Confinement 298

Chapter 298 Learning the meaning of birth

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 While my heart is pounding wildly.

 I took off my shorts, got down on all fours on the bed, lifted my hips high, and thrust my ass in front of Master’s eyes.

 A place that should normally be hidden, a place that should be a secret, is now exposed to my beloved man’s eyes.

 I can feel my asshole tingling with embarrassment.

 As I have licked and sucked Master’s muscular cock, I feel the wetness of my honey pot drooling.

 His gaze, which pierced my crotch, heated my cheeks to the point where I felt as if it could boil water.

 It’s already hard to stand still.

 Then, as he saw my bare lower half. Master’s hand grabs my hip and squeezes it. All my attention is taken up by the movement of his fingers.

 I’m so nervous that I let out a gasp of air, and a moment later, Master’s finger slips into my ass.

 ”Ha, haua!?”

 I jumped at the sensation of a foreign object, which is more than I expected. Perhaps surprised by my reaction, Master said with concern.

 ”How? If it’s too painful, we can stop”

 ”No, I’m fine. P-Please don’t stop… please”


 But as Master’s fingers wriggled, I couldn’t stop the scream that came out of my mouth.

 ”Uoh! Nnnnn… guhiii! Ooooohhh!”

 It’s a voice of agony that is not very cute. However, if someone scrambled inside my rectum, I couldn’t hold back and my voice overflowed.

 In terms of length alone, the vibrator used for expansion was naturally longer than Master’s finger.

 The vibrator also has the advantage in that it twists and turns and stimulates many places,

 However, the feeling of being scratched directly by a finger was on a different level.

 The place where the stimulation is generated is shallow, but it is very vivid.

 As the freely moving fingers scratched at the rectal mucosa, I couldn’t help but scream.

 Above all, the thought of my Master touching a place I had never let anyone else touch made me so happy that I almost went crazy.

 ”Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, wooh, haahaa, higu, ohhhhhhh!”

 After rubbing my anus for a while as if to expand it, Master increased the number of fingers he inserted. It’s his index finger and middle finger, and the pressure is so strong that I choke.

 ”uah, ah, ahh, two, th, that’s so… aaah!”

 My unclean hole must have been distorted horizontally, as his two fingers sank into it.

 ”oh… aaaah, oh, oh…”

 At this point, Master did not make any pistoning movements.

 Perhaps he was concerned about me, he just squeezed it gently, but did not move his fingers vigorously.

 ”Ooh, ooh, ooh…”

 But I continue to scream madly as my body is set free. The slow, soft stimulation heats up the pit of my stomach.

 ”Uuu… oooh… gyaaaaaaa!?”

 Gradually, I began to feel more and more comfortable as I was slowly squeezed, when suddenly, a stimulus hit me so hard that I thought I was going crazy. It was as if I had been struck by lightning.

 That was when Master sank his thumb into my other hole.

 Two fingers in my anus and one in my vagina, a total of three fingers in my shallow hole.

 ”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Ohhhhhhh, gah, goh…”

 This time, it really was more than just a vibrator.

 And it made me slam my forehead against the bed again and again in a frenzy.

 The flesh between my anus and vagina was trapped between his thumb and two other fingers.

 Master crushes, twists, and turns it as if grasping it with his hand.

 That alone is a tremendous stimulus, and then the thumb inserted into the vagina is crushing the s*xual spot.

 ”aaaah, hiiiii, goh, ooohhhhhhhhhh!”

 (I-I’m going to die! I’m going crazy! I’m going to die!)

 With his fingers scratching both my anus and vaginal hole, I screamed and screamed without a care in the world.

 I could see that Master, who was supposed to be concerned about me at first, is getting excited, and his finger movements are becoming more and more relentless.

 As if to further stimulate my screams, Master’s fingers began to rapidly move in and out.

 *Slick!* *Slick!* *Squelch Squelch!* *Splat!*

 His fingers rubbed up the inner flesh of my intestines and vagina from both sides. The two different sounds coming out of the two holes are blending together to make one strange sound.

 ”Ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? Gi, giihaaaaaaaaa!!”

 And with my scream, it formed an obscene music.

 (I can’t take it anymore…)

 Just as I’m about to let go of my consciousness, Master pulls out his finger.

 The feeling of pleasure was like excrement, and I jerked and jumped so much that my body floated.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*”

 I’m out of breath, and I feel as if my anal hole is still open. After watching me with satisfaction, Master looked into my face.

 ”Did it feel good?”

 T-This, this is, so great… I-It’s getting too hot, and it’s scary…”

 As I screamed, my throat was dry. I can’t even speak properly because my tongue is all tangled up.

 And with all the sweat, tears and drool, my make-up is probably pretty much ruined.

 ”Well… then I’ll make you even more crazy with pleasure. Ryoko… I’ll take your virginity”

 And with that, Master grabbed my hips with both hands, keeping them raised high in the air.

