaring me with your looks, so stop deflating and just be normal, just be normal”

 I really don’t want her to become a deflated s*x doll while she’s still a loli, because it looks too criminal.

 Then, with a relieved look on her face, Lolisla expands back to her original Loli state.

 When I patted her head as a sign of appreciation, she said, “Ehehe…” and her expression became delighted.

 ”However, it’s troublesome to not know when a handsome uncle will attack. Can’t we go after him somehow?”

 I asked, and Lili slowly shook her head.

 ”Not a chance, Devi. But to be safe, Fumi Fumi must maintain Detective JK sister’s Grace at all times, Devi. In addition, Lili will call in an expert in erosion hunting from the demon world, Devi”

 ”Oh, you have someone like that?”

 ”Lili doesn’t like it, Devi, but it can’t be helped, Devi”

 “Why not?”, just as I’m about to ask that, I hear the sirens of a police car and an ambulance in the distance.

 ”Tch… Despite being a Majin, he didn’t put up any cognitive barriers, Devi. This is no time to relax, Devi!”

 ”Oh, yeah”

 I quickly make “the door” appear and return to “the room” with the maids, Inui-san, Lolisla and Lili.

* * *


 When I entered the room, Ryoko is waiting for me after her treatment.

 Her arm is back to normal, and her suit must have been changed in the dress room. And now, she is dressed beautifully.


 ”Ryoko, are you okay?”

 Lili interrupted me just as I was about to walk up to her.

 ”We’ll talk about it another time, Devi, but if the detective who fired the gun isn’t there, it’ll be treated as a missing persons case, Devi! Ryoko, you handle the rest, Devi”

 ”Eh, ah… y-yes”

 And Lili sends a confused Ryoko out the door.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the distance, the sirens of police cars and ambulances echoed.

 ”…What was that?”

 I asked myself as I ran through the night streets as fast as I could.

 What the hell was that thing I just saw?

 That scene was just too crazy.

 Science fiction or fantasy… my head felt like it was going to explode.

 (It was very different from what I saw on TV… but that was definitely Akumadevil…)

 The one I saw on TV was a devil in a butler’s uniform wearing a goat skull.

 The demon I saw just now is completely different in appearance, but I cannot help but understand it as such.

 It happened a few dozen minutes ago.

 When I heard that a dead policeman had been thrown into the house, I couldn’t stand still and went to Kobayashi-sensei’s house.

 There was no sign of anyone in the house, so I went into the garden, which was fine and normal.

 However, when I felt the presence of people on the street, I hid myself behind the hedge and the situation suddenly became unreal.

 The sound of men and women talking turned into shouting, and then gunshots rang out one after another.

 I became frightened and crouched down behind a hedge, keeping myself hidden.

 After the gunfire had stopped for a while, I peeked at the road in front of me through a gap in the hedge, and saw a scene that I could not understand.

 A maid cosplayer with a huge hammer in her hand was staring at a handsome boy who looked like an idol.

 And behind the maid stood an unattractive, or frankly ugly, boy in a sweatshirt who looked like he shouldn’t be walking around in that outfit.

 (What’s going on?)

 That’s all I can think of. The situation is dangerous, and it looks like they are fighting.

 If there is a right and wrong side, the handsome boy is probably on the side of justice.

 As I was looking at the scene with this in mind, the handsome boy suddenly turned into a lump of gross flesh.

 I retract my previous statement.

 I was also deceived by the boy’s appearance.

 Ah, I’ve been cheated by boy’s looks again, and though I’ve been hurt by it, I still haven’t grown up.

 Despite my remorse, the handsome boy of gross flesh attacked the maid cosplayer, and then the ugly sweatshirt.

 No, let’s call him Captain UglyBusaiku because he seems to be the leader.

 And then, out of nowhere, a little girl in a school swimsuit jumped out.

* * *

 (What kind of worldview is this!?)

 I had no choice but to be confused.

 (Is this Avenger Lewd Edition!?)

 It’s a handsome boy in a gross flesh suit vs captain busaiku, a maid cosplayer and a little girl in a school swimsuit.

 But the situation turns more chaotic.

 The little girl turned into a mucus like coal tar and started swallowing the handsome boy.

 While looking at the situation in front of me, which I don’t know how to understand, I rub my fingertips on the string extending from the hood of my hoodie.

 (Maybe… if that handsome boy is the devil, then Captain Busaiku’s side is like an exorcist… but this is not a manga)

 But that Captain Busaiku looks vaguely familiar to me.

 Maybe he’s a student of the same school…

 While I was thinking about this, I noticed that Captain Busaiku and the others were nowhere to be seen, and there was only a woman in a suit standing alone on the street.

 Then, the sirens of police cars and ambulances began to echoed in the distance, and believing that it was not a good idea to stay here, I went around the back of the garden.

 After that, I escaped through the garden of the house behind and ran away.

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