Confinement 307

Chapter 307 My Girlfriend Misuzu Part Two

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The divinity of her breasts almost made me lose all my anxieties.

 Oh, come on, I was about to have s*x with her, and now I’m liberated.

 This is what I mean by the end of the world.

 After regaining my composure, I rubbed up her already hard and puckered nipple with my fingers.


 A piercing yet cute moan escaped from Misuzu’s mouth.

 Even when I rubbed her through her thick bathrobe, she felt it. So when I touched her directly, Misuzu reacted even more.

 She clenched her teeth and twitched as if she had just climaxed.

 ”Ugh… what’s wrong with me? It’s so scary…”

 She was confused, but as for me, I couldn’t help but be happy that a girl could feel my hands on her.

 ”It’s okay, you can feel it more”

 As the excitement builds, her breathing becomes erratic.

 With both hands, I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as hard as I could. Gently, from inside to outside, from outside to inside, like kneading a mochi.

 ”Hiahh, aah, aah, aah, y-your hands are so naughty, nhahh… aah!”

 And as I sucked on the tops of her breasts…

 ”Aaah, aaah… hiaaah!”

 Misuzu arched her back like a bow being drawn.

 (Wow! She is super sensitive! A sensitive girlfriend is the best!)

 I lick the hardened nipple with my tongue.

 As I licked and kneaded it like a candy cane, Misuzu’s body, now a mature woman in her twenties, twitched.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! I-It’s bad, it’s very bad, Fumi-kyun, I’m feeling it too much… Ohhhh, it’s so hot, it’s bad!”

 Misuzu scratched the air with her fingertips desperately as if she was being driven, and her moaning voice became more and more desperate.

 (Is this the rumored 3,000 times sensitivity?)

 3,000 times the sensitivity rumored in the eroge world. Of course, there’s no way that’s true, but the sheer stupidity of the number three thousand is impressive.

 (Anyway… isn’t Misuzu too developed after 5 years?)

 Well, I’m the only one who can develop it.

 I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her breasts as if I’d milked them.

 As I doing so, she raised her eyebrows, and appealed to me.

 ”I-It’s weird… Ahn, nnnn, w-why am I like this, nhh? I-It feels so good, nnn…”

 While listening to Misuzu’s cute panting voice as she writhed wildly, I tortured her breasts even more relentlessly.

 (Oh no… this is so much fun. I want to keep playing with her nipples)

 But if I keep on like this, she’s going to reach her limit just by rubbing her breasts.

 (It’s about time… to move…)

 I untie her bathrobe with one hand while sucking on her nipples. And then–

 (…Seriously? )

 I’m a little surprised to see her body revealed from under her bathrobe.

 Misuzu has a good figure to begin with. And now, five years later, she is even more beautiful and shapely.

 With her sculpted waist and incredibly long legs exposed, I took my mouth away from her breasts and sat up involuntarily.

 As if she didn’t want to meet my gaze, Misuzu rubbed her inner thighs together.

 ”Fumi-kyun, you idiot… don’t look at me like that… It’s so embarrassing…”

 ”…It’s your fault that Misuzu’s body is too beautiful”

 Her face instantly boils over.

 ”…Geez, geez… you stupid idiot!”

 Her face turned bright red as she turned away from me, and her cuteness ruined my talk.

 ”Cute, cute, cute…”

 As I call out “cute” like a tribesman who has lost the ability to say anything other than “cute”, I move up from her body towards her lower half.

 Beneath a well-groomed, inverted triangle of bush, I look deep into her closed thighs. As I move my nose closer, I can smell the sweet and sour scent of her pussy, more than sweat.

 Then, in the midst of her gasping, exhausted breaths, I grab her slippery knees, holding back my impulse.

 I glanced at her face, and saw her moist eyes staring at me.

 An expectant look, a lusty smile on her face.

 Then she said, “Fumi-kyun… do whatever you want to me… let me know that I belong to you…” and relaxed her whole body.

 Immediately my heart beats so hard. It’s pounding too much. Misuzu, my girlfriend is too cute.

 Then, with my heart beating faster than ever before, I slowly opened Misuzu’s legs.

 Deep in her soft thighs, I could see the thick, plump crack of a woman. A mysterious crevasse, like a layer of peach-colored frills.

 She’d felt so much. It’s already moist, and the love juices dripping down the sheet have created an embarrassing Australian-shaped stain.

