Confinement 297

Chapter 297 Ryoko had always been jealous

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 After the study session, I went home.

 I finished my dinner and stepped into the “Confinement King’s bedroom”, where Ryoko greeted me.

 ”Welcome home, Master”

 ”Yes, I’m home, Ryoko”

 I tell her, and she looks up and smiles happily.

 When I found out that the handsome uncle had turned into a Majin, I instructed Ryoko to move her living place from her apartment to here, which was a fine play by me.

 Otherwise, she might have been devoured by a handsome uncle in her apartment without anyone noticing.

 And after getting her boss’s approval to go into hiding because of the attack the other day, she ended up residing here for a while from today.

 Of course, I feel safer that way.

 Even if the handsome uncle weakened now, it will be almost impossible for humans to deal with him once his power is restored.

 He could attack us at any moment, even if we are in the police station.

 But here, I don’t have to worry about that.

 I looked again at Ryoko, who was on her knees looking up at me. She is wearing more makeup than usual, and is accessorized with gold earrings and a necklace.

 I felt that it’s rare for her to wear any jewelry other than her nipple piercing.

 And she is wearing a pair of s*xy white underwear.

 The cupless bra hid nothing, but lifted her nipples and beautiful bulge pierced by the ring piercing.

 Her arm covers are adorned with lace and her high-legged panties. White tights hung from a garter belt wrapped around Ryoko’s slender, beautiful legs.

 Her underwear reminded me of a bride’s gown, and I felt as if I could catch a glimpse of her thoughts.

 When I sat down on the bed, she said, “Excuse me” sat down next to me, and rubbed her cheek against my shoulder as if she wanted to be pampered.

 (Everything you do is so cute… Ryoko…)

 I don’t feel bad if she loves me this much.

 She’s a cool female detective, much older than me. She’s supposed to be, but I feel like I’m dealing with a cute puppy.

 However, the reason why I came to this room a little earlier than usual is not because I wanted to hold Ryoko.

 ”Hey, Ryoko. Did you hear how the strike team went?”

 I know it’s not a very s*xy thing to say, but it’s what I’m most interested in right now.

 What to do about the handsome uncle we failed to kill. That’s my top priority at the moment.

 I know that he has been hiding in Ryoko’s apartment.

 And he may have already returned to Ryoko’s apartment.

 That’s why Lili said she’d send a strike team to the apartment this afternoon.

 I had been wondering about the result all day.

 ”Nakamura could not be found. But there were traces”


 ”Numerous female limbs… probably left over from Nakamura’s meal”

 At the mention of women’s limbs, I frowned.

 And, although I’m not sure I should, the next thought that came to my mind was “What a waste!”. Such a thought crossed my mind.

 Among the girls eaten by the handsome uncle, there might have been a girl who would have been mine in the future. Thinking of that makes me feel insanely angry.

 No, I know that the possibility is extremely low, but it is not zero.

 Despite my inner thoughts, Ryoko continued to speak.

 ”Even if it’s only a limb, it’s not a good idea to leave the body as it is, so I’ve informed my boss that there’s a high possibility that Nakamura is hiding in the apartment. The evacuation of the residents of the apartment may have started by now”

 Countless corpses with only arms and legs.

 If such a bizarre thing is found, the value of that apartment will be worth a small fortune.

 But Ryoko doesn’t seem to regret it, and it’s certainly not necessary if she’s going to stay by my side forever.

 ”I’ll have to do something about it… In any case, I have to find out where the handsome uncle is first”

 ”Yes… you’re right”

 I wonder where he went after he escaped into the sewers…

 But even if he’s after Ryoko, we don’t know where he is.

 We have no clues here, and he have no clues over there…

 (For the time being, I’d better start searching around Kobayashi-sensei’s house tonight… I heard that the murderer will return to the scene…)

 While I was thinking about this, Ryoko traced my chin with her fingertip, and let out a sweet voice.

 ”Master… I want to serve you…”

 Of course I had no reason to refuse.

 ”Yes, please”

 I nodded, and Ryoko knelt down in front of me, happily unzipping her pants.

 She lovingly took my bare cock in her hand and began to slowly squeeze it.

 Her slender, white-fleshed fingers, stroking up my vicious object, is always exciting to watch.

 And after a while…

 ”P-Pardon me”

 Ryoko’s neatly drawn eyebrows furrowed as her face covered the meat rod.

 Like a dog that’s been left to its own devices, she can’t take it anymore.

 Her lips completely engulfed the reddish-black glans.

 ”Mmmm, mmmm…”

 Ryoko’s face moved up and down as she took in the meat stick.

 Her cheeks are puffy. Her downcast eyelashes quivered.

 Her shapely lips, coated in light pink, now stuck out lewdly, greedily devouring the trunk of my flesh.

 Every time she moved her head up and down, the gold earrings in her ears shook and clinked slightly.

 The excellent female detective is kneeling at my feet, licking and sucking my meat rod.

 The thought of that made me feel more and more aroused.

 ”How hit his? Hit his hood?”

 ”Yeah, that’s good. You’ve gotten really good at it”

 Ryoko asked, looking up at me as she sucked my cock into her mouth. I reached out and stroked her head, and the corners of her eyes drooped in happiness.

 She probably felt very happy. Because Ryoko squeezed my cock more passionately.

 Then, she began to move her lips up and down rhythmically. When she swallowed my thing, she squeezed a little loosely, and when she released it, she rubbed it against the inside of her cheek and tightened it.

 ”Nn, nnnn, haa, nn…”

 She continued to increase the pace of her movement as if she is pushing me. Finally, the earring in her ear struck her cheek with such forcefulness.

 Sweat beaded on her forehead, and a slight crease appeared between her brows.

 ”Okay, Ryoko… I’m about to cum”


 She replied, and after a beat–

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttt!* *Spurttttttt!*

 My thing exploded in Ryoko’s mouth.

 With each throbbing pulse of my cock, I could hear the chattering sound of a violent torrent hitting the back of her throat.

 ”Nnn, Ngu, nnn…”

 Ryoko kept her eyes downcast as she swallowed down the white liquid I had released.

 Finally, with a loud gulp, she pulled her lips away from my cock and licked it clean with her tongue, looking up at me intently.

 When I reached for her head to see if she wanted another compliment, she looked somewhat nervous and opened her mouth quietly.

 ”…Master, I have a request”

 ”What is it?”

 Then she said, writhing as if she was unusually embarrassed.

 ”Could you take my virginity? Please allow me to give my virginity”


 I couldn’t help tilting my head.

 Virgin or not, Ryoko isn’t a virgin at the time I first held her.

 ”I was jealous of the girls who gave their virginity to Masters… So I thought about asking Lili-sama to regenerate my virginity membrane, but that wouldn’t be the same as giving my first…”

 She turned red and looked down.

 ”So, I’ve been using tools… to expand it a little bit every day, and I think I’m probably ready to serve you now…”

 That pretty much sums it up.

 The virgin she’s talking about wants me to have anal s*x with her for the first time. She wants me to take her virginity behind her back… that’s what she means.

 I’m interested in anal s*x, but I’m not sure I want to do it.

 But I can’t say no, and I don’t think I ever will.

 Because she’s so cute.

 She said she’d always been jealous of other girls who’d lost their virginity to me.

 Then, I reached my hand to her head again and nodded broadly.

 ”Then, Ryoko’s virginity… I’ll take it”

 I said, and Ryoko smiled with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

 ”I’m glad… Master, please do as you please with Ryoko”

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