Confinement 308

Chapter 308 Milk Sister

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 Early in the morning, we checked out from the hotel before the effect of <Age Plus Five> wore off.

 Kurosawa-san is originally the type of girl who want to be pampered when we’re alone, but last night she was completely absorbed at an all-time high.

 She was saying “I love you” to me excessively, and she was showing how much she loved me with her every gesture and behavior.

 The second half of the climax was all in her mouth at her request. And after that, she continued to sip my seed, which had now become her favorite food.

 In the last hour, she even used my thigh as a pillow and kept sucking my thing.

 She was now a semen addict beyond repair.

 The aftermath was endless, and I wanted to keep embracing her forever, but unfortunately today is a weekday. It’s a normal school day.

* * *

 Then again, looking down at the screen of my smartphone in the hotel lobby, the time is 5:30 in the morning, and the effect of <Age Plus Five> will wear off by the time I get to school.

 As I looked at the icon of the social network, I saw a symbol indicating that a message had come in.

 I tap it, and the sender is Saori-chan.

 The message’s title is “I’ll be absent again tomorrow”.

 And the content says, “My fever has gone down, but I’m taking another day off just in case”.

 (…Maybe I’ll go visit her after school today)

 As I thought about this, Kurosawa-san, who is peeking at the screen of my phone from the side, said, “I’m also taking a day off from school today”.

 ”Skipping school?”

 I ask, and she purses her lips and pretends to be sulking, “No, I’m not, muu~”

 (Don’t sulk! You’re too cute! You’ll make me want to attack you again!)

 ”You know, I’m originally supposed to be off today. After all, I have a photo shoot this afternoon. Well, I’ll sleep in my room until noon… but my back is killing me, because of someone else”

 ”Yeah, you should get some rest”

 After leaving the hotel, I opened “the door” in a secluded place and went back to “the room”.

 When I connected it to the dining room, there are two people there.

 One is Ryoko, dressed in a maid’s uniform.

 She is wearing a British-style maid’s uniform with a long hem, which, somehow, doesn’t look out of place at all.

 The other is Jolanda, who is completely naked, wearing only a collar.

 She is treated as a livestock and is not allowed to wear clothes when she is in “The Room”.

 However, on closer inspection, Ryoko and Jolanda seem to be very similar types, despite their racial differences.

 (I wonder what kind of conversation they’ll have…)

 No… I can pretty much guess. After all, Ryoko is not interested in anyone but me. Of course, she’ll only talk about me.

 Looking at Jolanda, she doesn’t seem to be in a state of trouble, even though I’ve left her alone for a long time.

 (Maybe she’s venting her feelings by being reckless on the track and field club, or maybe she can handle it on her own…)

 ”Welcome home, Master, Misuzu-sama”

 As Ryoko elegantly bows, Kurosawa-san’s excitement rises.

 ”Wow, Ryoko-san is so cute!”

 ”Thank you for the compliment”

 Then, from the kitchen, Kyoko, dressed in a mini-maid’s outfit, peeked out and said, “Nee-chan, help me carry the food!” .

 ”Wow, Kyoko-san is cute… huh?”

 ”Don’t tilt your head!”

 Yes, I can understand Misuzu’s subtle expression.

 Because as I can see, her hair is dyed red and Kyoko looks more like a delinquent in her mini-skirt maid outfit. She’s not cute, she’s more like a supporting character in an AV cosplay, at the edge of the screen, getting bukkake.

 Then, after a few moments, breakfast arrived: a muffin filled with blueberry jam and a fried egg.

 When Kyoko complains, “Why am I doing this?”, Ryoko rebukes her, “Just shut up Kyoko”.

 During the meal, Jolanda stands right next to me, and when the time is right…

 ”Master, have a drink”

 She lifts up her breasts and thrusts her nipples into my mouth.

 I said, “Well, then, I’ll have a drink” and sucked on her nipple, and she moaned, “Mmm..” while raised her eyebrows.

 I heard that breast milk usually doesn’t taste so good, but apparently it tastes different depending on what one usually eats.

 Jolanda told me the other day that she eats fruit for most of her three meals to make her milk taste sweeter.

 As I suck on it, the milk comes out in abundance. Indeed, it is quite sweet. Although it is a little harder to drink than when I was breastfeeding, it’s not a problem.

 In a sense, it’s a luxurious meal, with muffins in my mouth and breast milk in my mouth. And the fact that I was humiliating a female teacher who had been my enemy, and treating her like a milk supply, excited me in a very perverse way.

 However, I did notice that Ryoko is watching me sucking on Jolanda’s nipples with a very envious look on her face.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 A little after eight in the morning.

 I arrived at school and immediately peeked through the doorway into Fumio’s classroom.

 I found Fumio in the second seat from the back, looking at his phone.

 Looking around, there are a few other students in the classroom, but no familiar faces.

 ”Fumio, do you have a minute?”

 As I stepped into the classroom, the chattering voices ceased and the eyes of the students gathered in unison.

 Well, I’m used to this kind of thing. Since I’m a foreigner by all appearances, I can’t help but stand out.

 But Fumio looks a bit annoyed.

 Well, I can understand that.

 He doesn’t seem to like to stand out too much.

 ”What’s the matter?”

 Fumio looks at me suspiciously, and I whisper into his ear in a low voice.

 ”About Minami’s case… the one about the dead cat being thrown in, can I investigate it?”


 ”Well, I think because Minami seems to be in trouble, and my JK detective blood is boiling”

 ”…even though you’re a clumsy detective”

 ”Don’t be cruel, Fumio. It’s just that Fumio had a worse partner. We’ve solved a lot of cases, you know”

 Fumio looked like he was thinking for a moment, then nodded slightly.

 ”Well, that’s okay… but if you’re in danger, you must tell me”

 ”Oh? You’re worried about me?”

 ”Of course I am. Claudia is mine now, too”


 It’s so embarrassing to hear he says that so unexpectedly. Oh no, my face is getting red.

 ”Uh, yeah. W-Well, I’ll do my best so Master won’t worry about me”

 But suddenly I feel like playing a little trick and I kiss Fumio’s cheek.

 As soon as I did, he panicked so much that he almost fell over in his chair.

 I think he’s not embarrassed, but worried about the eyes around him.

 In fact, I could hear gasping voices from all over the classroom.

 ”Hey, you! Hey, Claudia!”

 ”Hahaha, bye!”

 While listening to Fumio’s panicked voice, I walked lightly into the corridor.

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