Confinement 303

Chapter 303 Mixed up in blue

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 The day’s classes are over without a hitch.

 And as my classmates are noisily leaving their seats and said “Let’s take a detour”, I also pick up my bag and stand up.

 ”Well, see you tomorrow”

 As I said this to Fujiwara-san, who is sitting next to me, pouted her lips in frustration, “Buh…”

 She also wanted to join me in Shibata-san’s case, but Fujiwara-san’s intrusion would definitely complicate the conversation, so I asked her not to.

 As I laughed at Fujiwara-san’s pouting, I looked out the window and saw Jolanda in her jersey walking toward the club building, looking unsteady… or rather, shivering.

* * *

 (Oh… I forgot)

 I was planning to go back to “the room” during lunch break today and make her climax, but seriously, I completely forgot.

 The effect of <BanProhibition> disappears when she goes out of “the room”. Now she can climax even when she plays solo, but Jolanda probably doesn’t know that.

 (Huh? This might be a bad idea)

 Coaching the track & field club without being able to release the desire that has grown to the limit. In all likelihood, a flag for venting her frustration is in full swing.

 I feel sorry for the track and field club members who are hit by her meteor strikes from her stress of not being able to climax.

 (Fortunately, Saori-chan is absent, Kei-chan don’t communicate with her, and Shiratori-san will just let it slide, so I’ll let it slide. As for Amemiya-san… well, good luck)

 As I thought that, Fujiwara-san stuck out her tongue, “Beh!” to show her dissatisfaction like a child, and with a wry smile, I left the classroom and walked to the meeting room on the first floor, which is mainly used by the public morals committee.

 It was vaguely promised to be after sixth period, but I could hear the girls talking from the other side of the door.

 It seemed that Taka-chi and group had already arrived.

 And so, I put my hand on the knob of the door. But as I was about to walk into the meeting room…

 ”Excuse me… huh?”

 I let out a silly voice. Because there is someone I hadn’t expected to see there.


 Taka-chi and Shibata-san went as planned. The problem is the other one.


 It’s Claudia.

 And she had a surprised look on her face.

 ”I need Minami to show Claudia around the school after this… but I’m rather wondering why Fumio is here. I mean, this is the public morals committee office. And he’s the one who seems to be the most likely to disrupt public morals”

 ”Can you please stop being so rude to me!?”

 Taka-chi nodded her head in agreement, while Shibata-san looked as if it was the end of the world, lifting her back from her chair.

 ”Why… ugly… is here…”

 I couldn’t quite hear her grumbling, but I felt like I was being disrespected somehow.

 (I didn’t expect Claudia to have a connection with Shibata-san, but… well, I guess it’s okay, Claudia is a rather sensible person…)

 Thinking as if there are people who don’t have common sense, I lock the door behind my back.

 I had intended to do so as a precaution against intruders (Fujiwara-san), but as soon as I heard the sound of the door locking, Shibata-san suddenly became blatantly alarmed.

 ”C-ChairwomanI-Iinchou! What, what, what, what’s going on? I-I wondered why I was called out of nowhere…”

 She stood up as if frightened, and turned her head towards Taka-chi. Taka-chi stretched and tilted her head.

 ”Rather, I’d rather ask why Shibata-chan is so scared?”


 ”Because, Fumio-chi seems harmless to all intents and purposes. If you’re that scared of him, doesn’t that mean you know what’s wrong with him?”

 ”No, I-I don’t…”

 Shibata-san smiles, but it’s obvious she’s trembling.

 She’s quite frightened. I’m pretty sure she’s been watching us having battle with the handsome uncle.

* * *

 ”I don’t think I need to ask any more questions, but…”

 Rather than going around asking questions, I should just ask straight out.

 I activated the grace I got from Claudia, <Eyes of Truth>, and looked at Shibata-san again.

 Her chestnut-colored hair, which reaches her back, has a slightly natural look with a soft perm. She has a gentle face with the air of an older sister, but now she has a frightened expression on her face.

