Confinement 316

Chapter 316 Thinking about the use of used goods

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 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* Nnn *Lick*”

 Hot breaths filled the room.

 Between my legs, Shibata-san is passionately running her tongue over my object.

 Her calm face is now distorted in lewdness.

 Her eyelashes are swaying and her pink tongue is crawling over my meat stick like a different creature.

 If I recall that she is a member of the public morals committee, this perversion excites me.

 She looks up at me and takes the glans in her mouth. She puffed up her nose with a sallow expression.

 ”Nnah *Squelch* *Slurp* anh *Lick…*”

 Every time her face moves up and down, her fluffy hair sways. Shibata-san deliberately raised her face so that I could see her sucking face clearly.

 (She has been thoroughly trained…)

 With sweat beading on her forehead, she sucked up my cock without using her hands, then spat it out and lowered her body further.

 ”Nnn, nchu, chuuuu”

 She takes my testicles in her mouth and rolls them around in her mouth while sucking them.

 Not too strong, not too weak, just the right amount of stimulation. As she licks and sucks my balls, she begins to prepare herself by running her fingers over her breasts and crotch.

 ”Nnah, chu *lick…* nnh, ah… chuuu…”

 She licked my testicles thoroughly, and then used her tongue to lick the underside of my balls. Especially the base of my glans.

 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* how does it feel? Does it feel good?”

 Her face is filled with pleasure. And the way she looked up at me with her moist eyes is very lewd.

 ”Oh, it feels good”

 ”Thank you so much”

 After saying so, she smiled happily and took my cock deep into her mouth again.

 She was well trained, by the way. Shibata-san’s tongue is superb.

 Softly, but tightly, she tightened and twined around my object. It was as if the rod was being tossed around in her mouth, and she was starting to melt.

 As she continued her skilled oral services, Shibata-san is desperately running her fingers over her nipples and between her legs. Her honey juices are dripping on the floor, and her entire body is slightly tinged with pink.

 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* Sensei, I can’t take it anymore”

 ”Okay, fine. Do what you want”

 ”T-Thank you very much”

 Shibata-san stood up and turned her back to me. She had magnificent hips and a pair of tight T-back panties that were disproportionate to her mild-mannered face.

 With white fingers, she picks at the sides and slides them down while rubbing her hips. The way the small piece of cloth slid down her fleshy thighs is quite an exciting sight.

 She bends her knees, pulls her shorts off her ankles, turns to face me, and opens her legs wide.

 In a lewd crabby position, she crawled her fingers between her legs and split open her crotch, revealing her wet pink mucous membrane to me.

 Before my eyes, her secret part is exposed. Her lips are still breathing. And the pink tangles on the inside are wet with honey.

 All the hair around her secret lips had been trimmed away, exposing a baby-like figure without a single unclean hair between her legs.

 She brought her crotch up to my nose, and when her ragged nose breathed directly on my secret lips, she let out a hot, “Huh…”

 ”Sensei’s muscular cock… I’ll take it”

 She turns her back and straddles my waist, then starts to slowly lower her hips, picking up the meat rod with her finger.

 ”Nn… nnah… oh, so big… nnh, ah, ah… aaaah”

 It felt hot and moist at the tip. Shibata-san’s fully moistened flesh crack swallowed my object to the root.

 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* Sensei, your cock is amazing. It’s so big and strong…”

 ”Better than before, right?”

 ”Yes… it’s incomparable”

 In the reverse sitting position, she turned around looking absolutely ecstatic, and it was clear that I’m not being flattered by her words.

 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* Please enjoy Minami’s body”

 When she said that, she started to move her hips up and down slowly.

 ”Nnah, ah, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahhhh”

 While moving her hips up and down, she also squeezed her breasts with both hands. When I think about it again, Shibata-san has done all the foreplay by herself.

 Really, Shibata-san is treated like an onahole more thoroughly than someone else.

 That’s why I felt that Kobayashi-sensei had no love for Shibata-san.

 ”Aah, aah, aah… Sensei, it, it feels too good, this cock, it’s amazing, aah, aah, aah…”

 Her hips are greedy. After all, she’s rubbing my cock up against the folds of her vagina, squeezing it with her own womb, enjoying the pleasure as if she were in a fever.

 ”Aah, Sensei, I love you, I love you… Ahn, ahn, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 While saying so, her well-formed female hole gently envelops my object, and the folds of her vagina entwine as if they’ll never let go. However, it tightened and squeezed me sometimes.

 ”It’s good, Minami”

 ”I’m so happy, ahn, ah, ah, ah”

 To tell the truth, her vaginal flesh is quite comfortable. I don’t know if I should compare it, since it’s not as good as Amemiya-san’s excellent organ. It felt soft and smooth, but the tightness is too much.

 ”Aah, Sensei, I, I, I, I, I’m about to cum, S-Sensei, p-please cum together with me, aah, aah”

 She must be on the verge of cumming. The reason is that her hips are moving faster and faster, and she’s in a spurt position.

 Me too, in fact, was nearing my limit.

 ”Ahn, sensei! Sensei, ahn, ahn, aaah!”

 ”Good! Minami! Cum! Cum!”

 She’s really well trained. After all, as soon as I give her permission…

 ”Ah, I’m, I’m cumming! I, I’m cumming, I’m cummiiiiiiiing!”

 She tenses up and her vagina squeezes tighter. The soft flesh squeezed mine tightly, and the hot thing coiled at my base burst out in a torrent.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttttttttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 I slammed the white liquid deep into Shibata-san’s depths.

 ”Ah! Aah! It’s coming out in my vagina! Aah, ah, ahhhhhhh!”

 Shibata-san’s back twitched in the pleasure of her climax. And every time my cock pulsed, her body responded with a throbbing, throbbing response.

 After a few moments, she collapsed towards me as if exhausted, and as my rod slipped out of her, my semen dripped from her secret part.

 ”*Pant…* *Pant…* *Pant…*”

 While watching Shibata-san’s disheveled cum face as she let out a hot breath and let loose, I think.

 (If she’s fallen this far… maybe it’s not so hard to take her completely. But she is too waste for Kobayashi-sensei. And I wonder how Tachioka-kun will react… The question is how to use her)

◇ ◇ ◇

 After, I saw the public morals committee members coming out of the meeting room.

 I followed Fumio’s instructions and waited for the meeting to end, then stepped into the meeting room.

 ”Excuse me!”

 While trying to look as dull and weak as possible, I entered the meeting room and found two people left inside.

 Takata-san, the chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee, and a handsome man in his thirties, who I had met the other day. This must be Kobayashi-sensei, the teacher I had heard so much about.

 As if startled, the two distance themselves from each other and turn their heads towards me.

 ”Who are you?”

 Kobayashi-sensei gave me a reproachful look, and the chairwoman of the public morals committee told Kobayashi-sensei.

 ”Sensei, she’s a friend of Shibata-san’s…”

 ”Oh, I see… you seem to speak Japanese quite well”

 (Well, I look like a foreigner, after all…)

 I’m used to this kind of reaction.

 ”Hello! I’m Claudia! Minami told me that she can’t attend the committee meeting today due to her family reasons, so she asked me to at least listen to what the meeting talked about”

 How is it? Does it make me sound weak? At any rate, I should try not to alarm him at first.

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