Confinement 312

Chapter 312 Combining Special Moves

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 Taka-chi brought me to a karaoke box on the third floor of a multi-tenant building in the entertainment district behind the station.

 (Why are we in this place?)

 There is a karaoke box in front of the station, owned by a major chain.

 They have better facilities and a more extensive food menu. They even have a point card.

 So, I complained to Taka-chi about it. But–

 ”You don’t have any friends? Maybe you’re alone? Ugh…”

 She looked at me as if she was seriously disappointed.

 (Shut up. I went with my mom. Just once)

 However, I felt that saying “I went with my mom” would make the hurt deeper, so I kept quiet.

 Then Rin said–

 ”Senpai, if you tell me, I’d go out with you…”

 And then she looked at me like she really pitied me.

 You two are really starting to piss me off. Especially Rin. I can’t accept being pitied by you.

 Then, looking at the room, I see it’s small and outdated. It seems to have been cleaned, but it’s only big enough for three people to sit on the L-shaped sofa and feel a bit suffocated.

 As the waitress who had brought our drinks left, Taka-chi suddenly grabbed the microphone and shouted.

 ”No.1 Taka-chi! I’ll sing “Kinta’s Great Adventure[1]”!”

 ”That’s the kind of song a girl shouldn’t sing!?”

 I mean, where did she learn that song? That’s the kind of song that harasser old man tries to get girls to sing, you know.

 ”Ahaha, you react well. Just kidding. We didn’t come here to sing”

 (We didn’t come here to sing in a karaoke box…?)

 I raise my eyebrows. But then, Taka-chi looked at me, smiled and said with a microphone in her hand.

 ”If there’s no camera, no glass door, and no sign of the waitress onee-san, there’s only one thing to do!

 (Well, I had a pretty good idea…)

 ”Heh… how did you know about this place, Onee-chan?”

 Rin said, sounding impressed.

 To tell the truth, I’ve been curious about the term “Onee-chan”, and when I asked Taka-chi about it earlier, she poked my cheek with her finger and said, “Because we’re rod sisters and it’s someone else’s fault”.

 While I was thinking about it, Taka-chi proudly said.

 ”You know it that I’m on the side of controlling the school rules, right? Therefore, I know very well where I can violate the school rules”

 (Ah, that’s the same reason why ex-police criminals are so troublesome…)

 ”Then, let’s do it, let’s do it!”

 With that said, Taka-chi pushes the low table into a corner with her legs and kneels between my knees.

 ”Senpai… I’ve been neglected since we came back from my trip… I’ve missed you so much”

 And Rin sits on her knees on the sofa and puts her hands around my neck from the side. Then she presses her lips to mine.

 Rin, who always pretends to be “Well, I guess it can’t be helped” at the beginning, is unusually aggressive today.

 I don’t know if it’s because she’s relaxed when it’s two against one, or if she’s trying to compete with Taka-chi.

 Rin’s soft bulge is pressed against my shoulder, and her lips are passionately sucking on my mouth. Her eager tongue entered my mouth, licking up and down.

 Meanwhile, Taka-chi unbuckles my belt, pulls down my zipper, and pulls out my cock.

 ”Aha, you’re already erect. You were thinking about s*x before you came here, weren’t you? It can’t be helped”

 Of course. How could I not think about s*x when I’m going out with these two?

 ”Well, be-chin, let’s go!”

 Taka-chi suddenly took my cock in her mouth.

 ”*Slurp* *Squelch…* Slurp* Nnnn… *Slurp* Nnnnn…”

 She licks the glans with her tongue and rubs the testicles with her hand. Her touch is exquisite.

 But just as I was about to let out a squeal, Rin twirled her tongue and rubbed my nipples with her fingertips over my shirt.

 I don’t want to say it’s a coordinated attack, but it’s an excellent job of division of labor.

 With Rin on my upper body and Taka-chi on my lower, the two of them are working me over.

 ”Nchu… *Pant* puha…”

 When we parted our lips, Rin’s cheeks are pink and her eyes are wet. There’s no way a girl who can make me swoon so much with just a kiss can’t be cute.

 ”Senpai, does it feel good? I feel so fluffy just from kissing you, I want to put it in right away…”

 Rin says with a slight quiver in her voice, and Taka-chi pulls her mouth away from mine and laughs.

