Confinement 300

Chapter 300 Harem Mature Club Girls Party

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 ”I can still… feel Master’s touch on my ass…”

 If I’m reminded about it, I start to feel horny again.

 But Master has already gone out for the day, so I can’t even beg him.

 ”Besides… I can’t be selfish”

 Master is kind, and I’m sure he’ll hold me as many times as I want if I ask him, but how can I be so ignorant as to leave the favorite princesses behind.

 So, while soothing my itching body, I changed into my jersey in the dressing room and went back to my room.

* * *

 By the time I got back to my room, the party was nearly over.

 It’s the Harem Mature Club Girls’ party.

 At this time of night, everyone is in a pretty good mood.

 Looking around, there are a lot more people than last time.

 Apparently, the maids, who couldn’t even drink alcohol, were being forced to play the role of companions.

 ”Do you know? *Sob* Kirihito was still kind back then…”

 ”A… Ahaha… T-That was a tough time…”

 The sobbing Chihiro-san is gulping down sake and showing off her self-inflicted scars to the Inuipink-haired maid, who’s already exhausted.

 As in the last time, she starts to boast about her misfortune when she drinks.

 Really, Chihiro-san’s is a very bad drink.

 ”*Hiccup* Your breasts are surprisingly nice”

 ”W-Wait, Kyoko-sama, please don’t rub them!”

 Kyoko is holding the maid’s shoulders with both hands, one of them squeezing her breast.

 She’s my little sister, but she has no sense of control at all. Obviously, both of the maids in her arms are uncomfortable, but whether she realizes it or not, Kyoko is in a very good mood.

 (…If she tries to take the maid with her, I’ll beat her up)

 The Maids is Master’s property. If she tries to take it for herself, even if she is my sister, I will not spare her.


 On the bed, holding a bottle of wine, a s*x doll is deflating.

 Even though Lolisla-chan is almost a demon beast, she seems to have a weakness for alcohol. I feel like I saw almost the same scene last time.


 ”You have to use orange foundation, even if you shave your eyebrows off, it won’t be noticeable”

 ”No, I’m not shaving my eyebrows off… I mean, Akira-sama, are you really shaving your eyebrows off?”

 ”Hahaha! I can’t show you my bare skin, can I? Hmm, it’s all right, it’s all right!”

 Akira-san is laughing and telling the two maids how to do their make-up in a good mood. She seems to be enjoying her drink.

 I sit down next to Freesia-san, who is quietly enjoying a glass of wine.

 She didn’t seem to be drunk at all.

 ”Are you finished with your service today?”


 She stares at my face and opens her mouth.

 ”Your face… you look like you’ve had a very good day”

 ”Is it noticeable?”

 ”Yes, you’re smiling so much that it’s easy to notice”

 I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently my facial muscles were relaxing.

 Well, if it was that obvious, I secretly told Freesia-san that Master had taken my virginity.

 After all, part of me wanted to show off.

 Well, her face was expressionless, but her mouth twitched slightly.

 ”That is that. Now, I want to make a toast”

 ”SaitoCockroach, come here and drink with Ryoko-sama”


 One of the maids in Kyoko’s arms jumps off and stands up, as if to say, “I’m saved”.

 Then, without paying any attention to Kyoko’s “Where are you going?”, she took out a beer from the fridge and sat down next to me.

* * *

 ”Here you go, Ryoko-sama, please!”

 ”Oh, thank you”

 She poured me a beer and I drank it down in one gulp, letting it soak into my thirsty throat. Beer is still delicious.

 Drinking beer with sea urchin, salmon roe, and salted fish is the second happiest thing in my life, after having s*x with Master.

 However, when I mentioned this to Inomoto-senpai once, he was quite taken aback and said, “What’s with the gout starter kit?”

 (Shut up, I can’t drink beer if I’m afraid of purine!)


 ”By the way, Ryoko-sama, I’d like to change the subject…”

 I turned my head towards Freesia-san as she said this to me while my face beaming with happiness.

 ”Starting tomorrow, the maids and I will be away from here for a while. I’m sure Fumi Fumi-sama will formally inform you of this at a later date, but for the time being, I’m going to ask Ryoko-sama to take care of Fumi Fumi-sama and the other favored princesses as the acting head maid…”

 ”Are you going away…?”

 ”Yes, I’m afraid I can’t give you any details, but the situation in the demon world is a little bit worse than I thought…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I thought about breaking into Shibata-san’s room, but decided against it.

 The school itself might go bankrupt if there is another missing person now.

 If the school went bankrupt before I graduated, it would be a disaster for me.

 Thinking that it would be better to talk to Lili for the time being, I took Jolanda and Ulrich with me and returned to “the room”.

 ”Lili! Lili!”

 ”What is it, Devi, you’re making too much noise!”

 Lili appeared and looked very unhappy for some reason. And when I explained what had happened, she became more and more sullen.


 Lili lets out a loud sigh and purses her lips, “Trouble always comes in waves, Devi”

 ”But… well, there’s no need to panic, Devi”

 ”But if we can get her in one day like we did with Ryoko…”

 I said, and she gave a small shake of her head.

 ”Impossible. I sent Torture back to the demon world this morning, Devi”


 ”There’s a skirmish going on with Lord Andras, Devi, and there’ no time to devote to this”

 Lord Andras is supposed to be Anna Teruya’s husband and the puppeteer who sent the demon doll.

 ”Are you okay with that?”

 ”It’s fine, Devi. It’s just that it’s not easy to treat injuries while Torture is away, Devi. Be careful, Devi”

 ”I see… but then, what should I do about Shibata-san…”

 Lili waved her hand in the air as I pretended to ponder.

 ”Don’t worry, that Shibata girl is hardly likely to tell anyone, Devi”

 ”How do you know that?”

 ”She wouldn’t, Devi. If she did, it would be like admitting that she was trespassing in someone else’s garden at that time, Devi”

 ”I see…”

 ”So, we’ll just have to wait and see for a while, Devi. And Fumi Fumi will get in touch with that Shibata and figure out what she saw and to what extent, Devi”


 ”Use the Grace you got from the foreign little sister, Devi”

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