Confinement 313

Chapter 313 Sister Competition

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Double Titsjob (Paizuri) and two shots.

 The sensation of the lower half of my body being relaxed with each shot of cum is so good.

 ”Wow, you let out a lot of cum. Fumio-chi”

 ”Nnn, Senpai, it’s nice”

 When the ejaculation subsides, the girls smile together with their faces stained with semen.

 But, in the next room, the rap music which has been going on since a while ago, completely out of rhythm. All the voices in the room are male, and it seems that the group is all male.

 ”Rin, your face is all muddy”

 ”Onee-chan too…”

 Taka-chi, acting like a big sister, starts wiping Rin’s face with a hand towel, and Rin looks a little sulky.

 If I look closely, I can see six hand towels on the low table. The waitress had left them with the drinks. I can only assume that the karaoke knew what we were up to.

 ”Hey, Fumio-chi, did that feel good?”

 ”Great, to say the least”

 When I replied, Rin’s eyes moistened and she gave me a lecherous look.

 ”Senpai… I want you to put your big cock in me”

 ”Mine first, okay? Fumio-chi! Give me my reward. I can’t take it anymore”

 Taka-chi followed with a wistful look.

 The two girls kneel at her feet, begging. The lasciviousness of their sperm-covered breast makes me swoon.

 ”Then both of you take off your pants, put your hands on the wall and point your ass at me”


 The girls stood up, did as they were told, took off their underwear, pulled up their skirts, and thrust their ass toward me.

 (It’s so nice to see them together…)

 The sight of their two asses in front of me aroused my animal desires. The fact that they are wearing uniforms, albeit only skirts, is also nice.

 When I thought that the ones with sloppy faces begging to be fucked were the steel-tongued chairwoman of the public morals committee and a cocky junior, I felt a sense of conquest.

 (Looking at them like this, their ass are quite different. Rin’s ass are also quite different)

 While Rin’s ass has a feminine roundness, Taka-chi’s are sleek and small.

 But both are still attractive.

 ”Fumio-chi is such a pervert. You wants to fuck both of us together, and your eyes are so horny”

 ”Senpai is a pervert, though, I’m used to it. Well, Senpai is probably the world’s top pervert”

 ”You guys, just say whatever you want!”

 If both of them say so much, I’ll just open up.

 ”If both of you insist, we’ll go with the perverted play. Now, both of you, spread your pussies and show me!”

 ”Ah, aha… ahaha… we’ve dug ourselves a hole”

 ”Onee-chan… oh no…”

 ”Hey, Rin, don’t give off the vibe that Taka-chi is the only one to blame, you too, you too!”

 While saying this and that, the two of them put their hands on their crotches and split open their folds with their fingers.

 When they opened the pink frilly curtain, their pussy is twitching and drooling.

 (Yeah… this is erotic…)

 I’m sorry for making them do it, but it’s absurdly erotic. I gasped at the sight that aroused men’s degrading emotions.

 ”What an erotic bunch of females… both of you are soaking wet”

 As I say this, I bring my face close enough to theirs for me to see, and stare at them intently.

 The two holes are practically soaked. In the center of their glistening mucous membranes, a small hole, almost big enough for a finger to fit through, twitches and twitches in a random rhythm like an irregular pulse.

 ”Taka-chi’s is a little darker. Rin’s are sticking out like a sore thumb”

 In fact, the difference is not that great. They are both a beautiful pink color, but I dare to make them feel ashamed.

 ”Uuu… comparing pussies, you’re a real pervert! I’m dying of embarrassment”

 ”O-Onee-chan’s stupid, it’s your fault”

 (So Rin… You really like to shift the blame right away, don’t you?)

 The girls are all red up to the backs of their ears. The sight of two beautiful girls of different types being embarrassed really tickled my S-mind.

 ”Then, I’ll take my time loving you”

 With that said, I plunged my index finger into the two flesh pots.



 They both shut their eyes and twitch their hips. Their bodies tense up, and the backs of their thighs tense up.

 (Wow… they’re both soaked to the bone.)

 The two holes I’ve used are each shallowly clenched by my fingers, and move as if to lure me deeper and deeper.

 ”Ah, ummm… it’s not the finger I want…”

 ”Senpai… don’t squirm so much…”

 The sound of their voices begging for forgiveness is a complete change from the forcefulness of their breast serving, and my desire to abuse them rises up inside me.

 So, I thrust my fingers in and out more vigorously, gently rubbing up the soft folds covering the vaginal walls with my fingers.

