Confinement 305

Chapter 305 Confinement King Freaked out

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 As soon as I got home, I threw myself on the bed without changing my uniform, looking up at the ceiling and recalling the events of the day.

 [Camilia-san… so, what is Kijima-kun after all? Who is he?]

 Minami asks me with a shudder as soon as we leave the meeting room.

 [To be honest, I have a hard time answering that question. But then again, Fumio is essentially a coward, isn’t he? As you said, if you don’t talk it out with anyone, I don’t think he’ll try anything]

 (I don’t think she can give me a tour of the school like this…)

 As for who Fumio is, I’d rather know.

 He’s an ugly boy who made a contract with the devil and got a lot of power.

 I know that’s the short answer, but I don’t know why the devil chose Fumio.

 He doesn’t have much contact with the other girls yet, but it seems like he’s taking good care of the fallen girl.

* * *

 As for myself, after I became Fumio’s woman, my reason and my emotions have been very much in conflict for a while.

 Is it okay for a saint to succumb into the devil’s pawns? After all, I’m just being conveniently brainwashed. There’s no such thing as carnal indulgence. I thought I could just run away now.

 But I soon realized that was impossible.

 I found myself thinking about Fumio all the time and the thought of his face made my heart pound with love.

 With Fumio sitting squarely in the center of my mind, everything else has faded away.

 And the most desperate thing of all is that I can’t help but feel comfortable in this state.

 If Fumio wanted to embrace me, I would be absurdly happy, and I would want him to feel good. I want to do anything to make him happy, and if possible, I want to be by his side forever and ever.

 [As long as you don’t antagonize Fumio, you can think of me as Minami’s ally. You’re the first friend I’ve made since I moved to this school]

 Minami made a complicated face. Of course it is natural. As long as she doesn’t antagonize him, that is the condition. It’s like saying that Fumio is more important to me than her.

 [So, Minami, that Kobayashi-sensei, is it? Do you like him?]

 When I asked her that, she looked more complicated.

 […Probably, I think I like him…]


 I tilted my head and she stopped, nodding her head as if she had made up her mind.

 [I think… maybe because I’m very naughty]


 I couldn’t make out what she was saying, so I let out what sounded like a quick reply.

 [Well, the first time, he pushed me down… and he raped me]

 [By Kobayashi-sensei?]


 He’s a real scumbag, attacking a student. I thought so, but Minami continued with a somewhat excited tone.

 [He took some indecent pictures of me, and then he threatened me and held me many times, but at that time, when my boyfriend dumped me… He was kind to me as I was desperate…]

 [Aren’t you too easy!?]

 I couldn’t help but say it out loud. Seriously, this girl. She’s beyond easy.

 If she’s this easy, I’m sure she’ll fall in love with Fumio once she’s in his arms.

 (It’s also possible that Kobayashi-sensei is as good at s*x as Fumio, but even so…)

 [But suddenly I couldn’t get him to call me… I really wanted to see him, so I started sending him messages at night, saying I’d like to go by his house and see him for a while…]

 I probably don’t actually need to say this, but the color of Minami’s words up to this point are all blue. She’s not lying.

 (She’s so serious that she can’t cope with irregularities and it’s like a bug…)

 No matter how I look at it, this Kobayashi-sensei is a real scum. The reason why she couldn’t get him to call her back seems to be a common trick of hosts: push, push, pull.

 (He doesn’t seem too interested in Minami, but… it might be better to have Fumio take her)

 Even if he’s a scumbag, Fumio is much better.

 As a friend, I think I should give her a helping hand.

 I really thought so at that time.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 After a while, I saw a Japanese house surrounded by a wall of black lacquer between the buildings.

 ”This is it!”

 Kurosawa-san urged me to open a small door like a kitchen door and enter, where I found a small garden with white gravel and marble stepping stones leading to the entrance.

 ”Oh, is this a sushi restaurant?”

 ”Yes yes, it has two Michelin stars, and it hasn’t have low rating”

 ”Two stars…”

 Well, I can almost understand how great that is.

 Wait, wait, wait.

 I said we were going to have dinner at a nice restaurant, but I was thinking of a normal family restaurant, not the usual cheap family restaurant.

 And now it’s like participating in the 100-meter race at a sports day in the town, only to find out that the opponent is Sa*n Bo*to. (*Note: サ〇ン・ボ〇ト?)

 It’s not a matter of being unruly or anything like that.

 ”Someone from Fujiwara Group took Chihiro, Akira and I to this restaurant before, and it was really delicious”

 (O-Of course it’s delicious…)

 ”At that time, the guy sitting next to me at the counter looked familiar, it was the Prime Minister”


 ”Ahaha, you look like a fool. Don’t worry, I heard that the office will take care of all the payments, so let’s eat our fill!”

 ”No… I’m so full, I feel like my heart is full”

 It’s not a matter of payment.

 ”Yes, yes, let’s go”

 Kurosawa-san, perhaps thinking that I was being reserved, pushed me into the restaurant.

 There are no customers in the restaurant. The receptionist, elegantly dressed in Japanese kimono, walked up to me and led me to a seat at the counter.

 The interior of the restaurant is bright and the counter is made of a single piece of white wood. Behind the counter were three craftsmen, a stubborn-looking father and two young craftsmen who seemed to be in training.

 (…Oh no, I’m going to get a grip on a stone pagoda or something)

 Under the gleam of the craftsmen’s eyes, a nostalgic sushi battle manga comes to mind. (*Note: Shota no sushi?)

 The one that was even made into a TV drama.

 But still, it’s out of place. Too out of place.

 Confinement King, who was experiencing non-turning sushi for the first time, was already on the verge of being knocked out at this point.

 While I’m in a completely rigid state, Kurosawa-san simply tells the chef.

 ”I’ll leave the choice to you”

 (I-I-I-It’s up to the chef!? Isn’t that going to be an extremely expensive one?)

 ”With pleasure. Is there anything in particular you’d like to order?”

 ”Hmm… I’d like to have Kohada, and Kochi”

 (What’s “Kohada” (Gizzard Shad)? What’s Kochi (Flathead)? What?)

 ”What about Fumi-kun?”

 (Don’t look at me!)

 Kurosawa-san has no ill intentions.

 But for a beginner, the hurdle was too high.

 (S-Something E-Expensive…)

 After desperately thinking, I squeeze out a scratchy voice from my thirsty throat.

 ”…S-Sea Urchin”

 I’m a commoner who can only think of sea urchin when it comes to expensive food.

 How can I call myself a king and still be a commoner?

 But I’m a man who can’t even reach for a two-hundred-yen plate at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant paid for by his parents.

 And this is the Confinement King.

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