Confinement 322

Chapter 322 It’s Rin, Rin

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I’ve been having some fantasies lately.

 It’s about the future of Senpai and me.

 No matter how much I love Senpai, he’ll always have Fujiwara-senpai, so it’s impossible for me to become his wife.

 Stealing? No way, I don’t want to die either.

 I’m the only one who knows how scary Fujiwara-senpai is.

 If Senpai marries Fujiwara-senpai and becomes a wealthy man, it’s not impossible if he keeps me around as his second wife. That would be the best for me.

 With the financial resources of the Fujiwara group, he should be able to buy an apartment or two as if he were buying candy.

 I can’t write “No.2-san” in the career path report, though.

 Well, normally speaking, this is an absurd story.

 However, I think it is a very realistic goal.

 After all, Senpai is very lenient.

 Although he is not a good talker, if I persistently beg him, he will always give in in the end.

 So, if I ask Senpai to make me No.2, there is a high probability that he will do it.

 After all, I don’t mind being ignored by people around me now.

 It’s not like there’s anyone else I want to impress besides Senpai.

 As long as I’m not bullied, I don’t have many problems in my daily life.

 Senpai is the only person who cares about me. Or so it seems.

 That’s why, as soon as second period is over, I head for the roof, excited to hear Senpai’s call.

 Summer has passed and the calendar says it is autumn, but the sun is still shining brightly on the rooftop in the afternoon. The clouds are high in the clear sky.

 As I waited for Senpai’s visit, the door opened with a bang and the person I was waiting for appeared on the roof.

 ”…You’re early”

 ”Because if I’m late, Senpai will be upset”

 ”No, I won’t, idiot”

 While exchanging these words, we sat down on the bench next to each other.

 It’s been about ten minutes since then.

 Now I was puffing out my cheeks.

 ”Senpai… you keep talking about onee-chan”

 Senpai didn’t touch me, but just kept asking me questions.

 It’s all about Onee-chan.

 ”Idiot, don’t you hear from Taka-chi? I’m asking about Kobayashi-sensei”

 ”Eh!? You have a hobby like that? Ugh, Senpai, you’re disgusting. I’m not into BL…”

 ”I’m going to fuck you, you bastard!”

 ”That would be great! Come on!”

 ”…I’m not gonna fuck you, asshole”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 At this point, we both half-smiled.

 Senpai and I have something in common, and it’s fun to tease senpai.

 ”But, Senpai… if you care about Kobayashi-sensei, it means you care about onee-chan, doesn’t it?”

 ”No, it’s not like that… you see, it seems like Kobayashi-sensei is doing something bad…”

 ”I don’t think that’s something the person who’s doing the worst would say, right?”

 ”Shut up. Tell me everything you know about Kobayashi-sensei from Taka-chi”

 ”If I tell you, will you hold me?”

 ”Tch… It can’t be helped”

 ”It can’t be helped…!? Senpai, do you know how outrageous you sound?”

 How can he say “It can’t be helped” when a girl asks him to hold her? Really…

 But I haven’t heard much about it either.

 ”Well… they didn’t start going out until the third year. The beginning of the relationship was when they were chatting after the committee meeting and they talked about how strict his wife was with him and he said he wished Takada was his wife… and that’s when onee-chan became conscious of him”

 ”…She’s too easy”

 ”Yes… she’s a really easy chick, isn’t she?”

 ”Compared to an ill-mannered bitch like you, it’s a big difference”

 ”How dare you! Taking someone’s virginity and treating them like a bitch is a bit harsh, isn’t it?”

 If I’m a bitch, then it’s Senpai who made me a bitch. After all, I’ve only been with one person.

 ”Oh… I see. You’re a virgin. And why?”


 I never thought I’d be asked to give a reason for being a virgin.

 ”Of course I am! It’s not something I can just break. I’d rather give it to someone I like anyway. Men also say that virginity is better!”

 ”Hmm… I don’t know about it. Well, I used to think so, but lately I think it’s better to have a non virgin so I can enjoy it from the start”

 ”Oh… come to think of it, you didn’t stop when I said it hurt, either, Senpai… Maybe you should drink some of Kobayashi-sensei’s poison”

 ”Huh? Why?”

 ”Onee-chan said that Kobayashi-sensei was very happy that onee-chan was a virgin, and treated her like a fragile object. When she was in pain, he would immediately stop, and at first, she was unable to reach the point of ejaculation and had to endure a lot”

 Then, Senpai made a face of disgust.

 ”…Do girls talk about such things with each other?”

 ”Well…. There’s a lot of dirty talk. Girls have a much larger share of relationships in their lives. Most girls know if their friend’s boyfriend is a good at that or not, or if he has a big thing or not.”


 ”That’s not a lie. If Senpai gets a girlfriend in the same class, you’d better assume that all the girls in the class know how big Senpai’s thing is”

 ”Se… seriously?”

 ”Seriously. Senpai… are you still having fantasies about girls? I’m glad I was born a woman. Because I don’t have to marry this ugly creature?”

 ”You… don’t dream and hope like that.”

 ”Recently, I’ve been thinking that the beauty of one’s appearance is actually inversely proportional to the beauty of one’s heart, and if that’s the case, then Senpai has the most beautiful heart in the world”

 ”Hey! Stop dissing people’s looks in a roundabout way with a very good face!”

