Confinement 320

Chapter 320 Too much love

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 ”Then, Fumio-kun, please stand up”

 As I took off everything I was wearing, I asked Fumio-kun to stand and I knelt down at his feet.

 Recently, my breasts got bigger again.

 So with my breast that I opened a little bit to the left and right, I “sandwiched” Fumio-kun’s muscular cock between them.

 Whenever I do it, I always think that it’s a very naughty position.

 After all, it’s kneeling in front of the boy I love and squeezing his cock with my breast, you know. While I thought so, I look up at Fumio-kun, my favorite boy, and he’s staring at me.

 Well, there was a time when I didn’t like the size of my breasts, but now I’m glad they’re big.


 (Ah… Just squeezing it gets him excited…)

 Thanks to Detective JK, I’m already quite excited. If I let my guard down, I’m sure my eyes will melt with pleasure.

 So, I started to move my breasts up and down slowly.


 Immediately, Fumio-kun’s erection trembled between the flesh of my breast.

 ”Fumio-kun’s cock is so cool. Even my breast can’t hide it all”

 ”Cool, huh…”

 He chuckles.

 Although I’ve never seen another man’s cock, Mai-chan said that Fu~min’s is out of this world, there’s nothing like it out there. Then–

 ”Masaki-chan, it’s good, it feels really good”

 As I listen to Fumio-kun’s pleasurable voice, I look down at the glans peeking out from between my breast. I saw translucent mucus appearing on tip.

 ”Your pre-cum is already coming out. Do my breast really feel that good?”

 ”It’s the best, to say the least”

 ”Ahaha, the two of you can’t do this, can you?”

 I said this while looking at Detective JK, and Fumio-kun looked at me as if he was watching a naughty child.

 ”That’s why you’re showing it off on purpose?”

 ”Fufu, of course”

 After all, it was a good opportunity to let them know.

 I want Fumio-kun to have lots of girls in his arms to make him feel good. But I still love Fumio-kun the most and Fumio-kun loves me the most.

 While I’m feeling good, I move my breasts up and down from side to side.

 ”Masaki-chan… that’s dangerous”

 I know. Fumio-kun always jolts when I do this.

 So, I chase after his cock, which rises up toward his belly button, and wrap it in my fluffy breast.

 ”Isn’t it harder than usual? It doesn’t budge when I press my breast against it”

 ”…Maybe it’s because I’m being watched”

 ”Haha, Fumio-kun is such a pervert. Nmm…”

 I extended my tongue and dripped saliva between my breasts.

 The saliva drips down into the cleavage of my breast, lubricating the friction between Fumio-kun’s cock and my breast.

 When I boldly moved my upper body, the sound of *Plop Plop!* is sounded.

 As I handled my cock with my saliva-soaked breast, I felt a sweet, sweet pleasure spreading deep into my chest, as if I and Fumio-kun were melting into one.

 ”Fumio-kun, you’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes, it’s dangerous, but… I’ll hold back. I want to taste more of Masaki-chan’s breast”

 Fumio-kun’s expression, as he raises his eyebrows in agony, makes my heart pound.

 (Ah… so cute. You’re so cute, Fumio-kun)

 ”I want to take care of you even more! Masaki wants the smell of Fumio-kun’s cock to soak into my entire body!”

 When I started rubbing harder, Fumio-kun’s cock got hotter and hotter, and I felt like I could feel the heat in my breast.

 (Even though I was just rubbing it on my breast… I started to feel good too)

 Fumio-kun says it’s good, but I still have a complex about the size of my nipples. My nipples were erected out so much that they were sharp at the tips.

 But I twisted my breast and rubbed the hardened nipple on his cock on either side.

 Each time I stimulated the nub of his cock, Fumio-kun would let out a gasp, which excited me even more.

 ”Nnn *Pant* Fumio-kun… Chu *Slurp*…”

 ”Nnn… M-Masaki-chan!”

 As if I couldn’t take it anymore, I sucked on the glans peeking out from between my cleavage.

 Immediately, my mouth is filled with the slightly salty taste of Fumio-kun and saliva began to flow from the back of my throat.

 *Slurp* *Squelch* *Slurpppp*!

