Confinement 314

Chapter 314 On The Palm

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 It’s nighttime, and I’m waiting for Fumio in “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 There is something I want to ask Fumio.

 It’s not like I’ve been summoned, and I don’t know who’s going to be in Fumio’s arms today, but as long as I get this over with quickly, there shouldn’t be any problems.

 My status here, however, is that of a livestock of the lowest order.

 I wear a collar and am completely naked.

 I’m not allowed to wear a single piece of cloth.

 I can’t even get into bed without Fumio’s permission, and I’m sitting directly on the carpet.

* * *


 I sigh nervously.

 Ever since I came to this room, my heart has been pounding.

 Because I had talked to Fumio normally in the daytime at school, so being seen dressed like this made me absurdly embarrassed.

 I know it’s too late now, but it was really a mistake that I became aware again that Fumio is a boy of the same age.

 (I can’t believe I’m completely naked in front of a guy I was talking to in the daytime wearing a uniform…)

 However, apart from the embarrassment, I am not made aware of my status that strictly, even though I am a livestock.

 My sister seems to have a hard time with the fact that she’s forbidden to drink alcohol because it makes her breast milk taste bad, but I don’t have such a hard time, and if there’s a necessity to put the girls in order, the girls of higher status are given priority.

 So far, I haven’t been bullied by any of the other girls, and Shima-san, who is supposed to be the semi-favorite princess, second in rank, has been very nice to my sister and me.

 Well, it seems that she takes good care of us because we are Fumio’s property.

 While I was thinking about this, I heard the door creak open, and Fumio came into the bedroom.

 I hurriedly straighten up my appearance and bow with three fingers.

 ”Welcome home, Master”

 I get down on my knees, completely naked. I feel humiliated, but at the same time, it seems natural for me to serve Fumio like this.

 And as soon as I see Fumio, I am filled with joy from the depths of my heart, and my whole body is filled with feelings of love.

 I was aware that this was what it meant to be brainwashed, but I didn’t have the slightest desire to fight it.

 ”Huh? What’s wrong, Claudia?”

 Despite the pounding in my heart, Fumio tilts his head with an unsuspecting look on his face.

 (I’m naked here! You should be a little embarrassed!)

 Of course, I don’t say it out loud, but it hurts my pride a little. Not as a detective JK, but as a girl.

 But that’s not the point. I keep my head down and open my mouth.

 ”Um… I want to ask something… I mean, could you do me a favor?”

 ”Your Japanese is strange, are you a foreigner?”

 ”I’m a foreigner! … No, I mean, I’m not a foreigner”

 I looked up at him.

 ”It’s so tiresome, just talk normally…”

 ”Oh, yeah, if that’s okay with you, Master, it’ll help me too”

 ”So, what? Do you want me to hold you?”


 Oh, no. I almost nodded.

 That’s not what I meant. I mean! How dare he say such a thing! Is he a good-looking guy?

 (…Huh? Maybe he’s handsome if I look closely)

 I was terrified by the brainwashing. I’m confused, I don’t know what’s going on. But I manage to hold back the desire to be held, and raise my voice.

 ”N-No, I don’t mean that! I mean Minami! That’s right, Minami!”


 I recount the details of my conversation with Shiratori today.

 There is no evidence that either Minami or Kizuna threw the cat carcass into the house, and it was probably the wife of the teacher Kobayashi who did it. She’s probably doing it to get the police to catch Minami.


* * *

 ”Hmm… so?”

 Fumio’s reaction is weak. So, I appeal to him more fervently.

 ”If her feelings for Kobayashi-sensei disappear, Minami won’t be so stalker-like as to go to his side every night, right?”

 ”Well, I guess so”

 ”That’s why! Master, I want you to embrace her! Take Minami away!”


 He refused with a single word. The answer is bitingly immediate.

 ”Ehh!? Why not?”

 ”Don’t you realize what you’re saying? Normally, someone who’s stalking is a no-no”

 ”Well… I mean, stalker-like is a bad way of putting it, but she’s single-minded, and Minami’s cute… so… yeah. Breast! She has big breast!”

 ”You treat me like I’m breast star…”

 ”Is it wrong?”

 ”It’s wrong!”

 Fumio sighed heavily, sat down on the bed, and said in a persuasive tone.

 ”You’re right, Shibata-san is cute. She’s got a bit of a calm vibe, and that kind of raccoon face isn’t bad either. Her breast are also dangerous”


 ”But you know… there’s an overlap. With Masaki-chan. One wrong move and there’s another Masaki-chan. If there’s a conflict like Masaki-chan vs Masaki-chan, at best it’ll be a big battle in the South Sea, at worst it’ll be Armageddon”

 ”No, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

 I remember that Masaki-chan was one of the favored princesses. I don’t know her very well, but could it be that Fumio is the one who is attached to Masaki-chan?

