Confinement 315

Chapter 315 Kobayashi-sensei play

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 (It’s Kobayashi-sensei…)

 In the school building on the other side of the courtyard, my heart fluttered when I spotted his figure walking down the corridor through the windowpane.

 He is the homeroom teacher of the class next to mine, and does not take classes in my class. So, normally, I don’t have any contact with him except for the committee.

 (After school… I wonder if we could be alone together after the public morals committee meeting…)

 In class, I can’t concentrate on anything. Mathematical equations, the alphabet, and kanji pass through the surface of my consciousness before I can understand their meanings.

 But, somehow, I managed to make it to the end of the school day with a feeling of restlessness in my heart, and, unable to control my excitement, I hurriedly picked up my bag.

* * *

 ”See you tomorrow, Camilia-san!”

 ”Oh, yeah”

 I walked out into the corridor without even bothering to greet the girl sitting next to me.


 But I stopped in my tracks when someone called out to me from behind.

 When I turned around, there is Tashiro-san from the next class. She is a good friend of Takata-Iinchou, and I had talked to her a few times, though only in passing.


 ”Well, Kobayashi-sensei asked me to come over. He asked me to bring Shibata-san too…”

 ”Sensei? Me? But I’ve got a committee meeting…”

 ”He said the committee meeting is canceled for today”

 (Cancelled? I didn’t hear anything about that…)

 ”Never mind, just follow me”

 I don’t know why, but if Kobayashi-sensei is calling me, I have no choice.

 I followed Tashiro-san to the counseling room on the first floor. When she got there, she said…

 ”Excuse me”

 She opened the door and stepped inside.

 For the mental care of the students, the school counselor is available three times a week. This room is used for that purpose, but at least I have never used it. This is the first time for me to step into this room.

 I followed Tashiro-san into the room, which is larger than I expected.

 There is no window and the walls are all white. There is a sofa set without a table in the front, and for some reason, there is even a single size bed in the back.

 But, as soon as I saw Kobayashi-sensei sitting on the sofa set, I felt my heart overflow and squeezed the hem of my skirt.

 ”Sensei, I’ve brought Shibata-san”

 ”Oh, Tashiro. Sorry for that”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’ll be going now”

 As Tashiro-san walks out of the counseling room, Kobayashi-sensei stands up, walks past me, and locks the door.

 At the sound of the lock falling, my heart jumped.

 (Just the two of us! Just the two of us! I-It’s okay to expect it, right?)


 ”Shibata, it’s been a while”

 ”Since it’s just the two of us, please call me Minami as usual…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I’m secretly relieved.

 I’m a little worried because I’ve rarely used this function, but it seems that the <Disguise> is working properly.

 Of course, we are already inside “The Room”.

 I set up a “Door” over the door of the counseling room and asked Tashiro-san to bring Shibata-san in.

 Like most of the students, I have never used the counseling room.

 I tried to make the interior look like something like that. Still, I don’t think there is a bed in a real counseling room.

 As I agreed with Claudia last night, I agreed to embrace Shibata-san and here we are.

 To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but if Shibata-san is Tachioka’s girlfriend, that’s a different story.

 However, I didn’t like the way Claudia attempted to talk me into it, even though she was a livestock.

 It was partly because I was simply annoyed, so after that, I bullied her to the point where she cried out and begged for forgiveness. It was the usual no-climax play.

 Nevertheless, even if I decide to embrace Shibata-san, I can’t have her go missing now.

* * *

 Normally, I would have consulted with Lili, but she is also back in the demon world now.

 So, after much deliberation, I came up with a plan to disguise myself as Kobayashi-sensei, hold her in my arms, drive her to the point where she’d become obsessed with me, and then reveal myself to her.

 Actually, I don’t know if it will work that well, but it’s worth a try.

 I sat down on the sofa again and looked up at Shibata-san, who is rubbing her knees together in a fidgety manner.

 Her face is red from the tip of her nose to her cheeks, and her eyes are moist. I guess I could call it the expression of a maiden in love. It’s easy to see that she is overflowing with affection.

 When I looked at her again, she is rather tall. About the same height as Tashiro-san, I guess. She has a raccoon face with droopy eyes and a calm atmosphere. Her hair is a natural perm, I guess, but it is a fluffy chestnut color with a slight wisp of hair.

 (Now… here comes the problem)

 Although it was nice to be alone with her, I had no information on how Kobayashi-sensei and her usually interacted.

 So, I decided to leave everything to her. I won’t make any move. I decided to pretend to play it that way.

 ”It’s been a while, Minami, so you know what I want, don’t you?”


 ”You’re in charge today. Satisfy me”


 Shibata-san gave a small nod of confusion, and placed her nervous, trembling fingertips on the waist hook of her skirt.

 Then, she begins to unbutton her blouse after the skirt falls to the floor.

 As her feverish breath filled the room, she took off her blouse, revealing a pair of very revealing underwear, not unlike that of the vice chairwoman of the public morals committee.

 I almost let my surprise show on my face, and hurriedly closed my mouth.

 She is wearing a white micro bikini now.

 It’s a bikini with so little fabric that the nipples stick out.

 Her pant is so thin that it didn’t even look like underwear, let alone a thong.

 What surprised me the most is that her navel piercing, which did not match her face, is reflecting the light of a lamp on her abdomen.

* * *

 (Kobayashi-sensei… he’s doing whatever he wants…)

 Her breasts are quite big, though I didn’t think they are that big when she’s wearing clothes.

 Seriously, her breasts are almost as big as Masaki-chan’s.

 She has a certain height, but her body is not as tight as Tashiro-san’s.

 If anything, she has a lewd body with a lot of fat. Her silhouette is reminiscent of that of a MILF AV star, like the embodiment of eroticism.

 (How should I put it? She’s a bit of an eye candy…)

 At this point, the feeling that Kobayashi-sensei is unforgivable begins to well up in me. I can only say that he’s a real jerk.

 As I gulped and stared at her lewd body, Shibata-san smiled lustily with a feverish expression.

 ”I thought I can meet you today… so I wore the present you gave me… And you said that you like to make simple women into bitch… so here I am”

 (Huh? Maybe turning Taka-chi into a gal had the opposite effect…)

 This is different from what Takata-san told me.

 She thought he liked innocent women?

 I’ve heard that his s*x life is simple too…

 (How should I interpret this…? Does it simply mean that Shibata-san and Taka-chi are treated differently?)

 I pretended to be calm, but I was confused.

 As I still confused, Shibata-san knelt down at my feet, dexterously pulled down the zipper with her mouth, and sucked on the fabric of my pants, exposing my private parts.

 (Hey hey, she’s too good at this. She must be trained a lot)

 The eroticism of Shibata-san’s body is making my cock swell to the brim.

 At the sight of my stiffly warping object, Shibata-san let out a happy “Wow…” and then raised her eyebrows slightly.

 ”Huh…? Sensei, I feel like it’s somewhat bigger than usual…”

 ”Hmm… ah. Oh… I thought I’d give you some pleasure so I did the enlargement surgery. You know, the kind in the ads in the weekly magazines”

 When I faked it like that, Shibata-san’s mouth relaxed happily.

 ”For me… it’s amazing, it’s so strong and wonderful”

 She puts her hands on the floor and kisses the urethra, then stretches her tongue out as far as it will go and starts licking up my cock like a dog.

 ”*Pant…* Sensei. Minami is Sensei’s pet. I’m a cock-loving bitch. Thank you for fucking me that time. I’ll do my best to serve you, so please take care of the miserable Minami”

 It seems that Kobayashi-sensei is quite sadistic, though she puts herself on the shelf.

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