Confinement 304

Chapter 304 Chasing dreams is fine

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 ”See you later, Fumio!”

 Claudia left the meeting room with Shibata-san, who looked tense.

 I thought about asking Shibata-san about it further, but it would be too much trouble to talk about the photo in front of Taka-chi.

 But, thinking that it’s not enough to keep her quiet, I simply threatened her, “If you tell anyone about what you saw that night, you won’t get away with it”, and ended the conversation.

 As long as I ask Claudia to check periodically to make sure she hasn’t told anyone, we should be fine for now. After all, I can tell even if she’s lying.

* * *

 ”Shibata-chi is in trouble too, huh?”

 After Shibata-san and the others had left, Taka-chi smiled bitterly.

 ”But Kobayashi-sensei is good-looking and kind. So I can’t help but understand how she could be misunderstood like that and get carried away”

 (Come on, you’re saying that?)

 ”Maybe Taka-chi is mistaken, too”

 As I feel like being a little mean, I say so, and Taka-chi waves her hand.

 ”No, no. I’m special. For example, Shibata-chi said he never replies her messages, but Kobayashi-sensei has prepared a separate phone just for me to communicate with him. His reply rate is 100 percent”

 Taka-chi seems to think that he’s the one who’s really interested, and that Shibata-san is just a fan of Kobayashi-sensei.

 ”Maybe he’s messing with Shibata-san too”


 Taka-chi waved her hand and laughed.

 ”Well, I don’t care if he does. As long as he loves me the most. Also, what am I supposed to say? That’s what a proper wife can do”

 (After all, you’re having an affair too…)

 I’m sure Kobayashi-sensei has his hands on Shibata-san since there are her photos.

 In my case, it’s more certain because I’m using a cheat called “room”, but at first it was forced. However, it is possible to fall in love with someone after having s*x with them repeatedly.

 If there is one decisive trigger, a girl will fall for it.

 For example, Misuzu.

 She used to dislike me because I was ugly, but the fact that Kasuya-kun’s thing was so small, which was her only hope, gave her the final push.

 Nevertheless, there is no need to go any further.

 Whatever the relationship between Kobayashi-sensei, Taka-chi and Shibata-san, it has little effect on me. I don’t care who is throwing the dead cat in, either.

 For now, as long as I can shut Shibata-san’s mouth, that’s all that matters.

 ”Well then! What are you going to do now? If you want, can we do seflex now? I’m fine with that”

 I couldn’t help but chuckle at Taka-chi’s nonchalant attitude.

 ”It’s a tempting offer, but I have an appointment today”

 ”Hmm, I see”

 ”Then, see you later”

 With that, I leave and walk out from the meeting room.

 I look down at the screen of my phone and see that it’s 17:15. It seems we’ve been talking longer than I thought.

 I launch a social networking application and send a message to Kurosawa-san.

 She replied that she was waiting for me at the “Dining Hall”.

 And so, I move to a secluded place and open “The Door”.

 Instead of going to the “Dining Hall”, I went to “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 Then, I enter the “CostumeDressing Room” and start picking out some clothes. It’s a date, after all. Since we’re going out to eat at a nice restaurant, it’s not a good idea to wear jeans and a T-shirt like usual.

 However, it is too difficult for my taste to be fashionable. After trying various things, I finally settled on a navy-blue polo shirt and white pants, a very safe choice.

 ”Kurosawa-san also said that the most essential thing for a boy to dress up is cleanliness, so I guess it’s okay”

 And so I walked to the “Dining Hall”.

 Normally, as soon as I open the door, I’m greeted by maids, but it’s quiet now.

 On the dining table, Misuzu sits alone. But, she smiled happily when she saw me.

* * *

 ”Welcome back”

 ”Yeah, I’m home”

 It’s a strange greeting for two people who are about to go out on a date, but it naturally makes my mouth water.

 Today, Kurosawa-san is dressed in an off-shoulder black top and a pair of wide black pants. On top of that, she is wearing a large gold accessory.

 Despite the simple color scheme of the black top and bottom, she looked very stylish, perhaps because of the way she created her figure.

 ”Fumi-kun, what do you think?”

 ”It looks great on you. You look mature”

 ”Ehehe… Yay”

 Kurosawa-san makes a small gut-punch, which is cute.