 I hadn’t paid much attention to her, but looking at her like this, her breasts seemed to be quite big.

 ”Um… Shibata-san. I’m going to ask you straight to the point… the other night, you were in Kobayashi-sensei’s garden, weren’t you? How far did you see?”

 Instantly, Taka-chi’s brows wrinkled. At the mention of Kobayashi-sensei’s name, her expression, which had been loose and gal-like, suddenly tightened. On the other hand, Claudia stared at Shibata-san, her labored breathing echoing in the conference room.

 ”I-I didn’t go there! I-I didn’t see… I-I didn’t s-see anything…”

 While trembling unsteadily, Shibata-san muttered as if in a whisper.

 The color surrounding her is “red”, of course Claudia can see it too.

 ”Minami, I’m sorry, but it’s no use lying to him. Fumio has the ability to tell if you’re lying or not. If you’re so scared, then you know how dangerous Fumio is, right?”

 Claudia whispered in her ear without mercy.

 Despite Shibata-san’s stunned, wide-eyed, hyperventilating breaths, Taka-chi shouted loudly and closed in on me.

 ”Wait! Wait a minute, Fumio-chi! I didn’t hear anything about Kobayashi-sensei’s house!”

 ”Wasn’t it on the news? The devil attacked a policeman. That scene is in front of Kobayashi-sensei’s house, and Shibata-san was there”

 When I shrugged my shoulders and said so, Taka-chi looked more and more suspicious and spoke.

 ”No way, Fumio-chan attacked a policeman!?”

 ”Why would I do that!? Wrong, wrong! I’m the one who chased him off!”

 I don’t remember talking to Taka-chi about devil, but she doesn’t seem to wonder anymore if I’m somehow related to them.

 ”The issue is not about the devil, but rather the fact that Shibata-san was in Kobayashi-sensei’s garden at the time. About that fact”

 After saying so, I turned to Shibata-san again, and narrowed my eyes as if asking her a question.

 ”It’s no use lying to me. You were there, weren’t you? How far did you see?”

 ”E-e-even though I don’t know how far…”

 She swims her eyes wildly, and opens her mouth slowly.

 ”The girl in the school swimsuit… and the handsome boy… melted together and became a mess…”

 ”School swimsuit?”

 ”Handsome boy?”

 Taka-chi and Claudia both tilted their heads like silver grass being knocked down by a strong wind.

 Of course, they don’t understand. Shibata-san is saying what she saw as it is, and no matter how they listen to her, it sounds like she’s joking.

 (But if she saw it, that means she saw almost in its entirety. Well… what should I do?)

 I’d like to confined her up and keep her mouth shut, but I don’t want to send anyone missing right now, and Torture isn’t here, so I can’t give her a one-day super-express training like Ryoko did.

 (Besides… well, I’ve already promised Taka-chi that I won’t be violent)

 If that’s the case, there’s only one way I can take at this point.

 On the other hand, I have no choice but to confront Shibata-san with the dark part of her past and get her to promise to keep it a secret from both of us.

* * *

 ”Well, I’ll change the question, why were you there at that time?”

 ”…Well, I was worried about Kobayashi-sensei”

 (There you go again with that…)

 The moment I thought that, Claudia and I looked at each other. Claudia told me with a wry smile on her face.

 ”This is true, huh?”

 The color that clung to her words is blue. It’s not a lie.

 (What does that mean? Wasn’t she threatened with a photo of herself?)

 I puzzledly asked another question that I had prepared.

 ”You were the one who threw the dead cat into Kobayashi-sensei’s garden, weren’t you, Shibata-san?


 Taka-chi looks surprised, and turns her head towards Shibata-san.

 But the next moment, Shibata-san screamed and shook her head, shaking her hair.

 ”It wasn’t me! I didn’t do that!”

 The color clinging to her words is still blue.

 She isn’t lying, either.

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