Confinement 317

Chapter 317 A story that will make you want to say ‘Run awayyyy!’

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 After that time, I climax inside Shibata-san twice more, and that was the end of it for today.

 Of course, the number of times she came was much more than two.

 She has been thoroughly trained, though.

 And because of that, she is like a fully automatic onahole.

 She only says things that make men happy, and when I climax, she starts cleaning up without saying a word.

 She does all the foreplay herself, and when I ask her to do something, she does it without any embarrassment.

 But her eyes widened when I gently stroked her hair.

 She must have been treated very roughly in the past, because at the slightest gentle touch, she would tense up in confusion.

 Oh right, after the third climax, I said to her, “That’s it for today”. And she replied, letting out a lusty breath.

* * *

 ”…This is the first time I haven’t been scolded by you”

 Her words made me think that she was being controlled by violence and fear, rather than by brainwashing.

 It seems her psychological state is complex. If she’s scared but doesn’t serve him, she’ll suffer. There is nowhere to run.

 She obeyed and stopped disobeying altogether. And in order to protect herself from such stress, her brain may have created the illusion that she loves Kobayashi-sensei.

 I can only guess, but if this is true, I think he is a terrible man.

 However, if I blame Kobayashi-sensei, most of my criticism will hit me like a boomerang.

 I can’t help but ask myself what I said.

 I don’t have the right to pity her, and the idea of rescuing her is just a load of crap.

 So, as a fellow “scumbag” and a “male”, I decided to take Shibata-san and Taka-chi away from Kobayashi-sensei.

 Anyway, what’s the difference in the way Taka-chi and Shibata-san are treated?

 Is it that Shibata-san is just a tool for her s*xual needs, and Taka-chi is really thinking about marriage?

 After thinking a lot, I notice, the time is little after nineteen o’clock when I let Shibata-san get ready and leave, so I told the guard that the committee meeting had taken a little longer than usual and it wouldn’t be too suspicious.

 I don’t forget to forbade her to contact Kobayashi-sensei on social networking sites, and also forbade her to attend the public morals committee.

 I convinced her that I would take good care of her every day from now on, and that she should not have any contact with me under normal circumstances.

 This should be enough to separate her from Kobayashi-sensei completely.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After returning home and finishing my meal, I stepped into “The Confinement King’s Bedroom” and found Claudia and Jolanda greeting me with three fingers.

 ””Welcome home, Master””

 They are, of course, completely naked and wearing only collars. Looking at them side by side like this, they look very similar. They really are sisters.

 ”I’m back, both of you can make yourselves comfortable”

 As I told them and sat down on the sofa, they said, “Well, I’ll take your word for it”, and , “If you don’t mind” and leaned on me from both sides.

 The scene is like a cabaret club I often see in TV dramas.

 However, the ones coming at me from the left and the right as if to spoiled me are the naked blonde foreign sisters who are even more gorgeous than the cabaret girls.


 ”Ufu, Fumio”

 (I know, I said to take it easy, but I didn’t mean it like that…)

 Even though I’m used to seeing them, my body naturally reacts when they’re cuddling naked. The desire to push them over rises up in me.

 However, I can’t keep up with these girls day after day. There are other girls I have to take care of.

 I know it’s an extravagant problem, but it’s not easy being the owner of a harem.

 ”So, how did it go over there? Claudia”

 I ask Claudia, suppressing the urge to squeeze her lightly pigmented, white breast.

 Immediately, she made an annoyed face, and her eyebrows clouded over.

* * *

 ”Not good at all. I feel like I’ve lost my confidence. I didn’t think… he’d look at me like that”

 ”That look?”

 ”Like an avant-garde artist who’s been taken to a realist art show”

 ”I don’t get it.”

 ”I mean it’s like when a boy is taken to Kyoto on a school trip and looks at a statue of Buddha”

 ”…then I think I can understand it somehow”

 The point is that Kobayashi-sensei was not interested in Claudia at all.

