Confinement 323

Chapter 323 After-School Calm-Down

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 ”Then, Camilia-san! See you tomorrow!”

 ”Oh, yeah, bye bye…”

 After homeroom, the classroom is buzzing with activity, and Minami leaves the classroom with an even more cheerful gait.

 The destination is, of course, the counseling room.

 (You’re going to do it again, right, Minami?… I want it too)

 Minami no longer tries to hide anything from me, as I know about her relationship with Kobayashi-sensei.

 At lunchtime today, she was more than happy to talk about her play with Kobayashi-sensei, which I hadn’t even asked her about. And she talks it very vividly.

 I guess this is the kind of thing that makes people lose their minds.

* * *

 [He suddenly became gentle… and I felt like crazy]

 [His thing got twice as big… and at the end when I was cleaning it with my mouth, I almost lost my jaw]

 Okay, I understand why she’s trying to be cute, but the Kobayashi-sensei she’s talking about is actually Fumio. When I think about it, it’s pretty hard for me to be not frustrated.

 I can’t stop imagining it, and it just makes me more horny.

 My sister seems to be trying to get a little extra by coming into “The Bedroom” under the pretext of being a milk supply, but for me, who doesn’t have such a pretext, to step into “The Bedroom” is like saying I came here to be embraced.

 As a “Saint”, I can’t help but wonder how such a thing would look.

 (Uuu… Fumio, when will you call me again?)

 It’s not that I’m particularly naughty. It’s because of Masaki-sama’s leaving me on my own. But if I could just get Fumio to make me came once and for all, I think this aching would go away…

 ”*Sigh…* Let’s go home”

 I picked up my bag and went out into the corridor, and there was a girl I didn’t want to see.

 ”…Please don’t look at me like that”

 ”You always look like you don’t like me”

 It’s Shiratori.

 ”So, what do you think? Is the Confinement King motivated now?”

 ”He has been training her since yesterday, pretending to be Kobayashi-sensei”

 ”That’s good to hear. As far as Kizuna is concerned, if Kobayashi-sensei treats Minami-senpai poorly, Kizuna definitely will stalk him without hesitation. Then I’m sure she’ll get involved. If that happens, I pity Kizuna, who wants to save her”

 I raise my eyebrows.

 ”Involved in… what?”

 Shiratori only raised one cheek slightly in response. Yesterday, Shiratori seemed to be trying to punish not only Tachioka but even Kizuna in some way.

 ”…Are you trying to make Kizuna do something?”

 ”Well, I don’t know? But, I guess you could say that”

 (What’s with the subtle phrasing…?)

 ”Kizuna just went along with that Bakaidiot Anikibrother. Don’t be too harsh…”

 I say, and she cowers her shoulders with a look of displeasure on her face.

 ”Don’t get me wrong, Kizuna is a friend to me too. I’m just trying to protect her”

 I still don’t know what she’s thinking at all.

 What I don’t understand is the fact that there’s not a single lie in what she just said. What the hell is going on?

◇ ◇ ◇

 After school, I answered Kobayashi-sensei’s call and went to the staff room.

 When I went downstairs, I saw Shibata-san going into the counseling room, which is on the same side as the staff room.

 ”Excuse me”

 As I stepped into the staff room, I saw that many of the teachers are there.

 Not much time had passed since the end of class. It’s probably the best time for most of the teachers to be in the staff room.

 And I found Kobayashi-sensei by the window, but when I tried to walk up to him, he said, “Oh… Tashiro. Please go into the reception room over there”, and pointing to a small room next to the staff room.

 The idea of going into a small room with an immoral man who seduces students gives me goosebumps, but I can’t let him know that.

 A few minutes after I sat down on the sofa, Kobayashi-sensei came into the reception room with a file in his hand.

* * *

 ”Sorry, I kept you waiting”

 ”No problem, I didn’t know there is such a reception room in the staff room”

 ”Well, students don’t come in here very often. But, during the summer vacation, office workers from universities and vocational schools come to the high school to do business. They want us to let our best students take the entrance exam to their institutions. That’s when we use it”


 ”If the school is not a top school, it’s hard to get students. But if we admit students with low academic ability, the deviation score will drop. We’ve had a series of scandals, and we’re afraid of what might happen in the next exam”

 When I talk to him like this, he seems to be a serious teacher. If this seriousness is an act, I think it’s a big deal.

