Confinement 326

Chapter 326 Battered Gal

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 I can’t just ignore the word “cuckold”.

 However, upon closer examination, it seems that Claudia had taken the signed goods of one of Jolanda’s favorite baseball players without permission.

 (What a confusing way to describe it…)

 ”So, how expensive is this signed stuff?”


 ”I don’t want to hear that kind of catchphrase like the ones used by credit card companies. I’m asking if it’s expensive or not…”

 ”It’s… about the cost of the cap plus an extra… but it’s really important! Please, master, please. Please, call Claudia!”

 But from the looks of Jolanda, the moment I summon Claudia, there will be serious bloodshed.

 ”If you want the signature so badly, I’ll give you mine”

 Jolanda’s expression became very complicated when I told her that.

 She is probably thinking, “I don’t need that!” but as a livestock, there is no way she is going to say such a thing to her master.

 So, I chuckled and told Jolanda.

 ”I’ll call Claudia later, but first you have to take Shibata-san home”

◇ ◇ ◇

 *Slurp* *Squelch* *Lick* *Lick*…

 I can’t stop crying at the reflection of myself who is so miserable on the mirrored wall. My body is covered in bruises, my hair is a mess, and my right eyelid is swollen up like a rock.

 My nosebleed dripped down to my chest like red drool, staining me red from the nose down.

 The inside of my mouth, where I’m being forced to give a cleaning blowjob, is also sore and hurting in many places.

 With my head still spinning, I vaguely thought, “I don’t want any scars left”.

 After all, I’ve been beaten up so much and scared so much that I feel like a fool. And I can’t think straight.

 My body is scorching. I can’t tell if it’s the leftover fire from s*x or the pain from the beating.

 Still, Sensei continued to beat me and fuck me hard. It was as if the gentle s*x of the past had been a lie.

 He treated me like a tool, and made me moan as he poured his semen into me.

 And while raising his fist in the air, he asked, “Who did you sleep with?”, I honestly answered “Kijima from the next class” in a painful condition because I was too scared.

 ”Kijima? You slept with him, you whore!”

 From there on, he raped me more roughly.

 It was as if I had hurt his pride and added fuel to the fire after I say that.

 At first, I thought that Sensei was angry with me for cheating on him, but gradually I realized that it was not such a problem.

 If I hear all the abusive words that he has been shouting at me, it means that if I have s*x with a man other than him, it’s over. It seems that a woman who knows other men is worthless. That’s what he thought.

 ”Shibata’s face was like a virgin’s, but from the start she was moaning with pleasure”

 Apparently, Sensei is messing with Shibata-chi too.

 Was Shibata-chi so worried about me that she let him to rape her?

 But if she had been beaten up like me, she might be a real masochist or something.

 While I was thinking about this, Sensei poked my head and told me to stop sucking.

 Then he grabbed my hair and wiped his cock with it, which is covered with blood and saliva.

 ”Hey, bitch. Never pretend to be my lover again. You’re not worth anything to me anymore. I’m going to use you as a s*xual toilet until I get another woman, so get ready”

 (…Lover? He must be joking)

 I can’t handle such a violent man.

 My feelings of love for him have completely disappeared, and all I can feel is fear, as if I’m dealing with a monster. The only salvation is that the time limit has been set, until he gets the next girl.

 ”Well… you’re good friends with Tashiro, right? Is she a virgin?”

 ”…I-I don’t know”

 I reply, and he kicks my chest. Still, Sensei smirked while he stomped on me as I rolled around on the floor and sobbed.

 ”Oh well. All I have to do is hold her and check. Tomorrow after school, call Tashiro to the committee room, okay?”


 I can’t go against him now anyway.

 After that, Sensei makes me write my name and my parents’ address on a piece of paper, holds it in my hand, and takes a bunch of pictures of me with my legs wide open.

 A truly miserable picture, with my face bruised and battered and my crotch dripping with overflowing sperm.

 ”If you do anything crazy, I’m going to leak these pictures. Okay”


 It’s embarrassing, of course, but it’s even worse that my parents’ address is in the photo.

 If anyone contacts my parents, they’ll take me back to their stuffy house, and my strict parents will never let me be free again.

 ”All right, go wash your filthy face. I’m out”

 I washed my face, holding back the pain, and prepared myself, but there is no way to hide my swollen face.

 But Sensei kicked me from the back and said, “Hey! Let’s get the hell out of here!” then he made me pay the hotel bill and took me out to the front.

 As soon as we got out, Sensei put his face right under my ear and said to me.

 ”Just say you are walking on the street and are attacked by a thug. The assailant is Kijima. I just happened to be passing by and saved you, okay?”


 ”Kijima attacked you and ran away. Then, tomorrow, I’m going to accuse him at the staff meeting, so make sure you’re on the same page”

 ”Eh, b-but, Sensei, what if he has an alibi?”

 ”There’s no way that guy has an alibi other than he’s shitting in his room, you idiot”

 Of course there would be an uproar if I came home in such a mess.

 This guy is trying to make it look like Fumio-chi did it.

 ”If this goes to police, I will hurt Takata more and more. Kijima will be expelled from school, so let’s keep it quiet”

 How despicable can he be?

 I couldn’t believe I had loved such a man. I felt so ashamed of my blindness that I burst into tears.

 ”Haha, you’re pathetic, serve you right”

 With a look of revenge on his face, Sensei held me by my side as if he were caring for me, and forced me to walk.

 I can’t see clearly, I can’t find my footing.

 I want to be free of this man as soon as possible.

 ”I’ll go out to the street and get a cab. You’ve got money for a cab, right? When you get back to the dorm, remember, you are attacked by thugs, and I saved you. You tell them that”


 I’m expecting him to pay for a cab, but of course he didn’t do that. If he hits me more, I’ll die for real.

 As I walked down the street, passers-by’s eyes widened at the sight of my terrible face. But every time, Sensei would say, “Are you okay? Get a grip!” which made me even more angry.

 With a shaky gait, I was dragged into a narrow alleyway that led to the main street. I wondered if he is planning to choose a less crowded street.

 As I’m being dragged through the alleyway lined with outdoor units and plastic garbage buckets, I’m thinking “What should I say to Fumio-chi…?” in my foggy head.

 However, when we came to a crossroads where two narrow alleys intersected, suddenly a figure came running out from the side street and hit Sensei with great force.

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