Confinement 293

Chapter 293 Suspicion of a different person

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 Homeroom was over and everyone began to leave their seats in a buzz.

 As it was just after eleven o’clock, there are still a few third-year students who have club activities after homeroom.

 I grab my bag and hurriedly walk to Ui-chan’s seat.

 ”Ui-chan, Ui-chan… w-what’s that?”

 Ui-chan tilts her head as she turns her head to where I’m pointing.

 ”Hmm…? Isn’t that Takata?”

 ”Well, yes, but…”

 It is indeed the chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee, Takaka Takata.


* * *

 That walking right angle, the incarnation of school rules, the ultimate example of a stiff. That steel-hearted Public Morals Committee chairwoman, Takaka Takata, is wearing her uniform loose.

 Not that she is breaking any school rules.

 But she’s looking like a normal, modern girl.

 She is not wearing her trademark silver-rimmed glasses, and her skirt is barely short enough to not violate school rules.

 In the past, her ribbon was tied so tightly that I thought she would stop breathing. But now it looked a little loose and slack.

 Of course, this is normal for everyone. I repeat, it is normal.

 However, it is her hairstyle in particular that has changed my impression of her.

 Her lame braided pigtails, which some people made fun of as if it was wartime, are now half-twined and the tips of her hair are curled into a sort of sauvage.

 If it is permed, it is against school rules, but if it is curled with curlers, it is not against school rules. This is a gray area, so it is not a violation of school rules.

 In the morning, when she came into the classroom, the air was frozen in a terrible way.

 Up to now, the relationship between her and her classmates, with the exception of Ui-chan, has only been one of “noticing” and “being noticed”.

 If I were to say “Good morning” to Takaka Takata, she would say, “Good morning, by the way, your skirt is a little long”.

 That’s why no one wanted to ask her directly, even though they were concerned about this unusual situation.

 Well, to be precise, Ui-chan, who has an equal relationship with Takaka Takata, would have been able to ask her because Ui-chan is a big person. It’ll not faze her in the slightest.

 ”Isn’t that normal?”

 ”Isn’t it good if it is normal?”

 ”Normal is not normal!”

 In fact, I’m not the only one who’s worried about it. Everyone in the class was so curious that they’d been restless all morning.

 ”Well, if you’re curious, why don’t you ask her? Hey, Takata!”

 ”Wait, wait a minute!? Ui-chan!”

 Takaka Takata, who is about to leave her seat with her bag in her hand, turns to us and walks up to us.

 ”Hmm? What’s up, Ui-chi?”

 (“Ui-chi”!? Are they really that close?)

 ”Well, Shima seems to be interested in you”

 ”So you’re gonna dump me!?”

 (I mean, Ui-chan, she’s never called you “Ui-chi” before, right!? Why are you so unconcerned?)

 There’s no way to be unaffected.

 Maybe is it a sign of a natural disaster?

 ”What’s up? Natsumi-chi?”

 ”Natsumi-chi!? Wait! Stop! Your face is too close!”

 Takaka Takata, who is making an “u~i” gesture with her forefinger and pinky finger like a wrestler, Stan Hansen, is trying to get close to my face.

 Somehow, this sense of distance is familiar to me.

* * *

 (Oh, it’s like Mai-chan, the Fourth Favored Princess…)

 ”No, it’s just that my image of you is very different…”

 ”Is that so? I’m just trying to make it a little more relaxed, that’s all. I’d like to play a little more, but I don’t know if I’m in a position to do that”

 ”T-That’s right, Natsumi-chi”

 (…Ui-chan, why are you competing with her?)

 Leaving aside Ui-chan’s frustrated face, at least, this transformation of Takaka Takata is not something that can be done easily.

 ”Could it be… you got a boyfriend?”

 ”Ahaha, well, I’ve had a boyfriend for a while, but I think I got another one during the summer vacation”

 I’m at breaking point. Oh, what’s wrong with her?

 He already has a boyfriend? And now she’s got another one?

 ”Umu, I see. By the way, I save my peanuts for last”

 ”…Ui-chan, shut up for a second”

 Now that I’m completely exhausted, Ui-chan’s spontaneity is a little hard to take.

 ”Okay, Ui-chi, Natsumi-chi. There’s a meeting of the public morals committee, so I’ll be leaving soon. OtsuariSee_you_again”

 With that said, Takaka Takata carried her bag on her shoulder and waved as she walked away. As I watched her walk away, I let out a big sigh.

 ”Well, let’s go, shall we?”

 ”Uh… yeah, I guess so”

 After this, we are supposed to meet up with Kijima and others for a study session at a family restaurant, but I’m already exhausted.

 Sometimes, I envy Ui-chan’s unconcernedness.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Today, there are six members in total, two from each grade.

 Our advisor Kobayashi-sensei is absent today, but the main topic of discussion is the report of the second-year students who voluntarily patrolled the downtown area during the summer vacation.

 However, before we even get to the agenda, the atmosphere is filled with complete confusion.

 It’s the transformation of the Public Morals Committee Chairwoman.

 And the first thing she said is, “What’s the school rule about tanning? It’s okay to tan, right?”.

 The first years were upset, the second years were confused, and I was bewildered.

 No… the chairwoman is just a girl at that age. It’s not a violation of school rules, and it’s not strange for her to be careful about dressing up.

 However, we can’t help but feel that she has fallen into the trap of being an ordinary student, since she used to be a perfect person.

 ”L-Let’s start with the report… of the patrol…”

 ”Yes, yes, Minamin, Yoro~please~”


 I probably have a cramped face. Isn’t Shibata-san to Minamin bringing our relationship too close?

 However, despite my confusion, the chairwoman is looking at me with disinterest, plucking a strand of hair with her fingertips and looking for a split hair.

* * *

 ”Emm… We’ve confirmed that there are several first and second year boys wandering around late at night here in the downtown area behind the station”


 ”Four students were in and out of the arcade. Another three went to a store where they were drinking”

 ”I see. Do you have their names and classes?”

 ”Yes, it’s all on paper”

 Then the chairwoman smiled and spoke.

 ”Yeah, well, it’s not good. It’s more of a no than a yes. Then, give those kids a little warning on my end”


 In the past, the usual course of action was to have Kobayashi-sensei bring the matter up to the staff meeting and ask for a severe punishment.

 There was even a time when the chairwoman herself went to the staff meeting to protest against the too light punishment.

 And now… a simple warning is enough?

 I stared at the her face and decided to confirm what I had been thinking all day.

 ”ChairwomanIinchou… Do you have a twin sister or something?”

 All I could think was that she had been replaced by someone else.

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