Confinement 321

Chapter 321 Morning Moves

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 ”Don’t stay in the summer vacation mood forever. It’s the last part of the exam. Change your mind and work hard!”

 Kobayashi-sensei says this at the end of the morning homeroom.

 As a student, I find him to be an average teacher. He is not as passionate as the other teacher, Morioka-sensei, and not as lenient as the health teacher, Kitora-sensei.

 He is quite good looking, and although I don’t know him well, but I hear he looks like a certain actor. Apparently, he is very popular among girls.

 I also had a good impression of him.

 Until Confinement King told me the identity of this man.

* * *

 Kobayashi-sensei is a despicable man who does not deserve the title of ”Sensei” considering his behavior.

 This man has a wife and children and yet he preys on female students by blackmailing them with obscene photos or using falsehoods like marriage fraud.

 The student in question is said to be the chairwoman of the public morals committee, Takaka Takata, and the vice chairwoman, Minami Shibata.

 This man is an advisor to the Public Morals Committee. If he took advantage of his position to poison the two students, it can only be described as despicable.

 Confinement King said that he only knew about these two, but there may be other victims.

 The remarkable change in Takaka Takata, which Shima was surprised to see as if she had seen a ghost, was not caused by this man, but by the Confinement King.

 It seems Takaka Takata’s behavior on Confinement King resulted in her being confined and made to learn the taste of s*xual intercourse into her body.

 And, no matter what anyone says, it was Takata’s fault.

 In fact, Confinement King’s open-mindedness to forgive her for such a thing should be admired. As expected of Danna-sama.

 Well, Takata is not without some sympathy.

 It’s just that she was unlucky enough to bite the tiger’s tail when she caught sight of something moving.

 Nevertheless, Takata’s misfortune was that she was let go without being completely corrupted.

 As for Confinement King, he only doused the fire that fell on him. He didn’t get much interest on her and thrown her out. Well for me, that’s just cruel.

 Of course, that’s not Confinement King’s fault. It’s Takata’s lack of competence.

 Confinement King have said that I was the one whom he wanted to get at all costs out of the eighteen members of the track and field team, which means there’s a world of difference between members.

 The first time I met Confinement King, he showed me a lot of passion.

 And the pleasure Confinement King gave me changed my world forever.

 Because up to that point, I had been convinced that I had to follow in the footsteps of my great fathers and brilliant brothers. I was convinced of that.

 However, he freed me from the cage of such beliefs.

 It is truly ironic that Confinement King freed me, but thanks to him, I am biting back the happiness of loving only one man, as a mere woman.

 Anyway, knowing Kobayashi’s behavior, Confinement King is mercifully trying to bring Takaka Takata and Minami Shibata under his protection.

 This is not just a simple cuckolding, by any means. He does it out of consideration for Takaka and Shibata. Really, Confinement King’s kindness is spreading like wildfire across the northern hemisphere.

 As one of his favorite princesses, I’m proud of him.

 By the way, Takata said that he had a new boyfriend, and I guess he meant Kobayashi.

 But why use “kareppi”?

 Why not just use “Kareshiboyfriend”?

 In the first place, “Kareppi” is an honorific title, a sign that people love and respect each other, but it makes no sense to use such a casual sound as “pi” to humiliate people.

 As I was thinking about this…


 Kobayashi called out my name from the podium.

 ”I need to talk to you after school. Please come to the staff room later. It’s about your future”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Camilia, good morning!”

 Minami looked in a good mood since early morning.

 She seemed to be glowing.

 ”…Um, mooning”

 It’s not Minami’s fault, but I can’t really bring myself to be friendly to her.

 Well, Minami may think it’s Kobayashi-sensei, but she’s been sucking Fumio’s thing in a lavish one-on-one session.

 Although we had been left to our own devices yesterday.

 Well, that’s why my words are so harsh.

 In the end, I didn’t get any of it until the very end, and all I could do was hold my fingers in my mouth and watch Masaki-sama go wild.

 Just imagine it.

 How awkward it must have been after my sister and I cooled down after we comforted each other…

 After we returned home from “The Room”, my sister, perhaps to hide her embarrassment, continued to talk endlessly about her fantasies of having a harem full of “Prince”. Naturally, I listened to it because I have to prepare to go to school, and it’s a scene that was too painful to watch.

 Moreover, at the breakfast table, I was asked to give my opinion on the mysterious coupling of bread and margarine or bread and blueberry jam.

 ”If it’s a boy who look like a girl, there’s a chance…”

 Finally, I left the house, leaving my sister to her mysterious fantasies. Then here I am, on the school…

 ”So… are you meeting Kobayashi-sensei again today?”

 ”Yes, every day from now on… ehe~”

 (What do you mean by “Ehe…”! I might not get my turn for a while)

 In a corner of my head, I’m complaining that I’m having such shallow thoughts, and I’m screaming at myself not to lose to the brainwashing, but my desire to be held by Fumio is too strong, and I think it’s natural for a woman to be attracted to a strong man… Maybe, just maybe, uh, perhaps, maybe, probably, I’m in love with Fumio too.

 (If I rise to the level of Favored Princess… he’ll hold me more, right?)

 I pinched Minami’s cheek lightly as she smiled happily at me.

◇ ◇ ◇

 [I’ll be staying over tonight, so please give me an alibi]

 This morning, Onee-chan said so while smiling at a message from Kobayashi-sensei.

 (I wonder if Senpai will invite me too…)

 In the middle of the first period class, I heard the vibrating sound of my phone in my bag when I slumped down on my desk.

 I secretly took out my phone and looked down at the screen…

 [Rin, skip third period and come to the rooftop]

 It was a message from Senpai.

 I couldn’t help but feel the corners of my eyes drooping.

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