 I couldn’t stop shaking. My anal hole has been thoroughly rubbed, and is ready to go.

 (Oh… finally, Master will take it away from me…)

 Thinking of this, a crazy feeling of pleasure overflows from the depths of my chest.

 I’m so happy that Master is fucking my asshole, I feel like I’m going crazy.

 ”Relax, Ryoko”

 ”Yeah…. Yeah”

 And just as I let out a big breath, Master’s strong object invaded my unclean hole.

 ”Hhhhhhh!? Oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

 (It’s so thick! It’s going to rip me apart!)

 I knew that Master’s thing is different from ordinary things.

 But the pressure is far greater than I imagined, and I can’t even close my mouth with a 0 shape, and I just scream out in a silly voice.

 Then I felt a strong rod of flesh pressing into me. And I shuddered in fear of having my insides ripped out.

 But my anus, which had been rubbed and kneaded so hard, somehow managed to swallow the entire head of Master’s cock.

 ”*Pant Pant Pant…* guh, oh… goh, guh…”

 My anus is pushed open to the extreme. The inside of my rectum seemed to be squeezed Master’s glans tightly as well. It’s so suffocating that my forehead is covered with sweat.

 The glans alone is like this.

 So, I wondered what would happen to me if the whole thing is inserted. Thinking of this, my body trembled in fear and anticipation.

 And then, Master’s body stiffened.

 His cock began to throb and thrust, moving deeper and deeper. Master holds my hips tightly, poised to push the rest in.

 ”Ryoko, breathe out”

 ”Hwao, haaaa… guh!? Gi, gah…”

 I had no choice but to do as I was told. I exhaled and relaxed my entire body, and the rod slammed into me even harder.

 ”That’s it… all of it!”


 The rest came in all at once.

 Master’s hips slam against my hip with a loud pound. The feeling is clearly different from the vagina. The rectum, with no end to it, is trying to wrap around the rod.

 The part of the rectum that should not have been there is now full, and it’s trying its best to swallow Master’s hardness.

 The pressure felt terrifying. But strangely, there is no pain. Just a numbing sensation from the waist down.

 And there, with an overwhelming presence, resides Master’s meat stick. I could feel the burning heat, the pulsations, everything from my intestinal walls.

 (Oh, Master is pulsating inside me… I’m happy, I’m happy… I’m so happy…)

 My brain almost went into overdrive with joy.

 I even think that the twenty-five years I’ve lived up to now was only a prelude to this moment.

 I must have been born as a case to hold Master’s precious meat stick, I thought.

 ”Then let’s move”

 Master said, and at the same time, the meat rod slid into place.

 ”Nhii!? Gi, go, guuuuuu”

 The sensation of my intestines being pulled out made me shudder.

 But the rod, half pulled out, pushed in without pause.

 The movement of his hips was only about ten centimeters. But it’s a shock that compresses my entire body.

 ”Giii!? Goah! Oh, oh, ooooooooooohhhh…”

 My mouth opened in the shape of an “o”, and a long scream came out. And as if Master had been waiting for this, he began to piston hard.

 ”Ohh, ahgah, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh! M-Master, I’m break, I’m really going to breakkkkkkk!”

 My fingers are hurting from gripping the sheet. It’s scary. I’m really going to break. I thought.

 But Master wouldn’t stop.

 The rapid pumping. So much friction I thought my ass would burn.

 My insides burn.

 And the heat spread to the inside of my intestines, setting my entire rectum on fire.

 ”Gyah, guh, guah, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

 I couldn’t stop the murky voice from flowing out of my mouth. I had never experienced the stimulation of having my ass pushed up from the back of my womb.

 It was nothing compared to vaginal torment.

 Each thrust was a shock that seemed to want to break me into pieces.

 ”Ooh, ooh, goh, goboa!? Ghhhhhhhhhhh!”

 I had succumbed completely. The intense pressure on my anus, the tremendous force of the meat stick stirring my intestinal tract, left me helpless to do anything but scream.

 ”Come on! Ryoko! Cum! Cum!”

 Master said, but I had already reached my climax many times over.

 Unlike coming vaginally, this climax didn’t come in waves.

 The climaxes came one after the other, and as if jumping from wave to wave, the never-ending pleasure grabbed me and consumed me.

 ”Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

 In the midst of the screams that shook the room, I was pushed up again and again to a tremendous climax.

 And then–

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttttt!* *Spurttttttt!*

 Master’s meat stick pulsed loudly, releasing his semen into me.

 ”Higah?! Ah, ah, uooon, uooonnh!”

 I let out a sobbing, animal-like scream, and collapsed onto the bed.

 Master’s strong cock pulsated repeatedly as he shot his semen into me, pounding and throbbing.

 In the euphoria of knowing that I was now completely Master’s, I quietly let go of my consciousness.

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