 ”Sorry, we are getting off the subject. What I mean is. Tashiro, it’s about your career. It seems you changed your school of choice in the career survey you submitted after the summer vacation. You’ve been downgraded two ranks, but with your grades, there’s no need to downgrade, is there? Are you worried about something?”

 (Oh, so that’s what it is…)

 The reason why I was called in made sense to me.

 ”Don’t worry about it. It’s not that I’m worried. I just know what I want to do. I’m just changing to a college and a department where I can do it”

 Although I said this in a convincing manner, it was not something I could say openly, since what I wanted to do was to live together with Confinement King in a sweet and lovey-dovey campus life.

 ”Is that so? In the previous survey, your future goal was to become a lawyer, but now you’re in the Literature Department, does that mean your future goal has changed??”


 (Fufu, my goal now is to be a good wife and a wise mother!)

 Then, Kobayashi-sensei looked convinced.

 ”I see. That’s good to know. Actually, one of my students told me that you broke up with your boyfriend. I thought you might have gotten desperate”

 ”Don’t worry. He and I broke up after we both agreed to do so. I respect him, even if he’s going down the wrong path”

 When I said this firmly, Kobayashi-sensei smiled fondly.

 ”Oh, really?”

 ”Yes, I do”

 ”Well, you’re a solid student. I’m not too worried about you, but… Tashiro, Takata and you are close, right?”

 ”Well, not as much as we used to see each other off school, but relatively speaking”

 ”Takata has been acting a little strange since the beginning of summer vacation. Do you know anything about it?”

 ”Strange? What are you talking about, sensei? If a girl doesn’t see a boy for three days, she’ll see him for three days. Girls are even more precocious than boys. Is it a little late for a girl to start dressing up in her third year?”

 ”I-is that how it is?”

 ”That’s how it is!”

 I pointed my index finger at Kobayashi, who turned away from me.

 There’s nothing wrong. My talk of a career path was just a prelude.

 What Kobayashi-sensei really wants to know is about the change in Takata.

 He seems to be suspicious of something, but I hope this is enough to fool him.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Welcome home, Onee-chan”

 As soon as the class was over, I rushed back to the dormitory, but somehow, Rin returned to the room before I did.

 ”Rin, you’re back early, huh?”

 ”Yeah, I skipped the third period class and had fun with Senpai. It was really exciting. I left early because I was too tired from the excitement”

 ”Eh… that’s not fair. If he wants to do it with you, you should call me too!”

 ”But you said you don’t want to do it at school. Besides, this is important. Senpai didn’t call you, but he called me”

 ”That’s kind of annoying”

 My lips pucker.

 I have to teach Rin how to talk to her superiors. There is etiquette even in close relationships. That’s something I’ve learned the hard way at the girls’ bar.

 ”Well, well, onee-chan has a date tonight, right? With Kobayashi-sensei. Why don’t you do “That” (ズコバコ) with him?”

 ”Well, yeah, but…”

 I love Kobayashi-sensei, but when it comes to that, Fumio-chi has the upper hand.

 My perfect future plan is to get my mental satisfaction from Sensei and my physical satisfaction from Fumio-chi. But… Kobayashi-sensei and “That” don’t really make my heart dance.

 (Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to vent. I’m going to fill my heart with Kobayashi-sensei today)

 ”So, Onee-chan. Are you staying over tonight? What time do you want me to open the back door?”

 ”Five o’clock, I guess. After that, the head of the dormitory might be awake”

 ”Oh… five o’clock? I don’t know if I can wake up…”

 With Rin somewhat dissatisfied, I pull out the clothes I bought the other day and start changing.

 I’m not going to go back to being as lame as my teacher wants me to be, but I’m wearing a modest dress. I’m going to keep it neat and tidy.

 (I wonder how he’ll look at me… I hope he’ll be pleased…)

 We’ll meet at eight o’clock in the evening. Near “La Vie En Rose”.

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