Confinement 325

Chapter 325 Sudden Change

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 There is violence against women in this chapter.

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 ”I think… I went a little too far…”

 I chuckle as I look down at Shibata-san, who is lying on the bed with her frog-like legs in an embarrassing crabby position, her face in a double-piece pose, and her consciousness blown away.

 She is just as obedient as yesterday.

 I forcibly held her down as she served me as a fully automatic onahole, and no matter how much she cried out or how many times she came, I just kept on fucking her with the seed press.

 After seven rounds without pulling out, she probably doesn’t even have the feeling of Kobayashi’s cock left in her. Even if I reveal my true identity in the next time, she probably won’t be able to get away from me anymore.

 By the way, I didn’t make her do the double-piece. Perhaps Kobayashi had trained her to do so. Really, he has good taste.

 As I looked at the clock, the time is half past eight.

 ”Well, what should I do…”

 She looks like she can barely walk, but if I don’t let her go home, there might be a missing case again.

 I can’t go out in my Kobayashi form either, so I have to leave her to someone else.

 And with that in mind, there’s only one person who’s qualified.

 ”Maybe Jolanda”

 I heard that Shibata-san’s house is next to Tachioka-kun’s house.

 I myself don’t even know where Tachioka-kun’s house is, but Jolanda, who has been cooperating with Tachioka-kun, must know where it is.

 As a matter of fact, she is a member of the school and an adult. So, she can carry her in the car, and when Shibata-san wakes up, she can tell her that Kobayashi asked her to do it.

 And so, I summon Jolanda with <SlaveSummon SummoningSlave>.

 When Jolanda appeared beside the single bed in the counseling room, she is wearing a jersey, probably after club activities.

 But there is something strange about her.

 She appeared on all fours, looking as if she is completely devastated.



 The moment she looked up, I involuntarily stiffened my back.

 Well, she’s a livestock and I’m her master, so there’s no need to be scared, but her highlighted eyes and emotionless expression are too scary.

 ”Do you know… where is Claudia?”

 ”H-Hey? What’s wrong?”

 ”…I won’t be charged with crimes even if I tear my sister to pieces, will I?”

 ”Of course, you will!”

 What the hell happened? I can’t believe this is coming from the sister who loved her little sister so much.

 ”What happened?”

 ”My sister… “cuckolded” the second most important person in my life after Master”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Kizuna went into the convenience store diagonally across from the fancy love hotel behind the station, and didn’t come out.

 Then, to observe Kizuna, I hid myself in the corner of the love hotel.

 As I saw her through the glass facing the street, she is picking up a fashion magazine in the magazine section, occasionally looking up and glancing at the entrance of the hotel.

 (Kizuna… Wait a minute. Did the guy she was chasing enter the hotel by any chance? If so, even if the guy taking a break, he won’t come out for two hours, right? Is he going to stay there forever? )

 It would be too suspicious and disturbing to see a hooded customer in the magazine section for more than two hours.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A bath towel spread out on the bed.

 ”…Sensei, you can’t see me… right?”

 I try to hide my crotch by rubbing my knees together. Of course it’s an act.

 If it’s Fumio-chi, I’ll just pop him!, “Come on, let’s go!”, then it would be a scene of “Open your legs and let’s do it”, but if it’s Sensei, it’s all over.

 ”It’s embarrassing… Sensei. Please… Don’t look at me…”

 ”Don’t worry, your body… is beautiful”

 Now I’m wondering “Why did I do that?” But in the past, Takaka Takata was a girl with a strong sense of shame.

 She went to an all-girls private school from kindergarten to middle school, and there were no men around her except for her father until she entered this school, but anyway, she was too immune to men.

 As Sensei’s kind fingers touch my pussy.

 He opened my labia with his fingers and stroked my inner mucous membrane.

 Sensei’s fingers rolled back the frills as if he is examining me, and the feeling of his fingers frustratingly playing with the softest part of my body is very vivid.

 ”What’s wrong… you’re much wetter than usual”

 (Oh no…)

 Fumio-chi has developed my body to the point where it gets wet as soon as I think of something naughty.

 ”Please… don’t say that. Please don’t think I’m a naughty girl. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you…”

 ”I see… that’s nice to hear”

 ”Aaah… ah, ah… aaaah… haaahn…”

 With a sweet exhale. My body gets hotter and hotter.