 ”Haha… are you angry? Then you’ll have to punish me”

 With that said, I stand up from the bench and open my legs in front of Senpai, shoulder width apart. Then I slowly lifted my skirt.

 ”…Senpai, I’m not wearing it properly like Senpai told me to… can you see?”

 ”You’re such a bitch”

 ”You’re the one who told me not to wear them, Senpai”

 I’m getting so excited, exposing my most unseen part to Senpai’s eyes. I can’t stop my heart pounding.

 ”Ever since I saw Senpai’s message, I’ve been expecting more and more… I’ve been getting wet all the time. Please take responsibility for that”

 ”You’re so selfish…”

 ”Yes, I’m selfish. Senpai’s the only one who’s selfish enough to take care of me”

 Senpai unbuckled his belt, pulled down his pants, and sat back down on the bench, urging me to sit on top of him.

 ”On the floor below, the windows are open. Keep your voice down. And bite this in your mouth”

 Then Senpai pulls the hem of my skirt into my mouth.

 That’s why my skirt is still up.

 The thought that Senpai’s eyes could see my pussy all the while we were having s*x made me even more excited.

 ”Fu~ Fu~…”

 While breathing through my nose, I pinched Senpai’s already hard p*nis with my fingertips.

 (It’s hot… it’s hard… he’s really into it, isn’t he?)

 For smooth penetration, I rub the entrance of my vagina, rubbing the tip with my finger, and smear my nectar on the glans.

 The feeling of Senpai’s cock rubbing against mine. The frustratingly raw sensation alone sends a thrill of pleasure up my spine.

 (Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve had school s*x… oh no, I’m so excited)

 The thought that we were the only ones feeling good while the other kids were taking a boring class with serious faces made me feel so superior.

 ”Nn, nnnn… ah…”

 As I slowly lowered my hips, Senpai’s muscular cock slid through my lewd flesh and entered my body.

 Although I’m wet, my pussy is still tight and feels as if it’s being pried open.

 ”Nnnn, hih… i… nn…”

 ”You’re so tight…”

 ”Rahheh… nnh… henfairohohiihara…”

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about”

 (He made me suck my own skirt, and now he’s talking like this. He’s really terrible… ah, why did I fall in love with him?)

 While mocking myself in my heart, I lowered my hips further.

 Eventually, when I had completely swallowed Senpai’s cock in my womb, I exhaled loudly from the edge of my mouth, as I sucked on the hem of my skirt.

 Inside my belly, Senpai is throbbing and pulsating. This is the moment I love, before I start moving my hips.

 Because I can feel that I’m becoming one with the person I love.

 ”You know what I’m talking about, you bitch, you should be grateful just to have me as your partner”

 ”Fuai… Hanhyahimafu”

 He’s still talking nonsense. But I think it’s kind of cute in its own way. With that in mind, I slowly begin to move my hips.

 ”Ann, auuu… Hiin…”

 His cock thrusts deeply into me. And when the tip of it hit the back of my womb, I couldn’t hold back a cry.

 Every time I moved my hips, the sound of water squirting echoed through the air.

 ”Aah, aaaah… Ah, ah, ah, aahn, fuah, aah…”

 ”Rin, you’re speaking too loud. Do you want the people downstairs to hear your s*xy voice?”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* that’s why, if you’re excited, you’re going to make a big deal out of it…”

 ”You’re so annoying…”


 Suddenly, Senpai thrust his hips up as hard as he could, crushing my womb from below.

 He then grabbed my breasts. He squeezes them hard and starts to move his hips with all his might.

 ”Hyan!? Hen-fai? Y, you’re so rough, if you play with me like that, I’ll, I’ll cum”

 I feel like I’m getting more and more likely to cum as I have more and more s*x.

 It’s the same now. I don’t want to cum yet. I want to have s*x with Senpai more. Even though I wanted to, my body was trying to push me over the edge.

 ”Nnah *Pant* *Pant* I’m cwumming, I’m cwumming, ahn, I can’t, Shenvai… Stowp iwtt”

 Inside my body, a storm of pleasure is raging. But Senpai has no intention of letting up on his torment. He moved his hips even faster.

 ”Hah, nnh, haan, iiiiii! Shenvai, I, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m gonnaaaaa…”

 I shuddered at the prospect of climax, and hugged Senpai’s head with both hands.

 And the next moment…

 ”I’m going to ejaculate! I’m going to ejaculate, catch it, Rin!”

 At the same time Senpai said that–

 *Spurt* *Spurtttt* *Spurtttttt*

 Hot liquid shoots up like a fountain deep inside me.

 ”Haaaaaaaaaa! Cumming, cumming, i love you, senpai’s semen, Cummmmiiiinggg!!”

 Unable to resist the hot gush, I removed my mouth from the hem of my skirt I was holding in my mouth and arched my back as hard as I could.

 Immediately, a flickering flash of excitement flashed before my eyes, and a rush of pleasure shot up my spine and into my head.

 I’m pushed to climax at once, and my body shakes uncontrollably.

 (This is it, this is it… this feeling, I can’t leave him anymore…)

 In my stomach, Senpai is pulsating.

 I loved the feeling so much.

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