Confinement 309

Chapter 309 The Stalker and the Brocon

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 I walked quickly down the corridor.

 Fumio’s personality is such that he doesn’t act like a big man outside “The Room”, but once we step into the room, our relationship is that of master and livestock.

 It’s not appropriate for a livestock to make fun of its master and play with him, although it’s irreverent to say the least, but Fumio has been doing whatever he wants to me.

 I don’t think it would hurt me to take a little revenge.

 Of course, if someone from Fumio’s harem was around, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

 Fumio himself isn’t offended by a little thing, but the other girls are.

 The one who seems the most dangerous is Masaki.

 The next is a detective named Terashima.

 These two, judging by their appearance, don’t take jokes well. My detective instincts are telling me that if I’m not careful, my life will be in danger.

* * *

 (By the way, Fumio is always full of holes… I’m worried about him)

 As for the earlier exchange, Fumio probably didn’t activate the <Eyes of Truth>.

 Because my words “Minami seems to be in trouble” and “My detective JK blood is boiling” are both outright lies.

 (Well, it does sound like Fumio, and that’s what I like about him…)

 There’s a reason why I said, “I want to check the one that throws cat carcasses”.

 Yesterday, after I left the meeting room, I forced Minami to go to a fast-food restaurant, even though she didn’t want to take a detour as a member of the public morals committee.

 ”Ehehe, little girl, it’s okay, it’s just the tip, hahaha, it’s okay”

 I said while forcibly pulling her hand, and Minami gave me a dumbfounded look.

 ”Camilia-san… the gap between your face and what you say is terrible”

 ”It can’t be helped. I’m not a gaijin by choice either”

 Making her dumbfounded and unwilling to resist is one of the techniques.

 I buy two shakes, and we sit down at the far end of the seating area.

 At this point, there is no need to make a long story. I just want to know why Minami is so obsessed with this Kobayashi-sensei.


 The more I listened to her, the more I realized that this Kobayashi-sensei was a scumbag.

 At first, he forcibly raped her, and later he threatened her with the dirty pictures he took during the rape to force her to have a relationship with him.

 Furthermore, he made Minami pay for the hotel room, which can only be described as the worst.

 Even if Fumio and him are the same scum, the scale of scum is different. He is not even a fraction of Fumio.

 At least, Fumio wouldn’t have thrown away a woman who fall in love with him…

 From what I’ve heard so far, there’s nothing to be attracted to. I never understood why Minami was so obsessed with Kobayashi.

 Eventually, when I asked her if she had any idea who was harassing Kobayashi by throwing cat carcasses into his house, she showed some hesitation and spoke.

 ”Maybe… it’s Kizuna-chan”


 Kizuna is a rare name for a person. And there is a girl with that name among the people I know.

 ”Could that be Kizuna Tachioka?”

 ”You know her?”

 Minami’s eyes widened.

 But I’m not going to tell her about my relationship with Kizuna, though.

 ”We’re friends, at least”

 When I muddied the subject, Minami was quite surprised.

 ”So, why do you think it might be Kizuna?”

 ”To tell you the truth… whenever I try to visit Kobayashi-sensei, Kizuna-chan interrupts me… and on days when she doesn’t interrupt me, she throws a dead cat in my path”

 The day that Minami was not interrupted means the day that she was able to go to Kobayashi’s house and send him a message.

 (… Maybe she interrupted her when she couldn’t get the cat carcass? But why would Kizuna do that? )

 ”Hey, Minami. What is your relationship with Kizuna?”

 When I asked her this question while sipping my shake, Minami told me an unexpected fact.


 ”The boyfriend I was dumped by is Kizuna-chan’s “


 I was surprised to hear this.

 And the shake went all the way up my nose, and I writhed in agony as I wiped the shake juice from my nose.

 As I frowned at the stinging sensation in the back of my nose, I shouted out in my chest.

 (That stupid long-haired girlfriend? Minami? That’s too much of a waste!)

* * *

 According to the story, Minami’s house and Tachioka’s house are next door to each other, and they grew up together naturally.

 However, their relationship had been awkward since the beginning of this year.

 Eventually, the silly long-haired became shut-in, and when she went to his room to check on him, he told her he broke up with her without saying a word.

 Since then, no matter how many times she visited his house, he never came out, and no matter how many messages she sent, he never responded.

 After saying that, Minami turned her face down.

 ”That stupid longhair… she’s rejecting Minami… how dare he…”

 I said, and Minami smiled weakly.

 ”Camilia, do you know about Masahiro too? But Masahiro’s just a little naughty, and he’s really kind”

 At this point, I’m getting a lot of ideas.

 Minami Shibata is the type of girl who will do anything for others, and she’s attracted to bad guys. On top of that, she is narrow-minded.

 Such a girl, once she has a physical relationship with a guy, she feels threatened that she has to love him, which is a very bad thing.

 There are sometimes such girls among the serious ones.

 They are the type of people who put hardships into their lives, or they are unhappy people. Another characteristic of this type is that they become stalkers when they are rejected.

 (In fact, she is quite a stalker, coming to his house and sending him a message asking to meet him…)


 On the other hand, I believe that Kizuna would do something like throwing a dead cat into the house because she is, in my eyes, a serious “brocon”.

 To her, the girlfriend of her beloved brother would be nothing more than a thorn in her side.

 That’s why she interrupts her.

 It’s understandable if I think she’s trying to trap Minami so that they can’t get back together again. It’s pretty psycho, though.

 If a cat’s corpse is thrown into Kobayashi’s house every day Minami approaches him, she will be suspected as the culprit.

 (…I mean, is it really that easy to catch a cat? Is Kizuna a cat hunter or something?)

 If so, I can’t just leave it like this.

 I’m going to make good use of Kizuna and her stupid long hair in the future, and I’m going to give Minami to Fumio.

 Somehow, I’d like to keep the situation under control.

 Besides, I can’t stand the thought of Minami and Kizuna’s lives being ruined because of that stupid long hair.

 That’s why I asked Master’s permission, in order to have a good reason for my action.

 After I returned to my classroom, I sat down. Looking around, I see only a few classmates coming to school. Minami hasn’t arrived yet either.

 I take out my phone and tap the SNS icon, scrolling through my friends list.

 (I should probably meet up with Kizuna first… preferably without the stupid long hair)

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