 ”I tried so hard to strike a s*xually suggestive pose, and to show off my panties, and yet…”

 In fact, at the same time as I was corrupting Shibata-san, I was trying to trap Kobayashi-sensei.

 I just thought it would be faster.

 In reality, it wasn’t much of a trap.

 Anyway, there is no way that I can come up with a great idea by my plan.

 Well, my plan is to have Claudia seduce Kobayashi-sensei, and then have Jolanda catch him when he’s about to make a move.

 Then, I thought, I would bring him before the principal.

 The reason is when the track and field club went to pick up her sister, she found Kobayashi-sensei attacking her.

 It is not so unnatural, and even if he hit her, it is in the range of self-defense or emergency evacuation. It wouldn’t be a problem. I thought so, but…

 ”I see… I thought a girl as cute as Claudia would definitely bite”

 ”Cute? Is that what you think, Fumio?”

 ”Of course”

 ”Umm, iyaa… Fufu”

 Claudia gave me a carefree smile, and from the other side Jolanda tugged at the cuff of my sweatshirt.


 ”Yeah, Jolanda’s pretty too”

 Instantly, Jolanda’s cheeks flushed, and her mouth smirked in delight.

 As for her, the way she swore at me when I captured her and the abusive language she spoke during the training process were terrible, so it’s very cute when she becomes obedient like this.

 (She said things like “asshole”, “vomit”, “ugly”, and “I’ll rip your dick off and stuff it in my mouth”… it was really outrageous. She probably told me to go to hell about a hundred times…)

 The gap between her past and present is so big that I’m tempted to touch her, but today I’m going to take care of another girl.

 So, I managed to pull my gaze away from Jolanda’s moist eyes, and called out to Claudia.

 ”Claudia, please get more information about Kobayashi-sensei from Shibata-san. I’ll try to get more information from Taka-chi”

 ”Yes, I’ll do that”

 Then, almost at the same time Claudia nodded, the door opened and a girl came into the room.

 ”Hey, Fumio-kun, sorry to keep you waiting!”


 It’s Masaki-chan, wearing a gothic lolita costume.

 She wore a fluttery blouse with French sleeves. Her off-shoulder black jumper skirt is laden with yellow frills, and her hair is adorned with large lacy ribbons.

 Combined with her baby face and big, clear eyes, she looked like a real French doll.

 When she saw the detective JKs on my left and right, she smiled at me. There is no malice in that smile.

* * *

 It’s not surprising.

 After all, she had always said that I could have as many girls as I wanted, as long as I was satisfied.

 But that’s not the way it works for Detective JK’s two girls.

 They are the bottom of the hierarchy here. They are livestock.

 So, they hurriedly stand up and kneel on the floor. Masaki-chan, who saw them, smiled gently and called out to them.

 ”Oh, don’t be so timid. You’ve been taking care of Fumio-kun until I came, right? Thank you”

 ”Masaki-chan, let me introduce you to the girls…”

 ”I know you when I see both of you, you’re Detective JK, right? They’re members of my faction, aren’t they?”

 ”Oh, yes, that’s right…”

 When I gave a small nod, Masaki-chan said with a big smile on her face.

 ”Well, how about Fumio-kun and I take care of you two for the sake of friendship?”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I used my PC to access the deep web. I surf and go through many foreign servers to get to the BBS I want.

 BBS is a dead means of communication nowadays, but it is hard to trace because of its primitive nature. Thanks to its primitive nature, it is still a mainstream means of exchanging illegal information.

 ”Haha.. such impatience. Well, I understand how it feels”

 As I look at the message board strings, my mouth twitches involuntarily. The string of letters shows a considerable amount of annoyance.

 ”Hey, Shiratori! It’s time to eat! Come down, we’re going to run out of Isojiman!” (*Note: 磯〇慢 => 磯自慢?)

 I can hear my aunt’s voice calling from downstairs. Just because she likes Isojiman, please don’t say it as if I like it too.

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