 ”Hiin!? Fumio-chi’s finger… Ah, ah, ah, it’s bad, it’s bad, nhiii…!? Ah, ah, ah…”

 ”Aah, nnnn… ah, you’re exposing my weak spot… Senpai, don’t rub there…”

 They clenched their teeth to hold in the pleasure, and lifted their heels up with more force in their thighs.

 From the look of them, it seemed as if they were enjoying the pleasure of debauchery.

 In my excitement, I accelerated my pumping, violently ravaging both of their holes. Each time I pulled in and out, nectar overflowed, making a lustful squirting sound.

 ”Hm. Fumio-chi, that’s not good, that’s not good, oh… don’t scratch it like that, nn, aahhh…”

 ”Senpai, don’t bend your fingers… I’m really weak there, you know… aah, aah, aah…”

 Their faces are burning as they desperately endured the pleasure, and their bodies are trembling and twitching.

 If I looked down at them, I could see their lascivious forms.

 They seemed to be more excited by the fact that they are being caressed together.

 Of course I’m excited too. And I couldn’t resist the urge that was rising in me, so I immersed myself in playing with their holes. I felt like a Mr. Driller.

 I rotate my fingers in and out, bend them inside to stimulate the inside of their belly button, and enjoy the feeling inside and their reactions.

 ”Hiiin Fumio-chi, you’re too devilish!? Nnn, huh, ahhh, you’re making me squirm too much… nnn, haaahn…”

 ”Senpai, senpai, ahn, aaaaah, ahn…”

 They struggled to hold on with their hands on the wall.

 But I noticed that the song in the next room is cut off. The corridor remains quiet, so it’s not like they’ve left. Perhaps they are listening to us with their ears against the wall.

 ”The next room seems to be listening”

 Rin gulped and held her mouth, and Taka-chi’s voice sounded urgent.

 ”I-It’s okay, ahn, ahn… let them hear it. Brag about how popular you are, Fumio-chi”

 ”Ahaha, Taka-chi’s a pervert too!”

 When my fingers move faster, Rin lets out a muffled cry while holding her mouth.

 ”I can’t stand it, I can’t hold my voice, it’s so embarrassing, Senpai, don’t finger me…”

 And Taka-chi turned her head to me with a wistful look in her eyes.

 ”Fingers aren’t enough for me anymore. Since Rin doesn’t seem to want it, Fumio-chi, give me some of your awesome cum!”

 ”Wha!? You’re cheating, Onee-chan! Senpai, give me Senpai’s cock! Put it in me! Please put it in me!”

 I gasped at their desperate pleas for s*x, and after some hesitation, I stood behind Rin.

 ”Then, let’s start with Rin”


 ”Eh…. Why…?!”

 In this kind of situation, it’s more exciting to blame a girl who is more or less shy.

 As I grabbed Rin’s thin waist, I thrust my cock into her in one breath.


 Rin’s eyes widen as her hole is penetrated deeply, and she arches her back as she screams. She is so excited that her flesh hole is covered with water.

 Even though it’s a female hole that I’m already familiar with, the tightness of the soft flesh is quite strong because of the excitement.

 ”Nn, nnnn… nn, nnah! Nn, nnn…”

 She’s holding her mouth with one hand, trying desperately to hold back her voice, probably embarrassed.

 But as soon as I slammed my hips down hard and gouged her narrow hole without hesitation, a sweet, collapsing gasp came out of Rin’s mouth.

 ”Aaah, yan, ahn, aaaaah, yes, yes! Aaahhh, aaahhh!”

 She clawed at the wall, greedily accepting the pistons like a predatory herbivore, stimulating my S-consciousness to no end.

 ”Muuu… you’re so mean…”

 ”Taka-chi will be in soon, you just have to be patient”

 While appeasing the puffy cheeks of Taka-chi, I gave Rin a powerful thrust.

 ”Hiaaaa, Senpai, so intense! It’s more intense than usual, aah, aah, aah!”

 Rin’s legs trembled as she struggled to maintain her posture and her small, cherry-red lips leaking a lusty, animal-like moan.

 ”Keep your voice down or the people next room will hear you”

 ”Oh no, it’s so embarrassing…! B-But, it feels so good… I can’t hold it…”

 She’s trying desperately to keep her voice down, but she can’t hold back when she’s being penetrated. Rin is so cute.

 I want to make her moan even more, so I accelerate the piston.

 ”Hiii, s-senpai, you meanie, I said I-I’m embarrassed, anh, anh, you meanie…”

 Then Taka-chi gave me an affectionate look.

