Confinement 310

Chapter 310 Action!

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 ”Yahhoo, Rin! Let’s go play with Onee-chan, today!”

 At the end of the third period break, Tattakata, or Takaka-onee-chan, suddenly barged into the classroom and shouted that without even reading the surrounding atmosphere.

 Naturally, the classroom is buzzing. Even the underclassmen know about Takaka Takata, the infamous chairwoman of the public morals committee, the walking right angle, the inflexible gatekeeper of the school rules.

 She has confiscated countless manga and video games, and I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen boys howling into the evening sun, “What am I supposed to do with a three-year-old manga, even if she says she’ll return it when I graduate?”

 But then, out of the blue, she asks me to play with her and return home with her.

* * *

 Well, I’ve gotten used to seeing her in the past few days, but since the opening ceremony yesterday, the change in her appearance has shocked everyone.

 Even when I was listening in the classroom, her appearance was talked about everywhere.

 It was quite interesting to see them all converge to “she must have a boyfriend”, as if they were watching a chemical experiment where the same results would be obtained under the same conditions.

 The another point that puzzled my classmates was the fact that the person she talked to was myself, Rin Fukuda.

 Anyway, even after the summer vacation, the classroom is still a place of needles. I’m completely ignored.

 No one will say anything to me.

 I’m not bullied.

 Still, I’m just treated as if I don’t exist.

 And I can clearly see that the teachers are having trouble dealing with me. That is rather helpful, though, because I am rarely pointed at in class.

 ”Takata-senpai, oh, you came to play…”

 ”Not Senpai! But, Onee-chan! Then, let’s start over”

 ”Uh… Onee-chan, you came to play?”

 At my comment, the whispering in the classroom suddenly increased.

 They’re probably wondering. “Could it be that they are sisters?” but I chuckled in my heart, “How can that be?”.

 To put it simply, Senpai and I are junior students and roommates.

 In fact, since the last day of the summer vacation, I have moved into the same room with onee-chan.

 She talked to the head of the dormitory, and I finally escaped from the storage room.

 Back to the current situation, she looked around and whispered into my ear in a quiet voice.

 ”Let’s have fun… together with Fumio-chi. I just made an appointment with him”

 To tell the truth, last night when she said, “Oh, yeah. I’ve become Saffle with Fumio-chi. Don’t worry, we’ll do it together”, I’m surprised. So I asked her a lot of questions about it last night. And so we come to the present situation.

 (Power of action!)

 It seems that this is what happens when the passion of controlling public morals gets twisted.

 ”But isn’t there a joint meeting with the student council today, Onee-chan?”

 She had been mumbling about this last night too. The reason is simple, she doesn’t get along with the current student council president who is a second-year student.

 ”A joint meeting? Of course, I forced Shibata-chi to do it”

 ”You’re making a mess… Onee-chan”

 When I was dumbfounded, she stuck out her tongue at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After school, I stayed in the classroom and waited for Kizuna to come.

 I called her by messenger.

 I thought about where I should call her, but I have no idea where in this school would be good for a secret talk.

 After all, it’s only been two days since I moved here.

 For now, I thought that I could ask her to come to the classroom and then we could move, but there might be no need to move at all.

 Because I am already alone in the classroom.

 Minami had already left because she had a joint meeting with the student council and the committees with a very good mood.

 After all, she told me that Kobayashi-sensei would be coming to school tomorrow. The chairwoman of the public moral committee, who was with Fumio yesterday, had told her so.

* * *

 As for me, I wonder if I should be so innocently happy about it.

 From what I’ve heard so far, it’s possible that Kobayashi-sensei thinks Minami is a stalker.

 In any case, I’ll try to confirm the character of the Kobayashi-sensei with my own eyes.

 (I’m more interested in the public moral chairwoman)

 I don’t think there is a girl like her in Fumio’s harem. I wonder if she’s Fumio’s next target?

 It’s not that I’m jealous of her, but she’s so close to Fumio that made me feel a little uncomfortable. I’m not jealous by any means.

 As I was thinking about this, the door swung open and Kizuna peeked through the gap.

 When she caught sight of me, she looked slightly surprised.

 ”Uwaa… you’re wearing a uniform”

 ”Of course I’m wearing it, I’m a new student”

 Kizuna then stepped into the classroom, but I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows when I saw the person who came in behind her.

 ”Shiratori… why?”

 ”It’s nothing important. I was just on my way to school with Kizuna this morning when she got the message”

 ”I didn’t call Shiratori…”

 I haven’t heard the details, but I know that Shiratori is much higher up in the hierarchy of Fumio’s harem.

 But my reaction of rejection is incredible.

 This is exactly what I mean when I say I don’t even want to see her.

 Because I was fooled by this girl. Completely.

 Even my sister said she was caught in Shiratori’s trap in the end.

 It’s a good thing now that I was made into Fumio’s woman, but still, I don’t think I can forgive Shiratori in any way.

 ”You’re such a pain”

 With a snicker, she walked up to me and whispered in my ear.

 ”Have you heard from the Confinement King? The two Detective JKs are supposed to be under my control?”


 I almost shouted out, but I quickly covered my mouth.

 I’ve heard about the harem’s structure from the maids. The Confinement King is at the top and there are four favored princesses. Each of the favored princesses is supposed to be in charge of a faction.

 In other words, my sisters and I have been assigned to Shiratori’s faction, I guess.

 Kizuna has a puzzled look on her face. Then, Shiratori whispered in my ear again.

 ”Anyway, you can act as you always have. “At school….””

 I wonder what Fumio was thinking when he made this assignment.

 But the harem’s rank is absolute. That’s what I’ve been told. I can’t go against Shiratori.

 ”So, what did you want with Kizuna?”

 She asks, and I turn my head towards Kizuna.

 ”Kizuna, you know Minami, right? I became friend with her when I transferred to this school, but she seems to be involved in a complicated case”

 When I said that, Shiratori seemed to be satisfied with the situation. Perhaps Shiratori has also heard something from Kizuna.

 If so, there is no need to explain in detail.

 ”Is it Kizuna’s fault that dead cats were thrown into the garden of Kobayashi-sensei’s house?”

 When I asked this, Kizuna’s eyes widened, and Shiratori couldn’t take it any longer and let out a “pfft”.

 ”Why are you talking like that!? No! No, no, no! It’s not Minami-oneechan!”

 Kizuna denied it while shaking her twin-tails. The color that surrounds her words is blue. Kizuna is not lying.

 ”Minami doesn’t do it, huh?”

 As I say this, Shiratori raises her gaze upward to the right, looking as if she’s thinking about something.

 And then…

 ”Hmm… I see”

 And then she raises the corner of her mouth slightly.

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