Confinement 306

Chapter 306 My Girlfriend Misuzu Part One

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 ”Your room is on the 32nd floor, room 5″

 ”Thank you”

 After receiving the key card at the front desk, I smiled at the woman next to me.

 A gorgeous woman in her early twenties. She is wearing a red party dress and stiletto heels of the same color. She is so gorgeous that her mere presence is enough to attract attention.

 I, too, am in my early twenties, dressed in a suit.

 Actually, after the tense meal, we went back to “the room” and activated a certain function.

 It’s called <Age Plus Five>.

 Once a day, for ten hours, I can raise the age of any person by five years. With this function, I raised the age of Kurosawa-san and myself.

 Two underage people staying in a room is still noticeable. Kurosawa-san also a celebrity in her own right, and we wanted to avoid being seen.

 Although I acted with this in mind, I was honestly at a loss for words when I saw Kurosawa-san’s beauty five years later.

 Her jawline is sharp and her expression is glamorous. Her actress’ aura is unbelievable.

 She is one of the most beautiful girls in the school, but her beauty, as if all the extra parts had been completely removed, made me feel a little nervous rather than excited.

 (She’s like a witch…) (*Note: Mashou no Onna (魔性の女))

 However, when we are alone in the elevator, her face becomes soft and debauched.

 Her appearance and behavior are so unbalanced. I guess it’s natural, since her inside hasn’t changed.

 ”Ehehe… Misuzu Kijima…”

 That’s what I wrote in her name when we were registering at the front desk, pretending that we were a couple.

 She looked very happy as she clung to my arm and gazed up at me.

 ”Fumi-kyun, I’m all yours today”

 ”I know, I know”

 I smiled back at her as she rubbed her cheek against my shoulder as if she wants to be pampered.

 As we decided that we would spend today like lovers.

 We don’t talk about other girls. Just a normal date between a pair of married lovers. I guess I could call it a kind of imaginary play.

 After getting off the elevator, I went to the end of a stylish hallway with indirect lighting. Then, we entered the room labelled 3205.

 The room is a deluxe twin. It’s luxurious, but still small and simple compared to “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 But the big difference is that it has a window.

 As is usual in such hotels, the large, floor-to-ceiling windows are open.

 When I looked down, the headlights of the cars on the road are flowing like a river of light.

 On the rooftops of several buildings, the heliport’s guide lights are flickering. As one would expect from the thirty-second floor, the night view is very beautiful.

 The room itself is simple.

 The floor is carpeted, and the interior is decorated in brown. And there is a potted plant that adds a touch of greenery to this chic room.

 Beside the window are two one-seat sofas. On the side table, flowers are arranged elegantly in a small vase.

 In order to make it look like we are normal lovers, we took a shower not together, but in turn. Since it’s not a love hotel, the bathroom is not so big.

 I take a shower first, and Kurosawa-san goes into the bathroom in turn.

 I, in my bathrobe, sit on the edge of the double bed in the middle of the room and quietly wait for her.

 As I hear the sound of the shower, I feel more and more aroused.

 In the inside of my mind, the sight of water dripping down her shapely breasts comes to mind, and as soon as I let out an involuntary gasp, the sound of the shower suddenly stops.

 Then I hear her rustling around for a while, getting ready for the day, and the door opens.

 Immediately, the gentle scent of body soap spreads through the room.

 I look up as if I’ve been bumped, and see Kurosawa-san in her bathrobe, looking like an older sister.

 ”…You’re beautiful”

 The thought spills out of my mouth.

 She smiled lustily, came closer without saying a word, and sat down next to me, shaking the bed.

 ”Isn’t it nice to have a beautiful girlfriend, Fumi-kyun?”

 ”That’s true”

 With that said, Kurosawa leaned against me as if she wants to be pampered.

 As I saw her, the collar of her bathrobe is slightly tinged with pink from her chest to her neck.

 The slim and shapely dimple of her collarbone and the cleavage of her breasts – the lustful sight made my crotch begin to throb painfully.

 ”Ah… I’m alone with Fumi-kyun…”

 A tsundere within a tsundere. Her personality is harsh and high-handed. She’s merciless to those who look down on her, but when she’s alone with a person she loves, she has a sweetness that’s three hundred times sweeter than sugar.