 I’m not sure if Sensei’s experience is limited to one person, but he’s really skilled with his fingers.

 He’s probably even better than Fumio-chi at this, but perhaps Fumio-chi, who can force a woman to cum, doesn’t need this kind of skill.

 ”Aahn… S-Sensei… it feels good”

 A feather touch, then a hard rubbing motion. In the depths of my belly, I felt a hot mass swell up and burst open.

 I felt my vulva spit out honey. It’s so wet that I could feel it clearly.

 I love the way he touches my clitoris, like he’s faintly rubbing it. Although I knew I had to be reserved, I couldn’t stop my hips from rising.

 ”Ahhhh… *Pant Pant Pant…* Nnn…”

 I bite my fingers and hold back my voice from leaking out. But I really want to pant as hard as I can. It would feel so good to scream like in an AV.

 After Sensei continues to relentlessly loosen her pussy with his fingers, my pussy is already a mess.

 ”Does it hurt?”

 ”No, I’m fine…”

 ”Okay, I’m about to go”

 Then, Sensei slips off the bath towel wrapped around his waist. As I bury my face in her arms and pretend to be embarrassed, I feel him putting on a rubber band. Then the bed creaks beneath my feet.

 (It’s been a long time since I’ve been with him…)

 When I thought that it was finally coming, I felt my body stiffen with tension.

 In a dark room with only indirect lighting, Sensei placed his finger on my pussy to check its position, and pressed the hotly erected tip against it.

 ”Nnn, ahhh…”

 In the missionary position, he held my body tightly and pushed his hips down with great force. My vagina, which is now completely loosen, swallows Sensei’s cock without much resistance. Then, while holding my body, he moved his hips slowly and penetrated deeper and deeper into my inside.

 Naturally, my eyebrows furrowed.

 ”Hii, S-Sensei, that hurts a bit”

 ”I’m sorry… I’m almost there”

 It’s a lie. It doesn’t hurt at all.

 I guess his is a normal size, but in comparison to Fumio’s béechin, it’s not enough.

 When I open my eyes, I see Sensei’s face in front of me. He’s so handsome. The sweat, which oozes, drips down his chin.

 ”Your vagina… is very wet. You must be excited”

 ”No… don’t say that…”

 I pretend to be embarrassed and cover my face with my hands. But when I looked at his face between my fingers, he looked very satisfied.

 ”Okay, I’ll move”


 As soon as I nodded my head, Sensei’s cock suddenly moves. He moved his body back and forth. And the glans pushed up against my cervix, causing me to involuntarily jerk back.

 ”Nnngh, anh, ahhh…”

 It felt good. But it wasn’t enough, especially when I thought of the pressure and swelling of Fumio-chi’s cock deep in my cervix..

 ”How is it, does it feel good?”

 ”Ahn, ahn, y, yes… Sensei, this feels good”

 As soon as I said that, he thrust his hips even deeper.


 My eyes widened, and I put my hands around his neck.

 (It’s here, it’s here, this is it!)

 That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t feel the pressure of the first thrust, even if the aftertaste is different.

 I don’t know how to describe it.

 It’s like the rhythm game I’ve been playing with Rin on my phone.

 It’s a simple game where I just have to tap at the right time, but if I’m off by a little, all I get is “Good!”, not “Excellent!” just like that.

 ”Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn…”

 Still, I pretend to moan as I’m poked, but with each thrust, I feel like “I need more”. and I’m getting more and more anxious.

 (I wonder if it’s the size of the cock…)

 Just as I opened my eyes, thinking about that…

 My face twitched in fright as I saw his terrifying face.

 Sensei’s eyes are bloodshot with anger, and he is swinging his fist in the air.


 My voice choked in the back of my throat.

 And the next moment, a hard object hits my cheekbone, and a shock hits me so hard that my neck is almost ripped off. The pain came up through my nerves later, along with heat.

 (W-What? Why he hit me? W-Why…)

 My cheeks are burning, and tears are flowing out of the corners of my eyes. It hurts like hell. More than that, I’m so surprised that I can’t even speak.

 ”Hey, you bitch! Where the hell did you learn how to use your hips? Huh!”


 As I desperately shook my head, his fist is raised high once again in front of me.

 There is no longer any sign that he is going to listen to me. And with his left hand, he grabs my hair and slams his right fist into the middle of my face.


 With a dumb voice, a trickle of warmth dripped from my nose, and warm blood poured into my mouth.

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