 Her honey pot is more watery than usual, and her mature female body is ready and waiting for me.

 (Misuzu is mine. I’ve already taken her, but she’ll be mine for the next five years and beyond!)

 When I thought of this, I felt an inexpressible love well up in me,

 ”I love you”

 Such words came out of my mouth.

 ”I love you too… I love you, I really love you!”

 Hearing Misuzu’s words as if she was overcome with emotion, I untied my bathrobe and exposed my achingly tense cock to her eyes.

 Instantly, Misuzu’s eyes went wild.

 ”*Pant…* It’s look nice…”

 Her breath is hot, and her eyes are lustful. Misuzu stared at my cock with a dreamy expression on her face.

 ”I’ll make you feel it…”

 I grab Misuzu’s legs and open them wide again.

 When I looked down, the stain on the sheet had grown even larger, and I could see the tip of her wet pubic hair, covered with drops of her love juice, like morning dew.

 With my right hand, I grabbed my object and placed it between her legs, the tip of my flesh trembling with excitement.

 The heat seemed to be overflowing, the lance of flesh swollen with excitement.

 The moment I felt the hot moistness at the tip of the spear, as if it had been dipped in hot water, an electric current ran up my spine, thrilling me.


 I clenched my teeth as I almost let out a gasp.

 The feeling of flesh was too much for me. The obscene hole of her flesh, greedily trying to swallow my object.

 As I slowly pushed my hips forward, the folds of her flesh lovingly entwined with my own.

 ”Aah, Fumi-kyun is entering me… aah, aah…”

 I slid in her, rubbing up and down her vaginal walls. While doing so, her body grew hotter and hotter.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!”

 Eventually, when the tip of the meat reached the end of her body, she arched her whole body as if she had been shot.

 The intense sensation of being united with my beloved girlfriend, without any separation, makes the core of my brain go numb.

 I can feel her pulse beating on my meat rod, and my heart beating deep in my chest. I was intoxicated by the two different rhythms of beating.

 After remaining still for a while, Misuzu dropped her body, which had been arched to the limit, to the bed with her breath.

 Normally, I’d start shaking my hips like a beast and devouring the pleasure, but today I’ve decided to have s*x like a lover.

 Even if I say “lover-like”, it’s just an imagination, and there’s no such thing as love or romance when brainwashed. Maybe that’s it…

 But I wanted to prove how much I loved her, and that’s how I felt right now.

 So, I took one of my hands and pinched Misuzu’s thin chin with my fingertips, turned her to face me, and pressed our lips together again.

 ”Nnn!? Don’t kwiss me right now, you’re making me feel too much…”

 Our mouths kiss as we overlap each other.

 As soon as our tongues met, I felt a piercing shock between my eyebrows. My taste buds, which were supposed to be my sense organs, were painted with the taste of pleasure.

 ”Nnn, mfubu, I Hove huu”

 ”He hoo… *Lick* *Lick* *Smooch*”

 With my cock buried deep inside her, I whispered my love to her, and she responded with drool all over her mouth.

 As the mucous membranes of our tongues rubbed against each other, I began to feel so much love for her.

 It was so pleasurable that Misuzu and I continued to intertwine our tongues.

 When we have finished intertwining our taste organs, I slowly raise my upper body. As our lips parted, her tongue came out of her mouth and tried to catch up with mine.

 ”Ah. I-I want kiss… again…”

 Misuzu looks up at me with a blatantly regretful expression on her face.

 ”Now I’m going to make you feel good…”

 The meat stick still sitting in her vagina. But as I begin to slowly pull my hips back, her body tenses and her eyes widen.

 ”Ngii!? This rubbing, aahhh!? Inside my vagina, ahhhh! W-What is this!? Aah, aah, aah, aah…”

 Her body’s even more sensitive now, after five years. On top of that, the long kisses may have made her feel so horny from the inside out that it’s the first time she’s felt such pleasure.

 ”Uahh, ah, ah, t-this is, hiiinn, nhaaaaa”

 After just one back and forth movement, she gasped, her pupils dilated and her face became terrified.

 ”I-I feel to much, I-I can’t, F-Fumi-kyun, d-don’t move”

 She reached out her hands and clung to my body like a drowning child. But I can’t respond to her request not to move.

 ”Nhiiiiiiiiii? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 As I begin to pump, she clenches her teeth in desperation and digs her nails into my back.