 ”Fumi-kyun… thank you for keeping me confined that time. I’m so happy to be Fumi-kyun’s girlfriend”

 ”No, you can’t thank me for that…”

 It’s complicated. After all, I confined her up in a fit of rage as revenge. It was nothing but malice that drove me.

 But Kurosawa-san shook her face from side to side.

 ”But I’m so happy. If I had only known such a useless cock, I wouldn’t have known such happiness. After all, if it wasn’t for Fumi-kun, I wouldn’t have made it”

 Misuzu’s beautiful face began to turn pink from her nose to her cheeks, and she twisted around as she stared at me with even more s*xy eyes.


 She called out my name and gently closed her eyes.

 Looking at her closely, Misuzu’s eyelashes are incredibly long, and her skin is incredibly fine.

 Once again, I was overwhelmed by her beauty.

 And what drew my gaze more than anything else were her soft, vermilion lips. Their blood-red color was fresh and moist to the eye.

 ”…Ku, Kurosawa-san”

 She shivered at the call, and looked up.

 ”Just call me by my name”


 When our lips meet, she lets out a “Nnn…”.

 It seems she couldn’t take it any longer so her tongue seeking mine. As our tongues entwine, I push her down onto the bed.

 She doesn’t resist, of course, but keeps her eyes closed, entranced.

 Whenever I have s*x with her, the thought that I have conquered the high-handed woman who humiliated me always crosses my mind. But maybe I don’t need that spice anymore.

 She’s always hard on everyone, but she’s sweet on me. The beautiful girl that everyone looks back at when they walk down the street is lying on the bed, eagerly waiting to be held by me.

 With my eyes wide open, I pushed her head down and pressed my lips even deeper to hers. It would be a shame to close my eyes. I want to keep looking at her like this.

 ”Nnn… Nn…”

 Misuzu, on the other hand, keeps her long eyelashes closed.

 Then, when I grab her breasts from the top of her bathrobe, she jerks her chin up.

 ”Haun!? Ah, nn, w-what? I-I’m getting so sensitive…”

 Maybe, five years from now, Misuzu will have been developed by me and become extremely sensitive.

 The kiss is lifted, but I continue to move my right hand as I like.

 Even when I push my fingers in hard, the breasts themselves push back against me. Even through the thick bathrobe, it feels wonderful. The size of her breasts seemed to have increased a little.

 ”Ah, nnh, ahh, anhh… oh, that part so sensitive, nnh… nnh!”

 It’s true that her reaction is more intense than usual. And that made me want her even more.

 ”Aah, haa, aah, aah, aah…”

 She’s so sensitive. Five years later, maybe she’s more sensitive than ever, to the point where it’s almost affecting her daily life. After all, her body trembled at the slightest movement of my fingers, and she continued to let out a cute, nasal moan.

 She was in this state even in her bathrobe. Then, what would happen if I directly assaulted her breast?

 ”Can I take off… your bathrobe?”

 I asked in an excited voice, and Misuzu glanced up at me with moist eyes.

 ”…Fumi-kun’s… you can do whatever you want”

 She turned her head to the side, looking embarrassed.

 I don’t know if she’s hiding her embarrassment or if she’s afraid of feeling too much, but my heart is in trouble when she’s being tsundere at this moment.

 I feel as if my heart has been shot out of my chest by her pretense of strength, and I writhe in solitude.

 (T-T-T…Too cuteeeee!)

 With a snort, I grabbed both collars of her bathrobe and opened them left and right with great force.

 What appeared in front of me is a pair of beautiful breasts that retained their beautiful bell-shaped shape even when she is lying down. Five years later, her beautiful breasts are still intact.

 For a simple size comparison, there are many girls bigger than Misuzu, even without citing Masaki-chan.

 However, the shape of her breasts and her skin are so fine. Her nipples are bright cherry-red, and her areolas are small, making her more beautiful than any other girl in the world.

 She is, after all, the champion of beautiful breasts.

 ”Fumi-kyuun… what’s wrong, you suddenly stiffened up…”

 Misuzu’s curiously inquiring voice brought me back to my senses.

 ”Thank you, thank you”

 ”Don’t worship me!!”

 When something is divine, I can’t help but put my hands on it.

 It was at the beginning of autumn, when I was eighteen years old, that I realized this once again.

 Misuzu is 23 years old.

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