Confinement 302

Chapter 302 First time partners are special

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 ”So, from now on, Fumio-chi and I will become friend with benefit (Sefri). Of course, we can’t do it at school! It’s against school rules. Also, we’ll be on equal footing, so we’ll split the hotel bill! Then, I’ll contact you soon!”

 With that, Taka-chi smiled and said this as she went out into the hallway, and walked quickly away towards the main gate.

 (Friend with benefit, huh…)

 Personally, I think it’s very difficult to maintain this relationship.

 Well, for a man, it is not a problem, but for a girl, it is a problem.

 In fact, it is too difficult for a girl to have s*xual intercourse repeatedly and not fall in love with her partner.

* * *

 According to Lili, during the early stages of love, when a girl pines for her partner, a substance called “Phenethylamine” is secreted in the brain. This is exactly the substance that forms romantic feelings.

 And when a woman climaxes, a large amount of this substance is secreted, it is said.

 Of course, this is not the case when a woman is forcibly raped.

 It is said that no matter how many times a woman climaxes while feeling disgusted, “phenethylamine” is not secreted.

 Therefore, if a person has s*xual intercourse with another person in a state where there is no sense of rejection and both parties are in agreement, it is natural that the person will no longer be satisfied with this relationship.

 Also, the depth of the climax and the amount of “phenethylamine” secreted are in perfect proportion. This means that if someone has done it with several men at the same time, there is a high possibility that she will fall in love with the best man.

 Well, it would be a different story if Kobayashi-sensei’s s*x is more pleasurable than mine, but the possibility of that is extremely small.

 (Well, so be it)

 To be honest, I don’t want to be with the old Takaka Takata, with her silver-rimmed glasses, pigtails, and wrinkles between her eyebrows, but I would like to have the current Taka-chi. I have no problem letting her join my harem if she wants.

 To tell the truth, at yesterday’s study session, Shima-san talked about Taka-chi’s change in a very exaggerated way, saying that it was a harbinger of a natural disaster, but I didn’t tell her that I was involved in her change.

 It’s nothing to hide, but I didn’t tell her because, in a word, I was amused by Shima-san’s astonishment. That’s the reason.

 Back to story, I started to walk from the meeting room of the Public Morals Committee towards the classroom.

 (But, well… I was lucky that I could get Taka-chi to help me with Shibata-san)

 I said to Taka-chi, “I’d like to talk to Shibata-san”. But suddenly Taka-chi looked at me uneasily and said.

 ”Are you attempting to do the same thing to her that you did to me?”

 ”No, no. But Shibata-san seems to be suspicious of me. I’m just trying to find out what she knows and to what extent”

 ”I see. Then, if you promise not to be messy, I’ll call Shibata-chi here after school”

 ”That’d be great, but… are you sure?”

 ”Well, but it’s better than you doing something I don’t know about. I’ll meet you here after 6th period”

 However, it’s difficult to know what to say when Taka-chi is present. I’m afraid that I might offend her.

 After all, I can’t avoid talking about Kobayashi-sensei’s scum.

 I heard that Ryoko had been patrolling the area around Kobayashi-sensei’s house because of the ongoing harassment of cat corpses being thrown into his yard.

 On the other hand, the maid reported that Kobayashi-sensei has a nude picture of Shibata-san hidden in his PC.

 It’s a bit of a guessing game, but if Shibata-san, who was forcibly raped and threatened with that picture, is throwing a dead cat into his house as revenge, it makes sense, and so it makes more sense that she was lurking in Kobayashi-sensei’s garden that day as an extension of that.

 Someone must think “How can a person who is threatened by someone harass the person who is threatening her?”

* * *

 They might think so, but the truth is that threatening someone with a nude picture is extremely vulnerable to being defeated.

 After all, if the victim who has been threatened has the courage to say, “Go ahead and release that picture or whatever”, then it becomes the weakness of the person who threatened them.

 The act of threatening to take a picture of the victim and distribute it becomes a weakness in itself. And the victim will strike back.

 Normally, Shibata-san would have run to the police and said, “Okay, Kobayashi-sensei, that’s the end” but instead she just threw cat carcasses at him.

 If her resentment is so deep that she’s trying to mentally drive him to suicide, that would be quite scary, but it’s hard to imagine from Shibata-san’s calm atmosphere.

 Kobayashi-sensei is certainly good-looking in his own way, but he’s a scumbag. I wondered what Taka-chi liked so much about him.

 I thought so, and asked Taka-chi straightforwardly, “What’s so good about Kobayashi-sensei?” And Taka-chi’s answer was as follows.

 ”Ahaha, he’s really special. The first time I met him. I felt it was my fate, so I can’t help it”


 ”Yes, fate”

 As I ascend the stairs, I think about it again.

 (My first partner…)

 My first time was pretty awful.

 I forced Kurosawa-san, whose mind has deteriorated, to voluntarily submit to me in the cowgirl position with a lot of talk, but I ended up taking the fastest shot ever.

 Even remembering it now, it’s quite uncool.

 ”It was such a young age for me…”

 but in reality, it had been less than two months since then.

 But the next moment…

 ”What are you thinking about?”


 Suddenly, someone looks into my face, and I almost fall down the stairs.

 As the saying goes, if someone gossips, a shadow will appear, and there in front of me is the face of Kurosawa-san.

 She is as beautiful as ever, and to be honest, it seems like a lie that we are the same creature.

 I’ve heard that she’s not going to be fully active until after graduation, but she’s started acting and seems to have become more and more beautiful lately.

 (My first partner, huh…?)

 If I am aware of it, I feel very much in love with her.

 Aside from lovemaking, had I ever done anything romantic with her?


 ”Hmm? What’s with your weird face, Fumi-kun?”

 She thought I’m making a funny face, but it was really sad to be called funny.

 Still, I managed to pull myself together and told her.

 ”Shall we go on a date tonight?”

 She widened her eyes as much as she could.


 ”Yes, a date. We’ll have a nice dinner, maybe go for a walk, but I’d like to go out with you sometime, not just in my room”

 ”Just the two of us…”

 ”Yes, just you and Kurosawa-san”

 She turned bright red as she looked at me, and began to tap my shoulder again and again.

* * *


 From the look on her face, she didn’t seem to be angry, in fact she seemed to be so happy that she couldn’t even speak, but anyway it hurt like hell. I mean, you’re really strong, Misuzu.

 ”You don’t like it?”

 ”I don’t mind! I-I just surprised!”

 With that, she ran toward the classroom in a hurry.

 ”I mean, I’m going to class too, so why don’t she go with me?”

 Well, I’m glad that she was happy anyway.

 But I’m going to take care of Shibata-san’s case quickly before the date.

◇ ◇ ◇


 The first period class started, but I couldn’t help but grin while I watched the teacher write on the blackboard.

 (This is practically proposing, isn’t it?)

 The preparation is complete. Before the class started, I contacted President Chihiro via social media and asked her to reserve a fancy restaurant and a hotel suite in Akasaka.

 I was told that she would pay for the entertainment with Fumi-kun.

 I don’t know what kind of change of heart he has, but I’m too happy. When I glanced at Fumi-kun, he is taking notes with a serious face.

 Looking at the seriousness in his eyes, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with love for him.

 (Mmm! I love you, Fumi-kun, I love you~! I really love you. My love is getting updated every day!)

 As I was writhing around in happiness, I turned my head towards the blackboard and met the teacher’s eyes, who looked like a “villager A” who found a tsuchinoko.

 ”Um… Kurosawa, are you okay?”

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