 ”Hey… I can’t wait for you to put your cock in me. Hey Fumio-chi…”

 Indeed, it was more fun to hurry things along a bit than to make Rin cum all at once.

 So, I respond to Taka-chi’s plea and pull out my meat stick.

 ”Nnn… nnn…”

 Rin let out a disappointed sound. Still, I quickly move behind Taka-chi and penetrate her at once, and she screams without any sign of shame.

 ”Fumio-chi’s cock, it’s coming!”

 The Erotic Public Moral Chairwoman arched her smooth back in delight.

 I’ve tasted her flesh many times before, but because her skin is a completely different color, it seems very new to me.

 Perhaps it’s because I’ve been teasing her, but her vagina feels like it’s clinging to me more than Rin’s. This is pleasant in its own way.

 ”I’m going to poke you a lot for waiting so long”

 I grabbed her slightly small hips and suddenly started to use my hips violently.

 ”All of a suddennnnn! Aah! Ah, I can’t breathe! A-Awesome, anh, ahih, aaaaah, aaaaah!”

 Now, the chairwoman of the public morals committee squirms and squeals in the depths of her standing position. She puts her hands on the wall and stomps her legs to maintain her posture, and I ravish her violently.

 ”You’re talking too loud, Taka-chi. You should tone it down a bit”

 ”I-I can’t, even if you say so! Ah, nnnn! This feels too good, Nhh, nnnnnn! Why don’t we just let them hear it all! Aah!”

 To make her moan even more, I covered Taka-chi’s back and grabbed her breasts. Then I whispered in her ear.

 ”Taka-chi, look at me”

 ”Eh… chu, nmuu! *Slurp* *Smoochhh* nnnn!”

 As Taka-chi turns around, I take her lips and rub her breast with my hand. Of course, I don’t stop moving my hips.

 When I have pushed her too hard with the three points of mouth, breast and vagina, I change my movement.

 I stopped my hips when I had penetrated to the deepest part, and moved my hips in a circular motion to rub up against her cervix.

 (Taka-chi, she just came, didn’t she?)

 ”You just came, didn’t you?”

 I whispered so into her ear while pinching her nipples and playing with them, and Taka-chi replied with drooling eyes.

 ”I-I’m going to cum, if you do that to me… Ah, stop with the nipples, I just came, *Pant* *Pant*… I’m still so sensitive”

 ”Okay, let’s switch again.”

 As I said that, I pulled out my cock and Taka-chi sat down on the floor, breathless.

 Then, I inserted it into Rin again, and shook my hips with the force of a raging wave.

 ”Ahn, welcome back, ahn, ahn, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 ”You’re squeezing me so hard. Are you waiting that long?”

 ”Ah! B-Because, it’s pulled out halfway through… aah, aah, aah!”

 Just like I did to Taka-chi, I covered her from behind.

 ”Senpai… I want to kiss you too…”

 I responded to Rin’s request with a sweet voice, squeezing her breasts with my tongue and slamming my hips against her.

 ”Nhi, nnn, *Lick* *Pant Pant* nnn, nnn!”

 (I can see the difference when I fuck them alternately like this… they react differently)

 Right now, the small room is filled with a sweet and sour smell, and I can hear the breathing of the men who are probably listening in the next room.

 ”Puha, nnnah! Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah!”

 As soon as our lips parted, Rin’s voice rang out loudly. Then, I rolled her left and right nipples with my index fingers and made her body jerked and shivered.

 ”Nnn, if you play with my nipple while thrusting, nnn, no, I’m going to come, I’m going to come, nnn, nnn…”

 She must be nearing her limit. After all, her breathing is loud and fast, and she’s wriggling her hips wildly.

 ”You can cum, I’ll cum together with you”

 ”Aah, I’m so happy, senpai, my senpai!”

 With that said, I began pounding away.

 Rin’s climax is just around the corner. Her fine skin turns peach-colored, and large drops of sweat drip onto the floor.

 Eventually, she arches her back and lets out a choked cry.

 ”I-I’m cumming!”

 At that moment, her meat hole contracted and squeezed my cock.

 ”Rin! Catch it!”

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!* *Spurt!*

 Like a dam collapsing, a torrent of white muck flows into Rin’s womb.

 ”Aaaaahhhh! It’s coming out, it’s so hot, it’s filling my stomach… Oh, i-it’s spewing, ah, aaah…””

 As Rin’s legs wobbled, the pleasure of ejaculating inside her vagina made her expression debaucherous, and I spat out my desire into an onahole as much as I could.

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