 As I rub my lips up and down the glans, rubbing the trunk with my breast, Fumio-kun lets out a moaning “Ooh” and bends forward.

 ”Oof, Fumio-hun, How his hit? My hlowhob, hit hade my hest hluttered…”

 ”Yes, it feels so good”

 ”Ahn, I’m so happy, *slurp*… hlease enjoy my breast…”

 With that, I twirl my tongue around the glans in my mouth and move my breast up and down.

 I squeezed the nape of my cock with my lips, occasionally moving the soft flesh on either side up and down in different directions.

 (Ahhh… Fumio-kun, you seem to feel so good…)

 The next moment, the rod pulsated violently in my mouth.

 It was the sign of ejaculation I had been waiting for.

 ”I’m cumming, Masaki-chan!”

 ”Let hit hout! Let hit hout in me!”

 On the last spurt.

 I clung to Fumio-kun’s waist and applied the pressure of my breast to his cock.

 Then while my cheeks puffed out, I sucked up his cock as hard as I could.

 ”Ugh, I’m coming…”

 Fumio-kun raised his eyebrows and moaned, and then…

 *Spurt, Spurttt!* *Spurttt*!

 Fumio-kun burst in my mouth.

 (Ahh… I like Fumio-kun’s taste, even though it’s bitter and slimy, I’ll gobble it all up for him)


 As I look up at the writhing face of my favorite boy, I pour the extra thick milk jelly into my stomach. Then, I sipped up the world’s naughtiest drink to my heart’s content.

 ”Fufu… Fumio-kun, you’ve been sloppy again today”

 I gulped down every last drop, but it was still stuck in my throat.

 So, while holding Fumio-kun’s cock with my breast, I turned my eyes to the detective JK behind me, and they were letting out ragged breaths with faces full of rut.

 (Haha, they look like they want it so badly…)

 The feeling of superiority that I had Fumio-kun all to myself made me even more excited.

 ”Hey Fumio-kun, can you continue? …I want to drink Fumio-kun’s nasty juice in my lower mouth too”

 I begged with an upward glance, and Fumio-kun nodded his head with an excited look.

 Immediately lying down on the bed, I opened my legs wide and invited Fumio-kun to come.

 When I opened my labia with my fingers and showed him the depths, I could see the color of Fumio-kun’s eyes change.

 (Fumio-kun, you’re getting excited. Oh, you’re so cute)

 Fumio-kun’s cock is still hard even though he just ejaculated. Just looking at him makes me swoon.


 Fumio-kun sniffled and covered me, and a hot object touched my sensitive spot.

 At that moment, I felt as if an electric current ran down my spine, making me jump with a start.

 The next moment, Fumio-kun thrust his hips forward.

 ”Ahhh… aaan, it’s coming…!”

 With a thrusting sound, a hard object enters me.

 My breath paused for a moment as I felt an intense fullness that seemed larger than usual.

 ”Masaki-chan’s vagina is the best. It’s so slippery and feels so good!”

 Fumio-kun looked satisfied, and slowly deepened the union.

 ”Nnn, nn, nnah… aaaah… aaaaaah!”

 Even though I’m used to it, Fumio-kun’s cock is not normal in size. It’s still a bit painful until I get used to it.

 Arching my eyebrows, I put my hands around Fumio-kun’s neck. Just looking at his face, I can’t help but be filled with feelings of love.

 I like the missionary position best.

 Because I can see Fumio-kun’s face and see how good he feels.

 I can’t help but be happy that I’m making the boy I love feel good.

 ”*Pant Pant*… Fumio-kun, I love you… Please make Masaki feel as good as you want…”

 My thoughts flowed out of my mouth in a debauched voice. Fumio-kun, who hear so, smiled happily and whispered in my ear.

 ”I love you too”

 It’s always like that, but it’s really bad when he’s whispered in my ear. It makes me feel like I’m going up and down in an instant.

 Then Fumio-kun started to move his hips.

 Fumio-kun’s big cock moves back and forth inside my vagina, and the intense stimulation makes my eyes flicker.

 ”Kyan, hii… hi, hii, hiah…”

 I can’t help but feel my inside twitch.

