Confinement 318

Chapter 318 Beef and Pork

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 [At best, it’ll be a big battle in the South Sea, at worst it’ll be Armageddon]

 That’s how Fumio described the conflict between this favored princess and Minami the other day.

 I was wondering what kind of dangerous woman this favored princess Masaki would be, but I was really disappointed. She’s a small, baby-faced, kind-looking girl with only her breasts showing her violent nature.

 (Fumio… you’re exaggerating)

 Even now, the way she looks at Fumio is full of affection, and she looks very happy.

 ”Masaki-chan, that clothes look really good on you, you’re so cute”

 When Fumio said this, she smiled brightly like the sun peeking through the clouds, and spun around on the spot.

 ”I’m glad you like it, Fumio-kun”

 ”Masaki-chan, you are cute no matter what you wear, but you really look like a doll when you dress like that”

 I thought she always wears something like this because it suits her so well, but from what they said, she doesn’t usually wear something like this.

 Then she turned to us and tilted her head.

 ”So, why are the two Detective JKs naked? Is it a play? Did you take them off first and were just about to give them a good time?”

 Then Fumio opened his mouth with a wry smile.

 ”No, we were just talking. They were my enemies until recently, and they were trying to trick me, so as punishment they’re the lowest level of livestock. I mean, it’s weird for livestock to wear clothes, right?”

 ”Livestock? Oh, I see”

 She looked like she understood something. Then my Onee-chansister bowed her head flatteringly.

 ”M-Masaki-sama, I-I’m the big sister Jolanda, and this is my little sister Claudia. From now on, we will serve you to the best of our ability, and we look forward to working with you”

 First of all, greetings. Thinking that this is the difference between adult workers and students, I hurriedly bowed my head.

 But the next moment, the words that fell from above our heads caused us to let out a confused gasp.

 ”You’re a livestock, why are you speaking human language?”



 When we looked up at her, she remained smiling at us.

 Thinking that we might have misheard her, we turned our attention to Fumio, who said, “Uh oh…” without emitting a sound, just moving his mouth and looking at us.

 ”If Fumio-kun has decided you’re livestock, I’ll only treat you as such”

 ”You know, Masaki-chan, the livestock thing is just a temporary measure, eventually…”

 Fumio said hurriedly, and he said in a tone as if he was reprimanding a small child.

 ”That’s no good, Fumio-kun. Your kindness is a good thing, but you’re going to be Papa-san next year, so you need to learn how to discipline properly, not just spoiling”


 ”That’s right. As soon as I leave my parents’ house, if we can prepare for it, our first child will have a happy birthday by the end of next year”

 Then she points at us and spoke.

 ”Besides, if we don’t let these kids understand their position, they’ll be the ones who have to suffer”

 (These kids… isn’t onee-chan older than her?)

 Her tone of voice is as gentle as ever, but what she says is absurd. We can’t help but feel confused.

 However, she continued her talk without care.

 ”Uh, on the veranda, there’s a “Kula” or something, right? Livestock doesn’t need such a fine name. Well, from now on, you’re beef, and you’re pork”

 (She’s going to eat us!?)

 The name is not just “Mesufemale Butapig” or “Holstein,” which are common names for livestock, but rather “processed meat”.

 So, smelling a slightly freaky atmosphere, I turned to Fumio as if to ask for help.

 But, he turned his head in the direction of the day after tomorrow and raised his hands in the air.

 (It means he can’t help us!)

◇ ◇ ◇

 (Senpai… when will you call me again?)

 The threesome in the karaoke box was great.

 It was great that Senpai shoot inside me first, not my sister’s. It was also great that Senpai was a little gentler than usual, probably because of my Onee-chansister’s presence.

 (I wish I could stay with Senpai until morning again…)

 However, it’s not easy. There is a curfew in the dormitory, and even if I bring Senpai into the dormitory, the walls of the private room are too thin for us to have a private time.

 Moreover, the situation where I am the only one in the dormitory, like during the summer vacation, will not happen very often in the future.

 While I was lying on the bed reading a manga, my sister leaned her elbows on the study table and let out a big sigh.

