Confinement 311

Chapter 311 Therein lies the danger

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I’m a s*x slave…”

 In the room given to me by Master, I’m laying prostrate on the bed in my maid’s uniform.

 I’m only acting as head maid, and after serving master in the morning, I have nothing special to do until he returns.

 If I had to say, once a day, I go outside through the door to Kayama-sama’s room and send an email to the station via the overseas server saying that I am safe.

 And the work is so simple, serving three meals, a nap, and Master’s muscular rod, that it seems almost transparent.

 This is why I, Ryoko Terashima, am currently more relaxed than ever, forcing Ulrich-chan and Kyoko-chan to handle the ladies’ visits to “the room”.

* * *


 I don’t know when she came into the room, but I hear Kyoko-chan’s voice from above my head, and I open only one eye to look at her.

 ”Aren’t you too lazy?”

 ”It’s okay… I don’t have anything to do, and Master isn’t here”

 I don’t think Kyoko-chan, who shut herself away because she couldn’t stand Master’s bullying, wants to be told that.

 ”Nee-chan, you’ve already made a mess of empty cans and bottles, how much have you been drinking in the daytime? You’re more than a little sloppy”

 (How much? Eight cans of beer, I think…)

 ”Why don’t I take a picture of you in all your disheveled glory and show it to the Confinement King?”

 ”…Uh, pistol, pistol”

 ”Scary! Even gag policemen don’t shoot people for making fun of them nowadays!”

 ”I’m kidding, but Confinement King-sama?”

 ”Tsk, okay, okay… I know”

 Kyoko-chan looks unhappy as she picks up the beer cans lying on the floor.

 ”Speaking of which, where’s Ulrich-chan?”

 ”Hmm? Kurosa-chan used her as a hug pillow in the morning, but she was taken to a modeling agency”

 ”Misuzu-sama is so selfish…”

 It may be that she likes her, but I don’t want her to do something without asking for Master’s permission.

 ”But, school should be over by now, and you should wake up soon”

 With that, Kyoko-chan left the room, carrying the cans and bottles she had collected in her arms.

 I also raised myself up from the bed and stretched widely, “Mmmm…” but an uncomfortable feeling suddenly strikes me.

 (H-Huh? What is it? I felt like something was stuck on me…?)

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”You look like you know something”

 When I say that, Shiratori goes back to her usual unsociable face and responds with…

 ”I heard about Shibata-senpai from Kizuna. She is harassing Kobayashi-sensei by throwing cat carcasses into the school. And Kizuna is worried about it and is trying to stop her, that’s what I heard”

 ”Like I said, Minami didn’t do it. She just wants to see Kobayashi-sensei, so she goes by his house”

 Kizuna’s eyes suddenly turned stern.

 ”What do you mean by see him…?”

 It’s a hostile stare. Apparently, my words about Minami wanting to meet Kobayashi-sensei were something Kizuna couldn’t ignore.

 ”That Kobayashi-sensei is quite a bad guy, isn’t he? After forcibly raping her, when she breaks up with her boyfriend, he treats her nicely and gets into her heart. Then, when Minami starts asking for him, he distances himself from her to make her aware of his feelings. It’s a trick of a bad host or a marriage fraudster”

 Kizuna grit her teeth so hard that the quiet classroom echoed with its sound.

 ”I can’t forgive you…”

 Her words were probably directed at the Kobayashi-sensei. But I turned my head towards Shiratori, trying not to touch the anger rising from Kizuna.

 ”So… what’s the big deal?”

 ”I could guess. But there’s no proof”

 ”Guess? You mean the identity of the person who’s throwing the cat in?”

 When I tilted my head, Shiratori paused and spoke.


 ”You mean Kobayashi-sensei?”

 But to my dismay, she snickers at my question, and turns to Kizuna.

* * *

 ”Kizuna, you met Kobayashi-sensei’s wife, right?”

 Kizuna instantly widens her eyes. Then she turns to me, as if confused.

 I can’t tell if she’s lying if she doesn’t say it, but when she doesn’t answer, it’s as if she’s confirming it.

 ”You said that was a long time ago, too, right? Before the first cat carcass was thrown in. His wife accused Kobayashi-sensei of preying on Shibata-senpai, didn’t she?”

 If Shiratori said that much, I could see the story and she continued to spoke.

 ”Did you try to destroy Kobayashi-sensei’s family? Or did you appeal to him to stop? I don’t know what or how Kizuna interrupt, but his wife didn’t budge, right?”

 ”I guess Kizuna didn’t want to ruin his family”

 Shiratori dismissed my comment with a resounding, “That’s another guess”.

 (…I still hate this girl)

 ”Then Shibata-senpai started to come near his house. She must have tried to contact Kobayashi-sensei in some way. But his wife knew the way she was trying to contact him… Well, in any case, as long as Shibata-senpai stopped visiting Kobayashi-sensei’s house, there would be no more dead cats thrown into the house”

 Those words were directed at me. In other words, Shiratori is telling me to stop letting Minami go to Kobayashi-sensei’s house.

 Shiratori then asks Kizuna.

 ”Hey, Kizuna, is there anything else you’re hiding from is?”

 Kizuna looked nervous and shook her head.

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