Confinement 299

Chapter 299 Witness

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 In the middle of the night, after sending Ryoko back to her room, who still looked like she wanted to be spoiled, I activated <Revisit> and opened the door in front of Kobayashi-sensei’s house.

 ”Tsk, stay away, you stink of animals…”

 ”Master! Ulrich hate her!”

 This time, I had these two accompany me.

 Ulrich, the werewolf girl, and Jolanda.

 As soon as they see each other, they exude a swarthy atmosphere. No matter how many times I tell them, they immediately glare at each other, which is really troublesome.

* * *

 (Maybe I picked the wrong person…)

 Nevertheless, Jolanda is my bodyguard, and Ulrich’s presence is essential for me to accomplish my goal today.

 ”…In a harem, you’re both equal. I’m begging you two to get along”

 ”…if that’s what Master says”


 The two of them nodded reluctantly while turning their faces in the direction of the day after tomorrow, and I dropped my shoulders with a sigh.

 It may be impossible for a saint and a devil to get along in the first place.

 For now, as long as they don’t start a fistfight, I guess I’ll just have to let it go.

 Again, I turn my attention to the two.

 Ulrich, who is training to be a maid, is wearing a maid’s uniform.

 What can I say, she is a kemonomimi maid, which seems to be in high demand among doujin.

 Although I didn’t have a chance to take off her clothes, I heard that Freesia-san had shaved off all the animal hair that covered her chest and waist. To make her wear a maid’s uniform.

 As she is a werewolf who does not wear clothes, she has been saying “It pisses me off” over and over again, tugging up the hem of her skirt in an annoyed manner.

 Jolanda, on the other hand, is wearing a black leather rider’s suit with the front zipper boldly open, exposing her cleavage.

 Yes, this is totally my taste.

 I thought that this would definitely suit Jolanda.

 Secretly, I’ve been thinking that the best part of a harem is being able to dress a girl in the clothes of my choice.

 In fact, Jolanda, who had the style of a Parisian model, looked very good in the rider suit.

 ”It would look good on a big bike”

 When I expressed my impression, she said.

 ”I’m afraid I don’t have a motorcycle license. But I do have a driver’s license, so I can ride a moped…”

 ”No, if you ride a moped while dressed like that, I’ll get worried”

 If I look at each of them individually, they may be cute or cool (except for me), but when they walk in a line, I feel incredibly strange.

 But this is the scene of a murder followed by an attack by a devil on a detective. As expected, there is no one walking around the street.

 The surrounding area is quiet, not even a house is lit.

 Perhaps the police have already evacuated the surrounding residents.

 If that is the case, it would be more and more convenient for us.

 ”Ulrich, can you identify the Majin’s scent?”

 I asked, and Ulrich frowned in disgust.

 ”…I’ve already turned my nose. One of them smells like slime, and the other smells like something weird”

 If the slime smell is Lolisla’s, then the weird smell must be the handsome uncle’s.

 ”I’d rather follow that weird smell…”

 I say, and Ulrich looks around with her nose twitching. Then she points in a certain direction.

 ”…that way”

 Ulrich pointed in the direction where the handsome uncle had appeared yesterday.

 Unfortunately, if we follow the scent that leads that way, we should end up at Ryoko’s apartment.

* * *

 ”Is there anything else?”

 ”Uuu… there’s too many weird smells and slime, I can’t tell it”

 Jolanda gave Ulrich a puzzled look as she lowered her ears dejectedly.

 ”You’re so useless”

 ”I hate you!”

 Ulrich snapped, and the two glared at each other as if they were locking horns.

 But I pulled them apart and gave Jolanda a stern look.

 ”…Jolanda, you’re going to get a spanking later”

 ”Huh?? I-Is it just me?”

 ”I told you to get along, didn’t I? What are you trying to do,? If you can’t even do what I told you, I’ll have to make you understand!”

 Ulrich gave her a triumphant look, and Jolanda bit her teeth.

 ”Hey, Ulrich, is there anything else you can think of that we should know about?”

 ”Ugh… the smell is messed up. Slime, weird smells… Earthworm and Centipede… and this, Master’s smell… and a strange woman over there”

 ”A strange woman’s scent?”

 Ulrich pointed to Kobayashi-sensei’s garden. On the other side of the hedge.

 ”Doesn’t that smell like something from a long time ago?”

 Jolanda spat, and Ulrich shook her head.

 ”No! Everything smells about the same!”

 Perhaps Ulrich is referring to the same amount of time.

 (Could it be that someone was here when we were confronting the handsome uncle?)

 ”That’s… that’s bad, yeah, that’s pretty bad”

 I involuntarily bite my thumbnail.

 If someone was watching us, then I need to take immediate action.

 ”Ulrich, can you follow that scent?”

 When I asked her that, Ulrich walked up to the hedge and poked her nose between the trees.

 ”Well… uhh… over there, back? I think it goes there”

 Then she pointed to the building of Kobayashi-sensei’s house. In other words, they went out from inside the garden to the other side of the building, to the back.

 ”Come on, Jolanda! Ulrich!”

 I lead the two of them around the street to the back of Kobayashi-sensei’s house.

 On there, the street is lined with houses for sale, and it’s a quiet night. And Ulrich twitches her nose again.

 ”Yeah, I can follow it. This way!”

 ”Wait, wait a minute! Ulrich!”

 I stop Ulrich as she tries to run away on all fours.

 It’s true that if a werewolf really runs, our legs won’t be able to catch up at all.

 ”Don’t panic, we’ll keep walking slowly”


 But she’s getting impatient. Ulrich looks like she’s itching to run. Therefore, I grab Ulrich’s hand so she can’t run too fast, but somehow Jolanda grabs my other hand.


 ”You said that me and that dog are equal”

 Why is she competing with her?

 And so we walked side by side down a residential street late at night. An ugly boy is sandwiched between a kemonomimi maid and a girl in a bad girl outfit. It is indeed a strange sight.

* * *

 Anyway, while I intended to follow the handsome uncle, there was an unexpected turn of events with the discovery of an eyewitness.

 Lili had said at the time that there was no barrier around even though he was a Majin, so there was certainly a possibility from the beginning.

 And if the person saw the whole thing, we need to shut them up as soon as possible.

 After walking for almost an hour, as if Ulrich was following the scent, we arrived at a different residential area, about one station away.

 Fortunately, we did not meet anyone on the way.

 The road from Kobayashi-sensei’s house to this point was too unpopulated, including alleys and field paths.

 It seems that the woman also chose to walk in an unpopular place.

 ”That house! Maybe she’s still there!”

 Ulrich pointed to an ordinary house. There is a light on in the second floor bay window in front of the house, and I can see a stuffed animal back that looks like it belongs to a girl.

 Checking the nameplate, it says “Shibata”.

 ”Shibata… Shibata…?”

 When I thought that the name sounded familiar, a face crossed my mind.

 Come to think of it, the girl who had been looking at me for some reason during the opening ceremony.

 Shibata-san, the vice chairwoman of the public morals committee.

 Then I remembered that Lili had told me that the maid who had broken into Kobayashi-sensei’s house had found naked pictures of female students.

 The maid said that she was a member of the public morals committee, although I didn’t know her name.

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