 ”Ahh, ahii!! Ah, ah, ah, kuuuuu, guuuuuuuuu, ah, ah, ah, ah, s-stop, ah ah!”

 Despite her pained voice, the folds of her vagina are fervently twisting around my object.

 Every time the goose neck (frenulum) rubs up against the vaginal wall, her body bounces like a fish on a river bank, and her shapely breasts sway.

 (The way she was so wild…)

 I’m making a gorgeous adult woman wildly unruly. The thought of it made me feel more and more rigid, and the pressure inside her vagina increased.

 ”I-I’m full… Fumi-kyun’s, ah, my belly is full… ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 But before long, Misuzu’s agonized moans melted into the sweetness of sensuality, and her desperate expression was lost in pleasure.

 ”Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah…”

 Her expression slackened with pleasure, and her moist eyes narrowed like threads as she looked up at me.

 Her beauty had been dignified and taut. But now her face is so slack that I cannot sense a trace of intelligence.

 ”Ah, i-if you keep doing this… you’re gonna make my head explode… aah, aah…”

 She moaned softly. Her black eyes are shaking, and she’s about to fall back upwards.

 (More… I’ll make you feel more better)

 And so, I slam the tip of my meat hard against her deepest part.

 As soon as I did, she squealed, “Hiiiii!?” then her long, slit eyes drooping more and more.

 ”Misuzu! I love you! I love you!

 ”Nhii! Aah! I love you too, ah, ah, ah, ahii!? I love you…”

 I can’t stop my hips from moving in excitement. The momentum of the plunge becomes more and more intense. Her beautiful breasts are bouncing and bouncing, fueling my lust.

 ”Misuzu! Stay by my side for the rest of your life, you’re mine! I love you!”

 ”Anh, I, hmmm, belong to Fumi-kyun, ah, I’m so happy, so happy, please don’t let me go, please have s*x with me all the time… Anh, anh, I love you…”

 Misuzu smiled happily with an expression of utter debauchery on her face. At that moment, what little reason I had left was blown away.


 I held Misuzu’s thighs with both hands and began to thrust my hips into her at full speed.

 ”Aaah!? Ghhh, it’s too much, aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

 Misuzu’s chin turned upward as if it had been popped by the movement of my hips.

 ”Hit’s hood, hits hoo hood, my inside is being rubbed, it’s deep, it’s so deep! Aaahhhh!”

 She was in such a frenzy. Misuzu’s face is a mess of drool and tears, and she writhes around with her hair in a frenzy.

 ”I love you, Misuzu, and I’m going to mark you so you’ll know you’re mine!”

 I pound her womb hard, burning the folds of her vagina with friction, carving my way through her body.

 My hips, deep within her, were swollen with sensual excitement to the point where there was no turning back.

 But then…

 ”Nnhhhh! C-Cumming! I’m cumming! Nooo… don’tttt cum now, but I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmming!”

 Misuzu is the first to reach her climax.

 Just as her body tensed up in climax…

 *Squirttttttt…!” she let out a huge hot splash, drenching my crotch.

 At the same time, the vaginal walls, which were already tightly constricted around my object, were squeezed to the limit, as if they had gone into a seizure.

 The tightness was so strong that it almost melted my consciousness. The fierce pleasure of the flesh made me shudder.


 It’s going to explode! Just before the explosion, I let out a moan and pulled out my meat stick from her vagina.

 I saw my meat stick was covered in Misuzu’s love juices and shining brightly.

 Then, I grabbed it tightly and rubbed it excitedly. Immediately, a scorching hot stream of semen runs up the center of the rod, which has swollen to the limit.

 *Spurt! *Spurttttt*!

 The white liquid shoot in the air.

 At the end of the too-sweet lover s*x, I splash the white liquid all over the peachy-boiled woman’s body as if it were a marking.

 Her beautiful limbs like Greek sculptures, white mucus entwined around her peachy nipples, dripping down the curves of her breast.

 As I gazed ecstatically at this overly sensual scene, I let it all out and fell down to lie down next to Misuzu.

 I continued to breathe heavily and roughly, and slowly turned my head to look at her.

 Then Misuzu also looked full of life and stared at me.



 We called each other’s names sweetly and kissed each other, leaning close to each other.

 Our lips slowly lingered on each other, and we savored the aftermath of lover s*x until the end.

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