Confinement 319

Chapter 319 Vulgar talk sisters

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 The two livestock are on all fours with their naked asses sticking out.

 And with the dim light of the indirect lighting, their four sweaty white asses glistened like porcelain.


 The big sister let out a lusty voice, a flirtatious expression on her face. White milk also dripping from her nipple onto the sheets.

 ”Uh… uh…”

 The little sister, on the other hand, seems to be simply more ashamed. Her eyebrows are lowered into a figure eight as tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

 I already poured it into Jolanda once.

 Claudia seems to have been made to cum by Masaki-chan’s fingers, but as if it wasn’t enough, she’s turning her head and looking at me with a passionate gaze.

 (It’s a beautiful view… I can watch it all the time…)

 Beautiful foreign sisters on all fours, as good as models.

 As I was admiring the color and shine of their body, feeling like a car enthusiast who got a new car…

 ”Hey… Fumio-kun”

 –Masaki-chan leaned on my shoulder.

 ”You can take care of me later…”

 Then she whispers something into my ear. And I couldn’t help but chuckle at the awfulness of it.

 ”…Masaki-chan, you really are a sadist, aren’t you?”

 ”Haha, not as much as Fumio-kun”

 Masaki-chan’s suggestion is indeed quite terrible.

 But it sounds like a lot of fun, and I think it’s important for them to learn patience as a discipline.

 So I gave a small nod, reached my left hand to Claudia’s ass, and grabbed it tightly.

 ”Nnn! Aaah… It hurts if you do it too hard”

 I ignored her pleas and rubbed her ass, and her pale ass immediately turned cherry red and became slightly heated.

 Then, with my right hand, I stroke Jolanda’s ass.

 Although Claudia’s ass is not as firm as Jolanda’s due to her age, her ass flesh is soft enough to be covered by my fingers.

 Of course, it is not the feel of loose flesh. It is like a soft marshmallow to the touch while maintaining its firmness.

 After caressing the flesh and giving it just the right amount of heat, I slipped the fingers of my hands between their legs.

 ”Ahh… Master’s fingers…”

 ”F-Fumio… nnn, ahh, ahh…”

 Jolanda lets out a swoon, and Claudia raises her eyebrows.

 I played with their clits and inserted my fingers into their holes.

 Gradually, the movements of my hands became more and more violent, and both of their hips shook violently in small increments, unable to stay still.

 ”Nn, ah, ahn, aaah…”

 Claudia looked like she wanted to get away from the fingers, but I could also tell that she wanted me to make it faster.

 ”ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… it’s gooodd… M-Master…”

 On the other hand, Jolanda’s expression is debauched with delight. And each time she shook her ample ass, the surface of her flesh rippled.

 ”Both of you are desperate for Fumio-kun’s cock now, aren’t you?”

 Masaki-chan said encouragingly as she laid her cheek on my shoulder, and they nodded as they writhed frantically.

 ”Yes, I want it”

 ”O-Onee-chan, you’ve just been fucked, now it’s my turn”

 Then, Masaki-chan told them with a twisted mouth.

 ”You know, Fumio-kun said he’s going to fuck the one who begged him the most lewdly and exciting him the most”

 Claudia looks embarrassed for a moment. But Jolanda is not hesitant. She writhed and screamed.

 ”Ahhh, ahh! Master! Ah, Jolanda is Master’s cock-sucking slut. Let me suck your cock! Please let me suck your cock! Aah! Please use Jolanda’s pussy squeezing hole, ahhh, ahhh…”

 With a lewd look on her face that seemed unimaginable from her usual cool atmosphere, Jolanda didn’t hesitate to spit out a few vulgar words that I don’t know where she learned.

 Then, as if intoxicated by her own words, she spun more lewd words.

 ”Aah! Master! Jolanda is a s*x-crazed slut who wants nothing more than to be fucked by a cock. I want nothing but Master’s cock. And I’ll give you anything. Anh, anh, please exploit Jolanda so thoroughly that the parasites are shocked. Hiiii!? C-Crush Jolanda like a snack. I can’t go back to being just a woman”

 Jolanda’s desperate spewing of obscenities made me recoil a little, but Masaki-chan’s expression was one of utter amusement.

 ”Haha, does this mean we’ve got a winner?”

 Masaki-chan said happily, and Claudia looked up hurriedly. Then, Claudia’s voice quivered with impatience.

 ”I-I’ve never dated a man before, anh, n-no… anh, to be honest, I’ve never even had a solo play before. So, I had a very pure body. But Fumio’s… Master’s cock, hiiii! He’s put the finishing touches on my life. Aah! Aah! I can’t go back to the way things were…”

 Claudia breaks off for a moment, and then she screams furiously.

 ”Cock! Give me your cock! I’m at my limit! I can’t think about anything but Fumio’s cock now, whether I’m asleep or awake. I’ll do anything to get your cock. I’ll admit I’m a despicable cock addict and quit being human. No! I stopped a long time ago. I’m just a hole in the wall. I’m just a cock-crazed cum squeezer with a mind full of cock…”

 But Jolanda raised her voice in defense.

 ”I’m so much better than Claudia’s immature pussy! Aaah, aaah… Jolanda’s pussy has been thoroughly trained by Master, and it’s already shaped like Master’s cock. Thanks to you, I’ve realized that I’m an idiot who thought I was a human being. I’m now an absolutely submissive servant for your immense cock… I don’t need human rights! Please insert it!”

 Then Claudia bumped her shoulder against Jolanda’s in annoyance.

 ”But a tight Claudia pussy feels better than this old hag’s pussy! Master… let me show my sister! Let me show my sister that I’ve become a worthy servant of your immense cock!”

 ”Who’s a old hag pussy! You stupid sister!”

 ”You’re the one who called me an immature cunt first! You brain-muscle!”

 The two detective JK sisters stared at each other with their foreheads to each other. Because of their fierce attitude, I pulled out my fingers and backed away.

 When I looked at Masaki-chan as if to ask for help, she let out a big sigh and spoke.

 ”Okay, stop it, you’re both disqualified”

 Jolanda and Claudia instantly stopped moving.

 Looking at them with cold eyes, Masaki-chan lowered the tone of her voice.

 ”…It’s outrageous that girls fight each other and disrespect Fumio-kun”

 (Well, if she’s saying that, isn’t Masaki-chan’s fight with Kurosawa-san rather a boomerang?)

 But of course, it was not the right time to say it.

 ”Get off the bed, both of you! Sit on the floor! Do it now!”

 Masaki-chan shouted, and the two of them hurriedly got off the bed and sat on the floor.

 Then, Masaki-chan stood on the bed, looked down at them, and said in a strong tone.

 ”Now I’m going to demonstrate how to make love to Fumio-kun, so stay there and watch. No masturbation on your own. And don’t move”

 ”Eh… no way”

 ”Oh, no…”

 Jolanda and Claudia’s eyes widened for a moment, and then they both looked desperate.

 Well, it’s natural, after all they have come this far and now they’re going to have to wait.

 This is exactly what a devil would do.

 And of course, this is exactly what Masaki-chan had planned.

 Masaki-chan is a sadist when it comes to other girls, but when it comes to me, she prefers sweet, lovey-dovey s*x.

 So, she makes the two of them wait while she enjoys her own lovey-dovey s*x and shows it off.

 In all likelihood, only Masaki-chan benefits from this.

 That’s how she planned it.

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