 ”Rin, you’re in too much of a hurry, come here”


 As Rin sits down on the floor, Taka-chi whispers to Rin, “So, let’s do what we talked about yesterday” and starts unbuttoning her blouse. Rin also unbuttons her blouse and takes it off, followed by her bra.

 As I look at the naked pair, wondering what they’re going to do, Taka-chi smiles broadly.

 ”Nihihihi! Take our combined special move!”

 ”Here, take it!”

 Rin said belatedly, and the two of them pressed their breast against my body from both sides.

 Their skin is warm and supremely soft. I felt as if a pleasant sensation is spreading through my body from their skin touching mine.

 ”I’m going to make you feel so good with my breast!”

 ”Senpai, please savor it!”

 Looking up at me, the two beautiful girls rubbed their breasts against each other.

 (Oh… the visuals are amazing…)

 Rin’s breasts are slightly larger than mine. Her four balls of flesh are softly rippling as she squeezes mine without any gaps.

 ”…… did you two talk about this?”

 I asked, holding in my pleasure, and Taka-chi snorted proudly.

 ”Humph, that’s right. Don’t you think we’re very good s*x friend?”

 ”Rin is an onahole, though”

 When I say this, Rin purses her lips.

 (This is really nice. By the way, it feels twice as good since both of them are doing it)

 It’s a man’s romance. Although I call myself Confinement King, but right now, I feel really like a king, and my expression is probably relaxed.

 ”Haha, Senpai. You look like you’re feeling really good. Do you really want to be squeezed so hard?”

 The next thing I know, Rin has a mischievous expression on her face.

 (This girl’s starting to get carried away again)

 ”Oh, Taka-chi’s breasts feel so good”

 When I said this, Rin opened her mouth with a smirk.

 ”Oh, come on, I’m bigger than her, you don’t need to be embarrassed”

 Then Taka-chi said.

 ”It’s not about the size, it’s about love, love”

 She said so while rubbing her breasts against mine.

 (Ugh, it’s so soft, this is too…… destructive)

 ”If it’s love, I’m better than you!”

 When Rin started to shake her breasts up and down vigorously with both hands while said, “Oh, wanna to compete?”, Taka-chi starts to do the same.

 ”Wait, both of you are so intense!”

 Their twin breasts are both soft and firm. And no matter how hard I endure it, I can’t compete with this overwhelming feeling of flesh.

 The touch of their hard nipples is an exquisite accent, arousing even more lustful feelings, and the four breasts rubbing together, making an indescribable pleasure.

 (Oh, this feels good….. This feels really good)

 While I was drunk with pleasure, their breathing became much more ragged.

 ”Nnn, nnnnn….. m-my nipples are rubbing against something, Nnnn…… it’s so lewd, nnnn……”

 ”O-Onee-chan, aah, nnn, I-I just realized…… that this is a self-destruct …… Nnnn……”

 Their breaths are getting hotter and their voices are getting sweeter.

 ”So, let’s finish him off, shall we?”

 As soon as Taka-chi said this, they both extended their tongues to my cock and started to lick up the glans, not caring that their tongues were touching each other.

 Taka-chi used her tongue to rub up and down, and Rin used the tip of her tongue to pry at the tip of the glans.

 ”Then, Fumio-chi, I’ll milk your cock and make it spurt, spurt”

 ”Senpai~, show me your cool ejaculation”

 The pleasure is sharp. Their expressions as they gazed up at me, begging me to ejaculate is so much.

 It’s so intense.


 Naturally, I moaned, and the heat swirling in my loins began to rush up my urethra, searching for a way out. And then–


 With a brief moan, my body tenses up, and I finally release my semen.

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttt!* *Spurtttttttttttt!*

 ”Wow, it’s amazing, it flies so fast!”

 ”Kyahn, it’s hot, it’s on my face, ahhh……”

 Both of them squealed in excitement at the splash of white liquid. Meanwhile, the breast service doesn’t stop.

 ”Senpai, please cum more and more!”

 ”Fumio-chi’s cock milk, I’ll squeeze it all out!”

 The two of them with their faces stained with semen, smiled lasciviously at me.

 ”Oh, you two…… ugghhh…….”

 With their breast rubbing up and down on my freshly cummed rod, I let out a weak gasp and shuddered again at the climaxing pleasure coming from my perineum.

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