Confinement 285

Chapter 285 Last day of summer vacation

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 By the time I came back to my bedroom, it was past 1 am.

 I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to embrace Lolisla as a reward, but Lili stopped me from doing so.

 According to Lili, there is a possibility that the handsome uncle has not yet been fully digested inside Lolisla.

 In that case, there is a very small but non-zero chance that he will invade through my urethra. That would be horrifying.

 An old man invading my thing is the worst thing imaginable.

 Lolisla seemed quite disappointed, but I promised to take good care of her later and let her go home tonight.

* * *

 ”Speaking of which… what’s going on with Kayama-san and the others?”

 ”Hold on, Devi”

 When Lili projected the image of the room they were in, the two of them are already in lovey-dovey pillow talk.

 Amemiya-san is the one who is giving arm pillow.

 It seems, in this kind of pillow talk, she becomes like a male role.

 Somehow, the relationship between these two people is still unclear to me.

 It’s not that I don’t have an option to go in between the two of them now, but it seems too tactless.

 (Well… I think I’ll take it easy today)

 In spite of everything, I guess I was tense in my own way in front of the enemy who was aiming at me.

 I was tired in a completely different way from the way I was on the bed with the girls.

 I felt heavier than usual, even though I hadn’t done anything significant with that handsome uncle.

 Therefore, I left the room and went back to my room.

 Although the pipe bed in my home is not as comfortable as the one in “my bedroom”, it is familiar to me.

 Soon I felt sleepy, and closed my eyelids.

◇ ◇ ◇


 As I yawned, I raised my arms and straightened my back.

 Right now, In a half-lit hospital corridor.

 I am sitting there, on a bench.

 I look at the clock and see that it is already four o’clock in the morning.

 The sunrise is near, and the night beyond the window is in the process of fading into darkness, like a thin veil.

 After the accident, Inomoto-senpai was brought in by ambulance and was hospitalized with severe injuries to his body.

 Although his condition was not life-threatening, he was said to have cracked several bones and would be hospitalized for about a week.

 I had already explained the situation to the policemen who rushed to the scene, but just in case, I called the Chief while Senpai was receiving treatment.

 As for Nakamura, there is no need to hide the fact that he had turned into a Majin.

 Because he didn’t flinch even after I shot him five times.

 I don’t know why, but he suddenly ran away.

 That’s what I reported.

 Not so long ago, this would have made me doubt my own brains, but for better or worse, now that the existence of the Akumadevil has been confirmed, it has become acceptable.

 I think the reason why they trusted me so easily is because of the fact that Nakamura had contact with Anna Teruya before…

 To be honest, it was a pain in the ass to have to submit another report, but it had to be done.

 I also made the mistake of riding in the ambulance to the hospital as Senpai’s escort.

 Because the doctor insisted on giving me a thorough examination.

 But, since there are some parts of my body that are quite inappropriate to be exposed to the public, I somehow managed to push through, saying, “Don’t worry, nothing has been done to me”.

 Now that Inomoto-senpai has been treated, he has been moved to a hospital room.

 Her fiancé, Kitora-sensei, who had come to the hospital after receiving the call, was at his bedside.

 When I saw her at school before, I thought she was a woman with a somewhat whimsical atmosphere, but today she looked quite weak.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 One night later.

 Around ten o’clock in the morning, I woke up.

 I felt like it had been a long time since I woke up in my own room.

 In a daze, I checked the date on the digital clock, and it’s August 31st.

 It’s the last day of summer vacation.

 ”Hmm… Is there something I’m supposed to do today…? Oh, right…”

 Indeed, I had an appointment today.

 The appointment was at 11 a.m.

 (I’d better hurry…)

 With a drowsy feeling, I went downstairs, had a breakfast of only a piece of bread and coffee, took a quick shower, and stepped into “the Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 (Stylish… Stylish… Stylish…)

 For today, I can’t just dress up randomly.

 After all, the prestige of big brother is at stake.

 While I was dithering about in the <CostumeDressing Room>, I ran out of time.

 And so, I ended up wearing a white polo shirt and jeans, which was a safe outfit for a fashion beginner.

 Safely, the time was well before the appointment.

 I opened the door in front of the station using <Revisit>, where I could see the statue of Chobi.

 Even though it was only a few minutes ago, Saori-chan waited for me in front of the statue, looking restless and anxious.

 Today she is dressed in a cute French-sleeved shirt, a dark red beret, and a pink ribbon around her neck.

 Her skirt, the same color as the ribbon, looks great on her childish face.

 I think it’s a waste that her eyes are hidden by her long bangs, but I’m afraid that if I accidentally mention it, it might trouble her who is too innocent.

 As a big brother, it’s not right to annoy your cute little sister.

 As soon as she saw me, she made a face as if she had been startled, and then, with her cheeks tinted, she smiled shyly.

 Did you see that? Big brothers all over the country.

 That’s what I’m talking about!

 I even want to make a video of her current behavior and save it.

 It’s a shame that Jolanda’s Grace <Frame-by-frame> is only triggered when I’m attacked.

 If I could see the current frame by frame sequence of her behavior, I think how wonderful it would have been.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Saori-chan”

 ”Ha, hawa, wa… M-m-me too, I just came…”

 She’s so cute and shy, I almost slacken my lips and tighten them somehow.

 (Ah, you shy little thing!)

 ”Are you hungry? Do you want to eat or something when we get there?”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 ”Okay, let’s go”

 With that said, we start walking side by side to the station.

* * *

 Today’s destination is an aquarium in the next prefecture.

 It’s not exactly a date, but I’m supposed to take Saori-chan to the aquarium.

 In fact, on the last day of the radio gymnastics.

 When I dropped Saori-chan off at her house, her mother gave me a ticket to the aquarium and said, “Could you take Saori to the aquarium if you want?” .


 And when I try to reply, Saori-chan grabbed the hem of my shirt and said, looking up at me.

 ”…If Onii-chan and I could go together… I’d be very happy”

 Of course I’ll go.

 Whether it’s the aquarium or heaven.

 What brother wouldn’t want to go out with his cute little sister?

 Besides, I was also interested in the aquarium.

 It is a large aquarium recently opened in the neighboring prefecture, and its dolphin shows using CG, VR, lights and laser beams are said to be very popular.

 I haven’t told any of the girls about today, and I’m sure Lili hasn’t found out about it either. No one would interrupt us.

 While on the train, Saori and I sat down next to each other. The train ride takes about an hour, and we arrive at the aquarium around twelve o’clock.

 But, throughout the way, Saori-chan looks very nervous.

 ”Saori-chan, did you finish your summer homework?”


 ”Are you looking forward to the aquarium?”

 ”Huh? Yeah…”

 (What to do… I can’t hold on much longer)

 I thought she’d gotten used to me by now, but somehow today she seemed to be more shy than ever.

 (Well, if we stay together for a while, she’ll get used to it…)

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