 ”Besides, we can’t have anyone going missing now. If anyone else disappears, the school itself will be in trouble”

 ”But… It’s all Fumio’s fault”

 ”Shut up!”

 I pouted my lips.

 It’s not that I’m upset with Fumio’s attitude.

 It’s just that Fumio’s reaction is “Exactly-What-Shiratori-Said”.

 [Confinement King would refuse it]

 Remembering the look on her face as she said that without even a smile made me feel unpleasant.

 [I’ll help you too, so please embrace the pretty girl for me]

 There is no way Fumio would reject such that tasty offer. I was so sure of that… but I still hate Shiratori because she’s right.

 After school today, I had a talk with Kizuna about Shiratori and Minami.

 I called Kizuna to see if she was the one who threw the cat carcass in, but the conversation took an unexpected turn when Shiratori came along.

 At that time, Shiratori asked, “Is there anything else you are hiding?” and Kizuna didn’t say anything.

 Kizuna was obviously worried about what I would think of her.

 That means she is still hiding something.

 Of course, Shiratori couldn’t have known that.

 But she didn’t pursue the matter any further.

 Instead, she said to Kizuna, “I have to talk to Claudia, can you go home first?”.


 I guess she didn’t want to be pursued further.

 Kizuna, taking advantage of Shiratori’s words, left the classroom as if she were running away.

 As for me, I have nothing to talk about with Shiratori. As a livestock, I have no choice but to stay.

 I already have a bad feeling about this.

 I opened my mouth first, as if to check her.

* * *

 ”Kobayashi-sensei and Minami wouldn’t have anything to do with each other. Why are you getting involved in it?”

 ”Well, it doesn’t matter. After all, I don’t care at all what happens between Kobayashi-sensei and Shibata-senpai”

 Then Shiratori narrowed her eyes slightly.

 ”But… I can use them”

 As usual, she has the look of a raptor that has found its prey. There was a cruel glint in her eyes.

 ”So, I thought I’d give Claudia a heads up”

 Then, she walks up to my desk, pawing at me.

 ”I know Confinement King thinks that the case with Detective JK is over, but I don’t think so”

 I have no idea what she’s trying to say.

 So, I raise my eyebrows. But Shiratori continued without changing her expression.

 ”I have no intention of allowing anyone to oppose the Confinement King. Indeed, Detective JK has fallen into his clutches. You have been reduced to miserable livestock”

 ”Don’t call me miserable…”

 Without seeming to pay any heed to my objections, Shiratori brought her face right in front of mine.

 ”But don’t you think it’s strange that no blame was attached to the people who helped you?”

 ”What are you up to…”

 ”Nothing. I’m just saying Kizuna is cute. I’m sure the Confinement King will like her”

 ”Are you trying to trap her?”

 ”That’s not very polite. Kizuna just fell for it on her own”

 (…Past tense? )

 ”Tachioka is now on his way to Fukuoka to find an ally to replace Detective JK. He seems to be trying to outsmart the Confinement King, but he doesn’t realize that he’s in my hands as long as he’s moving around in the depths of the net I told him about. And it’s no different for Kizuna”

 At the same time as she said this, Shiratori smiled slightly.

 It was a chilling, cold smile.

 ”That’s why it’s not a bad idea to destroy the places where Tachioka might be able to return. For example, Shibata-senpai…”

 ”What are you going to do to Minami…”

 ”I’m not going to do anything. Claudia is the one who’s going to do it. After all, you can’t let Shibata-senpai go to Kobayashi-sensei, right? So, you must have a plan on how to do that”

 I hold my tongue. That’s right. I was thinking Fumio should be the one who cuckolds Minami.

 Apparently, Shiratori sees through that too.

 ”But I’m sure the Confinement King will refuse”

 I fought to keep my voice from rising, and tried to remain calm.

 ”I don’t think so”

 ”If he doesn’t, that’s fine. But if he rejects you, you can tell Confinement King this. He’s a bullied boy, you know. He may look like he doesn’t care anymore, but he’ll definitely come on board”

 (Yeah, she pisses me off. The whole thing is in Shiratori’s hands)

 So, back to the current time, I looked up at Fumio, who is sitting on the bed, and said exactly what Shiratori had told me, even though I didn’t like it.

 ”Oh yeah, Minami… is Tachioka’s girlfriend”

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