 ”What’s wrong? You don’t look well”

 ”Well… a little…”

 ”I’ll listen if it makes you feel better”

 ”Ahaha, Rin is a good girl. Then listen to me. Today, Kobayashi-sensei came to see me…”

 ”Yes, I know it”

 That’s why I had to unlock the kitchen door when her message came, so that she wouldn’t be late.

 But she came back at almost the same time as usual.

 ”I was told I looked better before… about my style”

 ”Before? You mean with glasses and braids and pigtails?”

 ”Yeah, no makeup, no short skirts, and then he said, “You weren’t like that before, were you?””

 ”Well, he’s an advisor to the public moral committee, so I guess he can’t help it…”

 ”But… even now, aside from the make-up, it’s not like I’m breaking any school rules, right? Still, he asks me to wear that lame cosplay…”

 (Your past self is already at the cosplay level…!?)

 I chuckle.

 ”So, you’re not in the mood to get laid?”

 ”Well, some of Shibata-chi’s friends came over after the meeting, and things got a bit hectic. I was worried about a lot of things”

 ”So, what are you going to do? Do you want to dress like before?”

 ”No, no, I don’t want it. You know how popular I am with the boys in my class? So, no way! We’ve already promised to get married after graduation, and the love between Kobayashi-sensei and me is unbeatable. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I think he’s just a little surprised”

 ”Well, it’s better if you get along well with Kobayashi-sensei, so that I can have more chances with Senpai”

 ”Ahaha, so sweet! But Fumi-chi’s cock is another matter. Even if I marry Kobayashi-sensei, that’s another thing”

 ”Uwaa… you’re awful…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Nmu, nnn, *Slurp Slurp…*”

 When I looked at the bed, I saw Fumio lying on the bed with my sister lovingly sucking up his cock with her lips.

 Her mouth was full of his erect cock, and her eyes were beaming with joy.

 (Onee-chan… It’s so enviable)

 Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide. There’s nothing else I’m doing.

 But Masaki-sama, crouched between my legs, is staring at my private parts.

 ”Oh, um…”



 As I hurriedly held my tongue, Masaki-sama gave me a dumbfounded look.

 ”You’re getting all wet just by looking. I heard that Fumio-kun was your first partner, but didn’t you have a lot of solo play before that? Otherwise, you wouldn’t look like such a pervert, would you?”


 That’s not true. I almost shouted, but I shook my head.

 Then Masaki-sama suddenly puts her finger in my vagina.


 I shake my head reluctantly. But Masaki-sama’s fingering had no mercy.

 ”Look, you’ve taken it in so easily. Try to tighten it more, because you can’t make Fumio-kun feel good like that”

 ”Nnah, ah, ah, ah… s, stop…”

 She bends her fingers inside my vagina, as if she’s trying to scrape out the contents, causing the folds of my flesh to be scraped back.

 ”Aaah, aaaaah! Nnah, ahn, ahn!”

 ”Heh… your clitoris is already erect? Yes, it’s good, it’s good. Fumio-kun likes sensitive girls”

 While saying these words, with her finger still in my vagina, she peeled the foreskin off my clitoris to the base.

 And my flesh buds turned red and bloodshot. Seeing this, Masaki-sama smiled lecherously and squeezed it with her fingertips.


 I screamed in agony at the overpowering stimulus.

 And it made tears appear in the corners of my eyes.

 But instead of stopping, Masaki-sama’s fingertip movements only gained more momentum.

 She raised her palm upward and inserted a second finger, rubbing her thumb over my clitoris and her fingertips up my upper vagina.

 ”Ohhhh! Aaahhh!”

 I wonder if it’s called the G-spot, and it’s right behind my navel. Because as soon as I was tortured there, I felt an intense pleasure as if a flash had flashed before my eyes.

 I found myself raising my throat, opening my mouth and eyes in an “O” shape, and screaming like an animal.

 ”Ahaha! That’s good. That’s good. You passed! It’s no wonder Fumio-kun had his eye on you. It’s very important to be able to feel easily”

 Masaki-sama is getting excited. The tip of her nose is flushed pink, and she is breathing very hard.

 When I looked next to my sister for help, I saw that she is wriggling her hips in the cowgirl position.

 (Onee-chan, it’s not fair… I want Fumio’s cock too…)

 As I was almost swallowed up by the pleasure of being rubbed up inside my vagina, I looked at my sister with envy as she is getting wild.

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