 I want to make a prettier voice, but Fumio-kun’s is so strong that I always end up sounding like a little girl.

 And so, I’m left to my own devices.

 ”Aah, ah, ah, ahn, ahn, ahn, aaah…”

 The pleasure of being rubbed up against my vaginal flesh enveloped my lower abdomen, and I could clearly feel my honey-smeared pussy hole clinging to his cock.

 ”Nnah! Ahn, aaahhh!”

 As the tip of his cock moved in a circular motion in the middle of my secret part, I felt a rush of sensation that made my body feel like it was going to fly away.

 ”Ahn, hnn, aaaah, ahaaaahn”

 I writhe frantically from side to side as the intense pleasure is pumped into my cervix.

 (It’s amazing… it’s really amazing… it feels so good…)

 Fumio-kun’s sweat pouring down from above. My sweat also was flowing out, and the drool dripping from my tight mouth and tears of pleasure had most likely made my face a sloppy mess.

 And it seems not just my face.

 My cunt hole, which had been subjected to the pistoning of a meat rod, is overflowing with nectar like it had liquefied, and splashing every time he pulled it in and out.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh, ah, ahn, ahn…”

 I looked vaguely towards the two detective JK as he thrust into me.

 They were both staring breathlessly at Fumio-kun’s lovemaking with their cheeks flushed red.

 (Ahaha, aren’t you jealous? You must be jealous)

 Just as my mouth was about to break out in a proud mood, Fumio-kun thrust a particularly strong blow into my innermost region.


 Whenever I show an opening, Fumio-kun comes to finish me off with a single blow. Really, Fumio-kun is the coolest guy ever.

 I gasp loudly and hug Fumio-kun’s body.

 ”Ahhh, more… Fumio-kun, do it more…”

 ”Masaki-chan’s begging face is really irresistible… I’ll make you melt even more.”

 Fumio-kun put his weight on top of me as if to crush me, and started to slam his hips hard.

 ”Ohhhh! It so intenseee! A-Amazing, ahn, ahn, it’s hitting me the right spot, it feels so good, i-it feels so good…”

 The dull sound of flesh colliding between two crotches echoed, and with tremendous force, Fumio-kun trampled on my innermost parts.

 ”Aaah! Fumio-kun, I love you, I love you, ahn, ahn, it feels good, it feels good, it, it’s gonna go bad…”

 Gradually, his hips moved even faster, and my voice rose uncontrollably in volume.

 Wanting to feel better and better, I put my forehead against Fumio-kun’s forehead and began to move my hips.

 ”Ahhn, I’m moving my hips too, F-Fumio-kuuun, I’m really a naughty girl, do you like naughty girls? Don’t hate me please, anh, anh, ah”

 My lower abdomen tightens around his erection, and I wriggle my hips.

 The pleasure of the hard glans gouging into my depths made me gasp in agony.

 ”How can I hate you, you’re so cute, Masaki-chan”

 ”Ann, aaah, ah, i’m so happy, even though I’m already naughty, but I’m going become more naughty…”

 And then, just as I was about to be thrust upwards by a powerful blow, sparks flew in my head.

 ”Hiiin!! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiing! “

 My body tightened up.

 Then, my arms and legs clinging to Fumio-kun with strength, and my body, curled up like a fetus, twitched violently.

 And at that moment, Fumio-kun’s large object pulsed violently in my innermost region.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!* *Spurttttt!*

 ”AAhyiii! Ahn! Aaah! It’s coming out, so much is coming ouuut!”

 In my womb, with his cock still pulsated, countless pleasurable sensations continued to burst forth, and in time with the pulsing of his semen, sparks of extreme color flew in my head.

 (*Pant Pant…* it’s too much for me to handle. I can’t live without Fumio-kun anymore…)

 As I hug him tightly once more, I enjoy the aftermath of my climax.

 When I glanced at Detective JK again, the two of them were hugging and comforting each other’s crotch.

 ”*Pant Pant…* come to think of it… I said two of you can’t do it yourself, but I guess I didn’t say you can’t do it with your sister”

 I muttered, and Fumio-kun replied, “Are you Ikkyu-san?”

 In the happy aftermath, Fumio-kun and I giggled at each other.

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