Confinement 294

Chapter 294 I’m sure that person brought Calpis Chuhai

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 After the Public Morals Committee meeting, we let the first and second year students go home first.

 (Still… it’s funny that they thought I’m the sister)

 I couldn’t help but laugh.

 It is true that I am aware that I have changed a lot from before, but I am surprised that people think I am a different person.

 The person I am now is also an extension of the person Takaka Takata.

 I feel that I am becoming more friendly to people, though I am more casual than before.

 I look at the clock and see that it is past twelve o’clock, and that the vice chairwoman, Minamin, is sitting next to me, compiling the minutes of the meeting.

* * *

 ”chairwomanIinchou… what happened?”

 ”Nothing really, just a change of heart. Something like that”

 Minamin’s face is still doubtful.

 (Hmm… but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell her about working at a girls’ bar, or about the great thing I had with Fumio-chi, and even if I wanted to, for some reason I couldn’t put it into words…)

 ”Rather than worrying about me, I think the first and second years should be a little more flexible…”

 ”Well… they joined the public moral committee because they sympathized with the previous chairman… but are you sure you want to deal with those students who wander around late at night with a warning?”

 ”I don’t mind. They say you should smile for the wife and not the husband” (*Note: Tsuma ni nikonde, otto ni niko mazu tte iujan => 妻にニコんで, 夫にニコまずって言うじゃん)

 ”Hate the sins, not the sinner” (*Note: Tsumi wo nikunde hito wo niku mazu desu)

 ”Yes, that”

 First and second graders are really relentless.

 I didn’t expect them to raise the issue of Gori’s going to a girl’s bar, let alone a student wandering around late at night.

 Apparently they had seen him enter the bar when they were patrolling the area, and the second-year student snorted, “This is unacceptable for a teacher!” .

 Yes, they can say that… but that’s just a gorilla, isn’t it?

 He’s busy being a teacher during the day, so he should be allowed to relax.

 And he’s only getting affection from girls at a gal bar, so they should be kind to him.

 Not to mention, it’s too bad for Gori that they’re report it on the staff meeting. It’s a business obstruction for the bar…

 ”Well… even if I wanted to bring it up at the staff meeting, Kobayashi-sensei is absent. When do you think he’ll start coming to school?”

 ”Well… probably not for a while”

 The TV news reported that a dead policeman had been thrown into the garden of the teacher’s house, but they didn’t mention his name. So, the ordinary students must not have known.

 Then, the reason why I know about it is because the teacher himself wrote so in his message.

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. He sent me a message. He said his wife is a bit paranoid and he’s not going to be able to keep an eye on us for a while”

 I guess teacher thought I’d get upset. After all, teacher said, “If I ask for a divorce in this state, our marriage will be more strongly criticized by the public. I’ll refrain from seeing you for a while, but I won’t change my mind. I love you”, he wrote in a lengthy letter to me.

 Rather, a man who would abandon his wife in such a state and come to see me would be too worrisome to marry.

 ”…Well, if someone dies in your garden, you’d get paranoid, wouldn’t you? I also sent a message to Kobayashi-sensei, but he didn’t reply…”

 ”Oh, you didn’t? Maybe my timing was good. He said he’s at his wife’s parents’ house right now, but he probably can’t keep his eyes off her, right?”

 ”Yes… that’s right”

 Minamin seems to be in a depressed mood. Well, I can’t tell her, but I’m his girlfriend. It’s natural that I’m treated differently from a mere student.

 For now, I try to change the subject.

 ”Oh, by the way, you said you received some letters, right?”

 ”Oh, yes. There were two. Both are anonymous, but one says that in the basketball team, there is a lot of bullying of underclassmen, and the other says that Fumio Kijima-kun, a third-year student, was having an excessive relationship with women”

 I don’t care about the first one, but I think the second one is just jealousy.

 (Oh, no, no, no. Men’s jealousy is ugly)

 But this is a good opportunity.

 Fumio-chi doesn’t know that “Taka-chi” is really me, “Takaka Takata”, so I need to establish a new relationship with him.

 Although I prefer Kobayashi-sensei as my marriage partner, I still can’t overlook his thing.

 ”Okay… I’ll talk to Fumio-chi about it, and you take care of the basketball club!”

 When I said that, she looked very worried for some reason.

 ”Eh, ah, um… I think it’s better to stay away from Kijima-kun… I mean, he might be dangerous”

 Minamin, does your reaction mean that you know how powerful Fumio-chi’s ICBM was? Did you have a Falklands War on your bed? No, no, no…

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Excuse me…”

 I clenched my fists as I left the chief’s office.

 Then I walked lightly across the corridor.

 The outcome was as I had hoped.

 The appearance of the Majin, Takehiko Nakamura, the other day had brought an unimaginable shock to the police.

 He severely injured Detective Inomoto with a single blow and remained unaffected even after taking five bullets at close range.

 I don’t know what route he took, but it seems, he had access to internal information about the police.

 And Nakamura’s goal was to capture me.

 As for the rest, I kept the part about Master’s secret and reported everything else.

 It would have been worse if I had tried to hide something and raised suspicion.

 However, thanks to the fact that my statements were consistent with Detective Inomoto’s statements in many aspects, all my statements were accepted as true.

 Normally, since the criminal’s aim was clear, a protection arrangement would have been set up to protect me, but in this case, it was difficult.

 After all, I was dealing with a bulletproof monster. What kind of guards will be able to protect me? To put it bluntly, there’s no way to protect me.

 So I made this request.

 ”In order to prevent Nakamura from finding out, I’ll move to a place I have no connection to and hide out until I’m sure it’s safe”

 Since there is a possibility that Nakamura will find out from the police’s internal information, I suggest that nobody mustn’t knows where I’m hiding, and that I will communicate with them only by e-mail via an overseas server.

 The proposal passed the upper management’s review and was accepted.

 The section chief bowed his head in regret that he couldn’t even protect me, saying, “Sorry… we’re not good enough…” What are you talking about, Rabbit-san?

 But I thought to myself.

 (This is it, I’m super lucky!)

 Thanks to this, I have the status of being able to enter “the Confinement King-sama’s Room” all the time while receiving a salary as a civil servant.

 After returning to my desk and gathering my belongings, I left the station with ease.

 At any rate, there are plans for a mature girls-only party tonight.

 I’m sure everyone will be jealous when I tell them.

 It will take place in my room, which Confinement King-sama has given to me.

 Confinement King-sama doesn’t know this, but the mature girls in the harem sometimes get together and have drinking parties.

 The members are Chihiro-sama, Kyoko, Lolisla-sama, Akira Mizuki-sama, myself, and sometimes Freesia-san.

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