 (Somehow, I’m more nervous than if we were on the bed…)

 Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

 ”Well, shall we go?”

 ”Oh, yes. Fumi-kun, have you decided on a place to eat?”

 ”No, I was just thinking that we could go for a walk and find a nice place to eat…”

 ”Good! Actually, I’ve asked President Chihiro to find a place in Akasaka for us”


 ”Yeah, she took me there before and it was really good”

 I’ve never been to Akasaka, so I can’t open the door directly using <Revisit>.

 ”Is Tokyo Station okay for now?”

 ”Yes, it’s fine”

 With that, we go to Tokyo Station and get a cab there. Summer is over and it is September. By the time we reached Akasaka, I could see the reddish-black sunset sky between the buildings on both sides.

 ”It’s a little early for the appointment, so… let’s take a walk”

 As soon as we get out of the cab, Kurosawa-san says this and twines her arm around mine.

 It’s getting dark, but she’s wearing sunglasses. No wonder she’s a celebrity in her own right.

 And so, Kurosawa-san and I start strolling.

 As someone who came from the countryside, Tokyo’s streets seem to be quite crowded.

 I feel that many people on the street are stylish or good-looking, which is probably an inferiority complex due to my being from the countryside.

 However, no one is more beautiful than Kurosawa-san.

 ”By the way, Kurosawa-san, you’re going to move to Tokyo after graduation, aren’t you?”

 ”Yeah, I’m supposed to live in the dormitory of the office, but actually, I’ll be living in “The Room” that Fumi-kun has prepared for me, so it won’t be any different. It’s just that Mama won’t be nagging me anymore”

 ”I see, so I’ll have to remove the <Back door> that’s currently installed in Kurosawa-san’s room and set it back up in the dormitory”

 ”Yes yes, but it’s not just me, I think everyone needs to set it up again. Masaki in Hokkaido, right? Well, Mai, on the other hand, is likely to remain unchanged”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 ”It’s interesting, isn’t it? It looks like everyone is going to be separated, but actually we’re going to live together in “The Room””

 Each of us will return to the same place every day, while going to school or working in different places. It will happen in about six months.

* * *

 ”You’re going to concentrate on acting after graduation, aren’t you?”

 When I asked this, Kurosawa-san looked complicated for some reason.

 ”You know, Fumi-kun, I don’t know if I should aim to be an actress”

 ”But it’s your dream, right?”

 ”Yes, but… you know, Fumi-kun, since you’re so kind, it’s easy to misunderstand, but even though I’m your favorite princess, I’m your s*x slave, am I?”

 ”Eh? Yeah, well…”

 ”I think that staying close to my Master and offering my body to him whenever he wants me to is what I’m really supposed to do… So I’m wondering if it’s really okay for me to become an actress or something. Am I neglecting the most important thing? That’s what I thought”

 I’m honestly surprised by her statement. But this is what it means to be [Enslaved]. It means that the center of values is replaced by me.

 On top of that, in the case of Ryoko, her other desires have been drastically cut down, so she doesn’t have the same hesitation as Kurosawa-san.

 If someone asks me whether I want Kurosawa-san to give up her dream, the answer is no.

 Definitely no.

 Although, if Kurosawa-san stays by my side and I can hold her whenever I want and as long as I want, of course that’s attractive, but I want her to be happy more than that. I hope she will be happy.

 So I stopped and turned to Kurosawa-san.

 ”If possible, I want you to become a great actress”

 ”A great actress?”

 ”Yes, and I’d like to screw you until you’re a wreck, with a movie starring Kurosawa-san at the height of her popularity playing on a big monitor. I want to watch Kurosawa-san acting with a stern face and then take a video of Kurosawa’s lewd face. I want to do horrible things to Kurosawa-san while watching the fans crying and screaming”

 ”Ugh… you’re so evil”

 I put my hand on Kurosawa-san’s shoulder and make eye contact with her.

 ”That’s why… Kurosawa-san can follow your own dreams. So do I. I’m happy for you”

 Then Kurosawa-san turned away with a face like a crying smile.

 ”…Fumi-kun, you’re really not straightforward, are you?”

 ”I’m straightforward. I only say what I think”

 ”Ahaha… I’ll try my best to become a great actress so that I can satisfy Master’s perverted nature”

 Then she took off her sunglasses and smiled at me.

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