Confinement 324

Chapter 324 Tuna

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 ”He’s coming out…”

 The time is 7:45 PM.

 After going home to change my clothes, I hid in the shadows of the telephone poles to watch for people entering and leaving the school until I saw the person I wanted coming out and started to follow him.

 That person’s name is Zenkichi Kobayashi.

 He is a man in his thirties who resembles a good-looking actor often seen in criminal dramas. Despite his dignified appearance, his character is trash.

 He is a scumbag who, despite his position as a Sensei, has his hands on his students and devours them as he pleases.

 According to the information received from Shiratori-senpai, that man is planning to have a secret meeting with Takata-senpai, the chairwoman of the public morals committee, today.

 He is going in the direction of the nearest station to the school. I can almost guess where he’s going.

 It’s the same love hotel where he has taken Minami-onee-chan many times.

 Because it is autumn, the sun goes down early. And the sky is still dark with a hint of blue. As I avoided the streetlights that started to light up, I put on a black summer parka with the hood pulled up tightly and followed Kobayashi, keeping my distance just out of sight.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”…She’s moving”

 I start to move after the person who has been hiding behind a pole and watching the school gate, start to move.

 That person’s name is Kizuna Tachioka.

 She is wearing a black parka and jeans. A small girl with a hood pulled tightly to cover her eyes.

 I don’t know what’s so good about her idiot brother, but she’s a devoted and caring brocon.

 However, apart from being a brocon, she is a good-natured and cute person for her age.

 But Shiratori’s disturbing words bothered me, so when I got home, I opened my PC and started the tracking app I had installed in Kizuna’s phone.

 ”…What’s she doing?”

 The light spot (prep) displayed on the map remained unmoving by the main gate even after I looked at it for a while.

 (This isn’t good. She’s going to do something…)

 The reason why Kizuna is so obsessed with Minami and hates Kobayashi is because she’s worried about the idiot longhair.

 If she becomes a criminal because of that idiot brother, it would be too bad for Kizuna.

 So, I decided to go to the school gate to stop Kizuna from doing anything rash.

 However, no matter what I do, my appearance will stand out.

 Therefore, I put on the red baseball cap that my sister had on display in the living room and left the house, thinking it would hide my face.

 Well, it has the number 33 written on the back of the cap and someone’s signature, but I guess it’s not worth much. And I’m not interested in it, so why bother?

 Right now, Kizuna is heading in the direction of the nearest station to the school. I don’t know where she’s going, but I’ve been following her, trying not to lose sight of her.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I always wait at the convenience store behind the station when I meet Sensei.

 When waiting for him, I pretend to be browsing magazines in the magazine section at the convenience store.

 There, by the window lined with magazines, on the other side, diagonally across the street, is a building that halfway resembles a Western castle.

 There is a plastic banner hanging from the ceiling that says “6,900 yen per night, free meals”, and pink lights decorate the edge of the building, and on the rooftop, a neon sign that says “La Vie en Rose” is glowing with ever-changing colors.

 As I looked at my watch, the time is exactly 8 PM.

 Then, just outside the window, I saw Sensei, dressed in polo shirt and casual slacks, glancing at me and then going into the hotel.

 I put the gal fashion magazine I was reading back on the shelf, left the convenience store, and entered the hotel.

 After all, this is the most tense moment for me.

 I’ve heard rumors that some of the school’s students frequently use this hotel.

 In the case of an encounter, I will take advantage of my position as the chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee and report it to advisor a student entering the hotel while I’m patrolling, and after that I will approach the student to give them guidance.

 As I entered the lobby and doesn’t meet a student on my school, Sensei had already finished choosing a room. It’s always the same room, as long as it’s available. The room on the third floor.

 We don’t flirt with each other until we have entered the room, so that we can excuse ourselves if we meet someone we know.

 When Sensei and I take the elevator together, we act as if we are strangers, and when we get off at the third floor, we quickly enter the room.

 Once the door locks, the two of us begin our time together as lovers.

* * *



 Sensei and I hug each other and look at each other.

 Don’t ever forget that I’m not Taka-chi now, but the inexperienced and s*xually inexperienced Takaka Takata.

 I will not ask him to kiss me, and I will not stick my tongue in him.

 (Oh no, Sensei is so handsome. I want to kiss him, and put my tongue all over him…)

 Even if I want to, I mustn’t do it. Takaka Takata would never do that.

 ”Taka-chan, can I kiss you?”


 Although I’m annoyed by the frustration, I lower my eyes in shame.

 ”Nn, nnnn…”

 Sensei gently presses his lips to mine over and over again.

 (This is frustrating…)

 But this is unavoidable. The reason why I don’t put my tongue in his mouth is because Takaka Takata was very shy in the past.

 (Let’s ask him to do something…)

 ”Sensei… if you want to do it more intensely… I’ll endure it… even though it’s embarrassing”

 I whisper this to him, and he gently bites my cheek.

 ”Don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want to. I’m glad you’re paying attention to me. Thank you”

 (Oh no, Sensei, you’re so kind! I mean! That’s not what I meant! I want to kiss you! I want to make love to you!)

 But that’s the end of the kiss.

 For a moment, Sensei and I separated, and took a shower in turn.

 This is the usual routine.

 Since Sensei is a bit of a clean freak, we have never had s*x without taking a shower.

 We don’t take a shower together either. This is also because Takaka Takata used to be embarrassed to be seen naked in the light.

 (Don’t be a fool, Takaka Takata!)

 If I think about it, there are a lot of NGs. No s*x with the lights on, no creampies, no blowjobs, no backing position, no cowgirl position. Even touching his dick with my hand is a no-no.

 It’s like a Tuna. Completely tuna…

 But since Sensei is happy to see me like this, we can’t just start having s*x without NG.

 I’ll pretend to be used to it gradually and get rid of the NG, but for now, I have to stick to being a tuna.

 (…This is a great date, but am I going to enjoy it?)

 When I left the bathtub with a bath towel wrapped around my waist, Sensei was sitting on the bed with a bath towel wrapped around his waist.

 ”Sensei… please don’t stare too much”

 ”Oh, sorry, sorry”

 This part is also an act. I remember Takaka Takata’s comment before and act accordingly.

 As we sit down next to each other on the bed, I put my head on Sensei’s shoulder.

 This is also routine. I, or rather, Takaka Takata before summer vacation, said that the physical connection was secondary and that the heart connection was important, and had several routines before he started.

* * *

 (I mean, really, come on…)

 From here on, it is time for a talk with Sensei.

 ”Taka-chan. Your mood has suddenly changed, why?”

 I knew this question would come. So it’s a perfect question.

 ”I went back to my hometown for the summer vacation… and my friend told me that my boyfriend would get sick of me if I kept dressing like that…”

 ”You mean for me?”

 ”Yes… I tried so hard to get you to say I’m cute… but do you prefer the old style?”

 ”Yes, I do”

 The unexpected “yes” made me stop in my tracks. If a girl said that much, I think his reply would be, “No, it’s not”.

 ”It’s good that you’re getting prettier, but I want to watch the process. That’s why it’s a pity if you suddenly dump me after the summer vacation”

 ”I see…”

 I pretend to be sullen.

 But inwardly, I’m dumbfounded.

 (It seems… he can’t settle down unless I change it back to that lame one… seriously… that’s harsh…)

 ”…Then I’ll change to the original”

 ”Yeah, you’re the cutest honest girl I’ve ever met. Then, Taka-chan. I’ll turn off the light. Let’s make love”

 Sensei then operated the panel on the bedside table in a familiar way, turned off the lights, leaving some of the indirect lights on, and gently laid me down on the bed.

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